Project Camelot

Project Camelot was a jesuit controlled propaganda outlet of controlled opposition Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, used in the New Age Church to spread disinfo on extraterrestials, Operation Paperclip and other government projects (hoaxes like Illuminati, crystal skulls, Wingmakers, Planet X,... ). Kerry Cassidy was interviewed on Buzzsaw by Sean Stone. Camelot is a reference to King Arthur mythology.

Each interview is closed with a masonic handshake.


- Aaron Mccolum
- Alex Collier
- Alfred Webre
- Anthony Patch
- Ashayana Deane
- Benjamin Fulford (jesuit)
- Boriska
- Clifford Stone (Disclosure Project)
- Credo Mutwa
- Dan Burisch
- David Icke (BBC)
- David Wilcock (Gaia)
- Dolores Cannon
- Duncan O'Finioan (disinfo on MK Ultra)
- Erich von Däniken (Ancient Aliens)
- Gary McKinnon
- George Kavasillas
- James Casbolt
- Jane Burgemeister
- Jay Weidner
- Jessica Schab (Crystal children)
- Jim Marrs (Coast to Coast)
- Jim Sparks
- John Lear (planes of 911 as holograms)
- Jordan Maxwell
- Joseph Farrell (disinfo on Operation Paperclip)
- Leo Zagami (Illuminati hoax)
- Luca Scantamburlo (Planet X, jesuits as good guy)
- Mark Richards
- Max Spears (Bases Project)
- Michael Salla
- Miriam Delicado
- Pete Peterson
- Peter Levenda (Sinister Forces, Unholy Alliances, book about Kenneth Grant, book with Tom DeLonge)
- Mike Sparks
- Nick Begich Jr
- Randy Cramer
- Richard Dolan
- Richard Hoagland (face on Mars hoax, Coast to Coast)
- Robert David Steele (Infowars, pro Trump)
- Robert Dean
- Sasha Stone
- Simon Parks (Trump as outsider narrative)
- Steven Greer (Disclosure Project, Gaia)
- Stewart Swerdlow (Project Montauk)
- William Tompkins

Kerry Cassidy worked with Laura Eisenhower, Catherine Austin Fitts and

the New Age Church

Controlled opposition