A pyramid  ('fire in the middle') is a building, built by the Saturn cult (under influence of the God program and the God matrix through the pineal gland) all across the world during the Atlantean, Sumerian-Babylonian, Egyptian and Mayan-Aztec civilization, for religious rituals of worship, psychedelic experiences and sacrifice, based on astrological cycles, knowledge of quartz crystals and located on nodes (energy centers) of sacred geometry grids. An enormous effort has been undertaken to muddle the waters about the topic of pyramids in 'pyramidology' (Patrick Flanagan, Ancient Aliens), so the public associates the grid of pyramids with pseudoscientific theories, while the Science Church claims pyramids are nothing but tombs (although no ornaments, mummies or coffins were found) built in  20 years with ropes and wooden mallets and the occurrence of pyramids worldwide is mere coincidence.

Carbon and white phosphorus have a tetrahedron (triangular pyramid) structure. Stones, volcano rocks, obelisks and pyramids are paramagnetic, water and fauna and flora of earth is diamagnetic.

History of pyramids

The  Draco-Orion bloodline (more telepathic, alliance after the war over the stargate in the heart of Orion) dominated the Atlantean civilization on the north pole and later on island in Atlantic ocean, based on an energy grid of crystals. They worshiped female goddess Arya (Tara), put dragon stones on dragon lines, used natural mounds and mountains (moon-tang, touching the moon) or built them on specific leylines, to use and control the female energy of Mother Earth (electromagnetic generator of energy) that served as breastlike or womblike tombs, synchronous with the death-rebirth process of nature, of the female earth and cosmos.

The pyramid is a phallic solar symbol rising sun during spring equinox (calendar for the Great Year, procession of the equinoxes) of Aries (the Ram, the Lamb, the I Am) in sexual union with the female (Mother Earth, Nuit, the Cosmos). The 4 sides represent the 4 elements with the unfinished top as 5th element spirit (life force, Chi, Prana, ether, orgone..).

Putting the capstone (keystone in Royal Arch masonry) on the pyramid represents the heart, the end of the Great Work, crystallization as the end of the soul's journey, inverted by the Saturn cult as global control and enslavement of humanity through worship of false light. They use the one eye pyramid symbol of the Great Work of the Ages, to finish the work of God-Lucifer. The procession of the equinoxes shift a degree every 72 years. 72 is the number of Chesed (Jupiter), Osiris was killed by Set and his 72 conspirators.

13000 bc the moon brought in as satellite to conquer the feminine energy of earth, with silica sand (silicon dioxide, similar to the quartz crystal of the pineal gland that works as an antenna).

3500 bc Aspero pyramid. Caral culture in Peru. The Aryans introduce a caste system of slavery based on their 'divine right to rule' as bringers of civilization with knowledge of astrology, mathematics, sound (ultrasound, infrasound), water as energetic matrix,...They use the triskelion trinity symbol, build Newgrange near the Boyne as representation of the Milkyway, Stonehenge as astrological calendar (equinoxes and solstices as henges, portals), the Irish round towers of Bellek, belfrys, bell towers,..

Sumerian worship of the Anunaki, building of ziggurats, gods controlling the kundalini snake, tree of life. Rivals Enki and Enlil of pre-flood times become Osiris and Set. Harya becomes Horus, the new born sun on the horizon. cult of Osiris-Isis-Horus. Underground tunnels associated with reptilians (concept of demons in hell).

3000 bc start of the Apis cult (sacrifice of bulls that represented Osiris). The Egyptians use amber of the Amber Road.

2575 bc the Red Pyramid or North pyramid (Orion Nordics) with corbel vault.

2500 bc the Egyptian pyramids of Gizeh are built near 30 degree latitude with white limestone (calcium), granite and mortar by the Anunaki Draco-Orion bloodline (pharao Khufu) and their slaves through acoustic levitation as astrological calendar for the Great Year.  The 3 pyramids represent the 3 stars of the belt of Orion (stargate at the heart of Orion) next to the Milkyway, seen as a river of life, a cosmic womb.  trinity of pineal, pituary gland and thalamus,  Holy Trinity of soul-mind-body, Osiris-Isis-Horus. 3 pillars of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (Osiris=the Aryan Green Man), 4 kabbalistic worlds corresponding to 4 elements.

Stones of 80 tons were moved from 500 miles away. Granite forms of silica rich magma, radiates (god Ra) and is still used as gravestone. Dolomite increased the electrical conductivity. The exterior of limestone (only allowing high frequency) reflected the sun like a mirror. The king's chamber and Great Gallery was built with Aswan granite with lots of quartz crystal (Atlantean technology). Its shafts were aligned with Orion and north star Thuban, the Queen's chamber aligned to Sirius and Ursa Minor. The chamber works like a lens that focuses energy.

The pyramid base perimeter equals the circumference of a circle (masonic concept of squaring the circle). As a symbol of the world axis (with Draco on top) it represented the center of the wheel of the Tarot.

The mummification process with drying agent natron,  was synchronised with the rebirth of Orion (Osiris) in the sky. Mummies were buried in Osiris risen pose, representing the galactic cross (spring equinox of the Green Man as portal). The priest of Anubis performed the opening of the mouth ceremony (described in the Pyramid Texts).

The flooding of the Nile (start of the agricultural season) coincided with rise of Sirius. The pyramids accumulated energy, power plant + and -, source of negative ions to electrify water (Enki lived in the Abzu), tuned to the earth's frequency (life giving water, effect of waterfall, oxygen with extra electron, Ankh symbol). Khufu worshiped ram headed god Khnum,  depicted with a jar of water. The Benben stone was linked to the creation myth of Atum.

Heliopolis city of the sun, raising of obelisks. The pharaoh of sacred bloodline on top of the pyramid-based hierarchical power structure. The pharao priest class stresses its extraterrestrial origin through use of meteor stones in objects.

2400 Saqqara step pyramid Doser (Imhotep as vizier, =Ophiuchus the Snakeholder). Pyramid of Unas.  Pyramid texts written on walls and sarcophagi. Epic of Gilgamesh (=Orion the hunter).

1353 bc rule of Akhenaten. Rise of monotheistic cult Judaism (priests who use the pyramid fire symbol, Tree of Life diagram with Supernal Triad Kether - Chokma- Binah, levitation taught to the Levites).

900 bc La Venta pyramid in Mexico (Olmec culture). Nubian kingdom pyramids of Meroë with H symbol of stargate.

350 bc Tetractys as sacred symbol in the mathematical teachings of Pythagoras. building of Pyramid of Cholula in Mexico.

200 bc Chinese emperors of the Draco-Orion bloodline (Qin dynasty)  buried in pyramids.

50 bc Book of the Dead, depiction of astral projection (concept of the Ba bird) and the weighing of the heart ceremony with Anubis, Thoth and Osiris.

32 bc the Roman Empire conquers Egypt. Alexandria becomes a center of alchemy (mercury poisoning).

rise of Age of Pisces religion Christianity with fish symbol (3 crosses, 3 magi=3 stars of Orion), Osiris-Isis-Horus becomes God-Maria (Holy Spirit)- Jesus. pyramid power structure through feudal society (King, nobility, knights, peasants).

641 Muslims conquer Egypt. founding of Cairo.

100 Teothihuacan ('birthplace of the gods') Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon in Mexico, aligned to Orion's belt for human sacrifice, with pools of mercury and use of obsidian (quartz).

die Brocke mountain witchcraft rituals of extacy, decadence or sacrifice  on 1 may and 1 november, Silver and Golden Gate when the interdimensional veil was thinner.

900 Mayan pyramids in Mexico (El Castillo, Chichen Itza, dedicated to feathered serpet Kukulcan-Quetzalcoatl=Kundalini energy), India (Ranganathaswam temple), Indonesia (Borobudor pyramid with 9 levels, Lebak Cibedug pyramid), Cambodia, Korea (tomb of king Jansu). Monks mound in Illinois. The Aztecs worship the owl. creation of the modern entrance in the Great Pyramid.

1100 building of Hinduist temple Ankor (ankh Hor) Wat in Cambodia, 72 degrees angle to Gizeh.

1646 John Greaves Pyramidographia. The Sforza family designs the first European Tarot decks (the Fool's journey= the journey of Orion). John Dee developed the Enochian system with elemental tablets of truncated pyramids.

masonic symbol of square and compass (upward and downward pyramid symbol). Rite of Memphis with 33 grades. one eye pyramid symbol of Grand Orient Italy.

1798 French campaign of Napoleon Bonaparte in Egypt.

1845 Baron von Bunsen (friend of Friedrich Schlegel, tutor of the Astors) introduces the concept of Old, Middle and New Kingdom.

1859 John Taylor the Great Pyramid Why Was It Built?.

1867 Charles Piazzi Smyth Life and Work in the Great Pyramid, claims the Egyptians knew the circumference of the earth through pi, links it to the Ark of Noah and the British as the lost tribe of Israel, promoted by jesuit Abbe F Moigno.

1872 Waynman Dixon discovers shafts of the Queen's Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

1891 Christian Zionist Charles Taze Russell. Jesuit mason Gaston Maspero (Legion of Honour).

1899 discovery of Rosetta stone during Napoleon's conquest of Egypt, start of modern Egyptology.

1901 Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower (WTC) in Long Island NY, funded by JP Morgan, using the earth's electric charge.

1902 opening of the Bulak museum.

1904 Aleister Crowley visits the pyramids, channels the Book of the Law and becomes the prophet of Aeon of Horus (sodomy religion with Eye of Horus as anus symbol). Thelemic concept of City of the Pyramids.

1928 Manly P Hall (mason) The Secret Teachings of the Ages.

1930 Antoine Bovis' claims pyramids preserve food better. disinfo of Edgar Cayce, claiming to be reincarnation of priest Ra-Ta who built the pyramids.

1945 pyramid obelisk at Trinity Test site in New Mexico (A-bomb of Manhattan Project with A logo).

1957 Martin Gardner Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science.

One eye pyramid as a symbol in pop culture

Henry Wallace puts the one eye pyramid of the Great Seal with 13 steps on dollar bill (mooney, Saturn-moon worship).

1965 research of Luis Alvarez (Bohemian Club, MIT Radiation Lab, Manhattan Project) with muography to search for hidden chambers..

1967 Human Be-In in San Francisco with one eye pyramid poster (start of the New Age religion).

1968 2001 A Space Odyssey, truncated pyramid symbolism. Erich von Däniken Chariot of the Gods (the Chariot) claim the pyramids were built by extraterrestrials.

DARPA's Information Awareness Center, one eye pyramid symbol used by Robert Anton Wilson, Alejandro Jodorowski's the Holy Mountain. Hilton Hotels with H stargate symbol.

In the Alternative Media the one eye pyramid is linked to the Illuminati hoax, but is a indeed a symbol of illumination (containing the words nazi and zion), of pineal activation, Saturn, the black sun, the false light Lucifer. In the New Age, the worship of the pineal gland continues (the ancients knew it and we discovered ancient knowledge etc) Alex Grey. yoga meditation trend.

1972 Zahi Hawass (linked to Edgar Cayce Foundation, appeared on National Geographic, History Channel) as Inspector of Antiquities at Giza. Lyall Watson Supernature.

1973 Patrick Flanagan Pyramid Power (pineal gland cover, the New Age Church). Flanagan worked for CIA, NSA, NASA, Office of Naval Research, was promoted in Life, wrote a book with Nick Begich Jr.  Flanagan developed the Neo neurophone (The Matrix), was part of the Sedona scene and promoted by Deepak Chopra, Red Ice Radio, Regina Meredith, Joseph Mercola on Gaia. Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, prism cover, Harvest-Capitol Records.

1974 Martin Gardner and Terrence Hines (CSI) as skeptic debunker.

1975 Warren Smith Secret Forces of the Pyramids. Abraham Maslow (CIA front Esalen) Hierarchy of needs.

1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, filmed at the Pyramids. Serge King Pyramid Energy Handbook.

1978 The Alan Parsons Project Pyramid.

1981 (year of marriage Diana) François Mitterand announces the Louvre pyramid in Paris (meridian, bar of Isis).

1982 Blade Runner Harrison Ford (Eye of Horus) Tyrell Corp pyramid, announcing the transhumanist agenda.

1984 Ernest Rutherford's radiocarbon dating method to date the Pyramids.

1987 David Childress (Ancient Aliens) Anti-Gravity and the World Grid.

1988 pyramid parliament in Canberra Australia. Burning Man festival with ritual of burning of man on pyramid.

1991 opening of the Memphis Pyramid in US. rise of the internet through silicon technology, recreation of the global grid.

1993 opening of the Luxor Pyramid with sphinx in Las Vegas (north star Vega). The Mystery of the Sphinx Charlton Heston Robert Schoch (Coast to Coast).

1994 Diana visits the Louvre. Richard Hoagland Face on Mars hoax.

1996 Graham Hancock and Robert Bouval dating the pyramids to 10.000 bc. Orion-Draco bloodline as 'the Gods' in Fingerprint of the Gods. Tupac Shakur (Nefertiti tattoo) media ritual after attending a boxing match of Mike Tyson at MGM Grand.

1997 Stargate Kurt Russell Roland Emmerich (2012). death of Jeff Buckley at Memphis pyramid. death of Diana and Egyptian prince Dodi Fayed with pyramid memorial.

silicon cell phone technology to bombard people with positive ions.

1998 Christopher Dunn (NASA, Ancient Aliens, conferences with Graham Hancock, Beyond Belief with George Noory) The Giza Power Plant.

1999 Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince The Stargate Conspiracy. Benjamin Creme (UFO religion with George Adamski). The Mummy Rachel Weisz. Eyes Wide Shut (one eye pyramid symbolism).

David Wilcock claims to be a reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and promotes the Ra material. Spirit Science promotes Drunvalo Melchisidek's channelings of Thoth.

2005 Mythbusters episode on pyramids.

Semir Osmaganic (promoted by Nexus, Gaia and Ancient Origins) as 'Bosnian Indiana Jones'  with his excavation team of volunteers, rebelling against the scientific establishment (Zahi Hawass) claims of having discovered Bosnian pyramids at Visocica Hill, with underground tunnels.  large stones containing crystals, based on psychoacoustic knowledge about entrainment of brainwaves to the healing earth frequency of 7,83 Hz.

2006 The Da Vinci Code Louvre pyramid. Glastonbury festival with one eye pyramid stage. Apocalypto Mel Gibson scene at Mayan pyramid..

2008 Jumper Hayden Christensen Samuel Jackson. Vilim Kanjski (collaborated with Semir Osmaganic) and Hrvoje Zujic The Secrets of the Pyramids Revealed (Patrick Flanagan, Hieronymus machine), presented on Croatian national tv HRT (show that also invited David Icke).

2009 Transformers (Hasbro) Revenge of the Fallen (angel Lucifer) Shia LaBeouf. indigo children trend. Freedom Tower in NY.

2010 The Revelation of the Pyramids Brian Cox Chris Dunn Jacques Grimault.

2012 2012 hype (end of Mayan calendar) Roland Emmerich, the James Holmes Olympic ritual (Colorado and London) with one eye pyramid symbol. Nick Redfern The Pyramids and The Pentagon.

Frank Ocean Pyramids. Katy Perry (=Kate Middleton) Juicy J (Memphis) Dark Horse. Revelation of the pyramids narrated by Brian Cox (Royal Society).

Gaia Original Series Ancient Civilizations with Graham Hancock, Jack Cary (US Navy), Billy Carson, Gregg Braden, Linda Moulton Howe, Michael Cremo, Andrew Collins, Robert Schoch. jesuit George Noory Beyond Belief Power Your Life with Orgonite Pyramids (Wilhelm Reich). New Age disinfo of Dan Winter, Bridget Nielsen,  Ken Rohla.

Neil deGrasse Tyson as debunker of global pre-flood cultures. Jason Colavito (CSI) as debunker of Chris Dunn's Power Plant theory.

2014 Discovery Channel Unexplained Files episode on Bosnian pyramid. Graham Hancock visits Osmaganic and his Bosnian pyramid.

2016 X-Men Apocalypse.

2017 Las Vegas shooting ritual at Luxor pyramid.

2019 If We Built it Today Michael Heiser.

2022 Nick Redfern How Antigravity Built the Pyramids.

2024 Christopher Dunn Giza the Tesla Connection.

Misleading books about pyramids

Graham Hancock 'the Fingerprint of the Gods'
Nick Redfern (Ancient Aliens, Coast to Coast) How Antigravity Built the Pyramids
Patrick Flanagan Pyramid Power
Vilim Kanjski and Hrvoje Zujic The Secrets of the Pyramids Revealed