Project Blue Book

Project Blue Book is a US Air Force (the war industry) and CIA project/psyop to create an extraterrestrials-UFO religion, started in 1952 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Ohio, a continuation of Project Sign and Project Grudge with Josef Allen Hynek and Nathan Twining.

Josef Allen Hynek (5/1/1910 - 4/27/1986) was an astronomer educated at University of Chicago and worked for US Navy at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and Northwestern University as mentor of Jacques Vallée (Stargate Project of SRI, NASA, DARPA project internet, friend of Anton LaVey).

CIA agent Howard Percy Robertson (Caltech, Princeton, APS, Vannevar Bush's National Defense Research Committee) created the Robertson Panel with Marshall Chadwell (Project Artichoke), Luis Walter Alvarez (Nobel Prize in physics, Manhattan Project), Samuel Abraham Goudsmit, Thornton Page (Johns Hopkins Operations Research Office), J Allen Hynek, supposedly to investigate the findings of Project Bluebook.  Robertson met with David Hilbert, Albert Einstein (Manhattan Project), Werner Heisenberg, John von Neumann at University of Göttingen.

The project took place 2 years after Project Bluebird, a CIA project of research on LSD, hypnosis, trauma based mind control (with veterans of the Korean War) and dissociation. The main locations were Walter Reed Army Hospital in Bethesda Maryland (Walter Reed was educated at Bellevue Hospital of NYU), Valley Forge Hospital in Pennsylvania and Naval Air Facility in Atsugi Japan.

Walter Reed National Medical Center was the location where nazi Theodor Benzinger (research on breathing physiology at the Physiological Institute of the University of Göttingen, transferred to Randolph Air Force Base through Operation Paperclip), worked with Charles Savage in mescaline research experiment Project Chatter in 1947.

Frank Scully wrote Behind the Flying Saucers, a hoax about alien bodies and recovered technology at Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Edward Ruppelt and Frank Scully participated in George Van Tassel's Interplanetary Spacecraft Conventions at Giant Rock with all famous contactee's like Truman Bethurum, George Hunt Williamson (cult of William Dudley Pelley) and Orfeo Angelucci, published in Life (Time) magazine.

Colonel Raymond Sleeper was a member of the American Security Council like Henry Regnery.

Disinfo is the regular CIA approach to neutralize information by mixing facts with fiction (manipulation of imagination is part of 'black' magic), similar to stories of Richard Shaver in Raymond Palmer's science fiction magazine Amazing Stories, publisher of Isaac Asimov (Manhattan Project related Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, used in Philadelphia Experiment hoax).

Project Blue Book in pop culture

1966 Edward Condon (Manhattan Project, Westinghouse Electric Company, Bell Labs) establishes the fake Condon committee.

1967 James MacDonald (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization or APRO) speech at UN.

1972 J Allen Hynek The UFO Experience published by Henry Regnery (American Security Council, America First Committee, books of Ezra Pound, William Buckley)

1973 MUFON symposium with Allen Hynek. Hynek works with Paul Bennewitz (APRO, Dulce base hoax).

1974 Robert Spencer Carr (University of Florida, Weird Tales with HP Lovecraft, Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury) revives the Hangar 18 rumors.

1976 Esotérisme Expérimentale Andrija Puharich (MK Ultra) Claude Vorillhon (Rael sex cult with swastika symbol), J Allen Hynek, Serge Monast (Project Blue Beam), Zecharia Sitchin, Paul Helleyer, Linda Moulton Howe (Stanford) Richard Dolan.

1977 Steven Spielberg Close Encounters of the Third Kind Greys as benevolent beings Richard Dreyfus François Truffaut Bob Balaban,  J Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallée (SRI, NASA, DARPA project internet, friend of Anton LaVey) as consultant Columbia Pictures.

UFO's Are Here! Josef Allen Hynek Betty Hill Ray Palmer Margaret Mead Stanton Friedman Kenneth Arnold.

1978 Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallée's UFO speech at the UN General Assembly.

1991 Twin Peaks Kyle MacLachlan as FBI agent Cooper David Lynch as Gordon, Cole Windom Earle Douglas Milford (member of BSA, investigating Jack Parsons) major Garland Brigs (Don S Davis who played in Stargate SG1) as members of Blue Rose task force, white and black lodge like Crowley's novel Moonchild. Windom Earle's soul is taken by Killer Bob.

1993 The X-Files Fox Scully and Mulder jesuit Chris Carter (Coast to Coast) Richard Doty reference to Vallée.

Barry Goldwater (American Security Council) claim of UFO's at Wright-Patterson base on Larry King (CNN).

2009 Richard Dolan UFO's and the National Security State (contribution of Linda Moulton Howe)

2016 The 5th Wave Chloe Grace Moretz Liev Schreiber Avika Goldsman Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

2017 Twin Peaks the Return. Jacques Vallée as associate of Robert Bigelow who bought Skinwalker Ranch.

2019 Project Blue Book History Channel (Ancient Aliens, Hearst in alliance with Disney) executive produced by Robert Zemeckis Aidan Gillen (The Wire, Game of Thrones, Maze Runner) as Allen Hynek Neil McDonough (Sigma Chi like Parsons) Michael Imperioli character based on Ingo Swann (Stargate Project) Thomas Kretschmann as Operation Paperclip scientist Wernher von Braun Bob Gunton as Harry Truman Caspar Philipson as JFK

2020 Project Blue Book season 2 Roswell incident, Area 51, Man in Black (based on Maury Island incident),  character based on George Adamski,..

Josef Allen's son Paul Hynek on Coast to Coast. Donald Schmitt (friend of Hynek, Coast to Coast) Roswell the Ultimate Cold Case.

Project Bluebird