Prometheus 2012

Prometheus is a Hollywood movie by Ridley Scott, with Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce and Michael Fassbender on 4/11/2012 (6/1 UK, 6/8 US). It pushes the Luciferian AI transhumanist agenda and announces the James Holmes Olympic Phoenix ritual. Prometheus was the Greek god who stole the fire from Zeus on Mount Olympus, to give it to humanity, a rebel figure, later equated with the Lightbringer Lucifer. It was based on Ancient Aliens (Erich von Daniken) theories of Hearst's History Channel, which serve as a preparation for a Luciferian world religion.

Opening scene

In the first scene an extraterrestrial giant  drinks a liquid that alters his DNA and falls off a ledge (gnosis: knowledge, knowing the ledge). It represents the Fool, falling off the ledge, incarnating in the material world. 2012 is the year when Heath the Ledger is reborn in the Aurora joker ritual (Scott directed Gladiator where Joaquin 'Joker' Phoenix is killed).

He represents the Titans of Atlantis, the fallen angels, genetic engineers who manipulated the DNA of humanity (DNA alteration during the Luciferian Corona-ritual).

The broken DNA ladder motive in mythology is the broken spine of Osiris, the tilted world axis, which represents a broken world order that needs to be restored. The broken bridge theme also appears in 2012 movie the Dark Knight Rises and later Dawn of Planet of the Apes.

In august 2012 Ridley Scott's brother jumped off a bridge in Los Angeles, also used in Christopher Nolan's Inception, on the 33d parallel -linked to Mt Hermon where the fallen angels supposedly landed and the Scottish rite of 33 grades (in Prometheus the star map is found in Scotland).

The bridge was called Vincent Thomas bridge: through incarnation in a material body, we jump off the ledge, are bound to DNA, we lose contact with our twin brother, Thomas, the Higher Self.

In the OTO, 44 is the nr of the Mass of the Phoenix, the movie was released on 4/11 in Paris, where Diana Spencer died. Tony Scott was born on summer solstice like William, in 1944, died on aug 19, a week after the OTO Olympic Phoenix ritual. He directed Déjà Vu, a movie about a bridge being blown up, a terrorist attack on a boat which they can solve through an advanced AI system, similar to the attack in the Dark Knight.

Heath Ledger's last movie was the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus (2009), where he appears as the character Tony in the pose of the Hanged Man under the Blackfriar's bridge in London, in front of St Paul where the marriage of Diana and Charles took place. The bridge was used in a ritual in june 1982, the month of William's birth, with Roberto Calvi as the Hanged Man. The same bridge was used in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and in Sherlock Holmes (2009), with Robert Downey Jr born 4/4 like Ledger.

Ridley Scott and HR Giger were part of the New Hollywood circle of movie directors, chosen to make Luciferian propaganda in the 70's (with Kenneth Anger as most obvious example). He executive produced Strange Angel about Jack Parsons with Jack Reynor and Bella Heathcote (Heath Ledger).

Prometheus contains a lot of Skull and Bones symbolism: moon 223, close to a Saturn like planet, refers to Genesis verse 3:22 about eating from the Tree of Knowledge, becoming Gods, through 3 22's, 3 DNA strands. It stands for the Luciferian dream of becoming genetic engineers again, the archetype of the mad scientist playing with forbidden knowledge, like Mary Shelley's Dr Frankenstein (subtitle the Modern Prometheus).

Michael Fassbender plays David, an android evoking the scenes of humans in stasis in 2001 ASO, released 44 years earlier, also year 20 the Aeon. He played the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs who worked with Ridley Scott on the 1984 commercial.

Noomi Rapace (also in Child 44) plays Elizabeth (born from a lizard, queen Elizabeth II was an important part of the Olympic ritual in honor of the Olympians, the Promethians, the fallen angels). She is Danish, the Tribe of Dan with special DNA, Noomi=the moon Diana. Elizabeth and her husband Charlie Holloway (=Charles) represent faith and reason, the left and right pillar, feminine right brain vs masculine left brain.

They find a star map in Scotland. Her quest is Isis looking for Osiris in the underworld, during the days Sirius disappears behind the sun (=Dorothy going to Oz, David is the tin man).

Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) funds an expedition to visit the moon LV-223, with Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) as mission leader of vessel Promotheus. Michael Fassbender plays android David.

Descent in the inner world

They descend in the inner world, to meet the inner Godhead, the multidimensional authentic True self, the True will. The mission is set in 2093, a reference to 93, the most important nr in Crowley's Thelema, as a solar number that represent Thelema, true will (Scott also made Thelma and Louise about 2 women finding their true will). The inner godhead has foreknowledge, forethought (=prometheus). It is occulted by the Shadow, the Daemon (script written by Damon Lindelof). The shadow is associated with planet Pluto, the head shows a crack like the skull of Frankenstein, the Modern Prometheus- Pluto the Shadow cracks open what is repressed (Jungian Shadow, Fassbender played Carl Jung in A Dangerous Method).

This godhead in Crowley's Thelema is his Holy Guardian angel, the Grey alien Lam, which he evoked in Boleskine house, Scotland and channeled in Liber AL, the Book of the Law. In other movies it is the projection of a big head in the Wizard of Oz (Osiris),

or the godhead in the gnostic movie Dark City, where the Strangers, the engineers of humanity gather around an artificial intelligence world brain that 'tunes' people.

The tunnels are the tunnels of the Qlippoth on the Tree of Life. 2012 is the year scientists of CERN announce they found the 'God particle'. They find an anus like creature, symbolic of activating the winged serpent, the kundalini energy through sodomy (the pineal on top of the spine with 33 vertebrae and 23 intervertebral disks).

2012 was the year William turned 30, a nr associated with John the Baptist because Jesus was baptised by him at age 30. John the Baptist, worshipped by the Knights Templar (the subject of Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven). Sirius was called the headless one, considered as the hidden sun that represents the dark subconscious.

The engineer, the fallen angel decapitates David, a pun on David decapitating the giant Goliath, a revenge on their slave race. The engineer is played by Ian Stuart Whyte. The Stuarts are the Templar bloodline, that through the marriage of Elizabeth Stuart with Frederick V Lunenburg, evolved into the currently ruling Battenberg family (Stuarts like Charles I and Mary Stuart were also decapitated), guarded by Scottish Rite masons. Ian Stuart played in Clash of the Titans about the internal war of the fallen angels and a White Walker in Game of Thrones, the giants who invade from Scotland, from the North. Fassbender is also Magneto in X-men, enemy of Professor X, played by Patrick Stewart. Like 2001, the movie ends with the birth of an alien child, 2012 is the year of Aeon.

Ridley Scott's 1st dominant is Pluto in Cancer like Stanley Kubrick (Cancer = the Chariot). He has Saturn in Pisces , Sun conj Lilith (dark moon) and Mercury in Sagittarius (the archer in movies like Robin Hood). His movie Exodus Gods and Kings with Christian Bale, tells the story of Moses Akhenaten, who had a daughter Scotta, which became the Scottish.

The phallus/spine of Osiris is associated with Sirius and nr 23: the Weyland logo is a winged W 23, like the Wayne tower of Bruce Wayne. Michael Fassbender wears a winged W(=23).

At the beginning of the cycle in 1993, Brandon Lee was killed by Michael Massee, Michael Jordan's father died july 23, license plate containing 23, Michael Jackson was accused of sexual abuse of Jordan and River Phoenix died age 23, during the song Michael Stipe, in Johnny Depp's nightclub. At the end Osiris, the kundalini energy of the spine was resurrected in the Olympic Phoenix ritual (the spine in Israel was equated with the river Jordan).

The sequel Alien Covenant connects the Shadow with the spread of a virus, with an actress named Katherine (William and Catheine), who gave birth to George in 2013. The covenant refers to the fornax, the vault in the brain that contains the pineal gland, the Ark of the Covenant.


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