Qanon is a psyop and Alternate Reality Game, leading to a social media hype in the Right Wing Church, orchestrated by controlled opposition in 2019 to promote jesuit Donald Trump and Fox News as saviour during the fascist Covid19-ritual. Its climax was the staged Capitol attack of 2021 (framing anti-fascism as dangerous, violent and Right Wing/fascist)

It was a continuation of the Pizzagate psyop in anticipation of the US election ritual with Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump), to create the problem of Russian 'fake news', to frame 'conspiracy theories' as Right Wing (alt right), crazy and dangerous, to desensitize people to rumors about pedophilia and to increase Facebook censorship (problem-reaction-solution method).

The idea of a storm was an element in the Dark Knight Rises (the James Holmes Phoenix ritual with symbolism of The Tempest, the movies was filmed at Trump Tower, Trump quoted the speech of masked villain Bane at his inauguration, played a role in Stormzy Daniels media ritual).

The false hope narrative and promise of mass arrests had also been a central theme of David Wilcock (Gaia) and jesuit Benjamin Fulford.

The idea of an anonymous Saviour was also used by controlled oppositon Anonymous (jesuit controlled).

8chan is a forum used for child pornography and actors of the Right Wing Church (manifestoes used in the fake Christchurch shootings, El Paso shooting).

The Qanon religion was enforced by the Jeffrey Epstein rumors, the 5G distraction and rumors about a depopulation agenda of Bill Gates.

Media Matters for America of David Brock played the role of debunker (voice of reason and common sense, while pushing the transgender agenda and vaccination agenda). Brock had a relationship with James Alefantis, the central figure in the Pizzagate psyop.

It was used as a Divide-and-Conquer strategy after the staged riots of the Black Church (fake BLM movement, the George Floyd ritual). All propaganda channels (CNN, ABC, CBS,..) used Qanon as a stereotype of violent, racist, antisemitic, crazy Trump supporter, to ridicule people who question propaganda and to normalise censorship for followers of the Left Wing Church.

In march 2021 HBO (jesuit Charles Dolan) made propaganda movie Q: In the Storm by Cullen Hoback (CNN, HuffPost) with Ron Watkins and Jack Posobiec. Hoback also directed Monster Camp about role playing games. It was produced by Adam McKay (Temple University, related to Jeremy Piven, podcast about Jeffrey Epstein).

The chaos of forced incarcaration, continous propaganda and tension represented Pluto (dark secrets, biggest fear, communism, viruses, cults) in Capricorn (government, army, control of society, restriction).


- Ashli Babbit (Capitol attack)
- Donald Trump
- Dustin Nemos
- Frederick Brennan (8Chan)
- Jack Posobiec (Rebel News, controlled opposition against the Multiculti Agenda, Pizzagate, supporter of Trump, Human Events with Sean Hannity of Fox News)
- James Bauder (Freedom Convoy ritual in Canada)
- Jim Watkins (8Chan, yoga trend)
- Jo Rae Perkins
- Joy Villa (Scientologist, born in Orange, Youtuber, promotor of Donald Trump in the Right Wing Church)
- Lauren Brubert (gun lobby with the Proud Boys, House Freedom Caucus with jesuit Paul Gosar)
- Liz Crokin (Fox News, Out of Shadows about Marina Abramovic, pro-Trump)
- Marjorie Taylor Greene (Christian, Pizzagate, Freedom Caucus, conference with Nick Fuentes, rivalry with March for Our Lives)
- Markus Persson (video game Minecraft)
- Michael Salla (Coast to Coast, Ancient Aliens)
- Roger Stone (Infowars)
- Ron Watkins (8Chan)
- Sean Hannity (Fox News, Premiere Networks with jesuit Glenn Beck)
- Tim Ballard (Mormon Church, promoted by Jim Caviezel)
- Ty Bollinger (archetypal anti-vaccine activist with Andrew Wakefield and jesuit Robert Kennedy Jr, Capitol attack)

Controlled opposition