Process Church of Final Judgement

Process Church of Final Judgement was a gnostic, satanic cult of Robert Grimston and Mary Ann McLean, created by MI6-CIA in 1966, active in Mayfair London, Yucatan Mexico and Haight Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco. It was named after the Fosterite Church of New Revelation in Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land, also used in the programming of Charles Manson, programmed to play the role of an Antichrist figure in the Revelation 911 Sharon Tate murder ritual in the house of Roman Polanski (Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby,  announcing - Antichrist William, son of king Charles).

It  was promoted by Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull (like Mary Ann McLean=marionette, Habsburg, daughter of MI6 officer, Mars as dominant like Mia Farrow), who married in 1966 also promoted Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who bought the Rothschild mansion Mentmore Towers, used in Eyes Wide Shut. Jagger was the singer of The Rolling Stones, also a novel of Heinlein, with Brian Jones (sacrificed at age 27) and had a relationship with Chrissie Shrimpton, the sister of Jean Rosemary Shrimpton, the 1st 'supermodel' and icon of Swinging London, that posed for HarperBazaar of Hearst. Chrissie Shrimpton played in the MGM incest movie 'My Lover, My Son' with Romy-Rosemary Schneider.

Names Robert Grimston and Robert Heinlein refer to Robert Kennedy, Robert Thorne of The Omen.

They were connected to the Scientology cult of Ron Hubbard (Babalon Workings with Jack Parsons).

1966 was also the year Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan on 1 may, 6 days before The Rolling Stones released Paint It Black, in his black house in San Francisco and Truman Capote hosted the black and white ball in NY. LaVey, Bobby Beauolseil and Mick Jagger worked on Kenneth Anger's Invocation of My Demon Brother.

In 1971 Faithfull played in The Stronger with Britt Ekland (married to Laurel Canyon manager Lou Adler). A year later she played Lilith in Lucifer Rising of Kenneth Anger with Jimmy Page (dated Mackenzie Philips), Donald Cammell, Chris Jagger and music by Bobby Beausoleil

It used the Baphomet, Black Sun and Brigid's cross (similar to swastika, also used by Chase Bank of the Rockefellers, which funded the nazi's) symbol. Manson had ties to the Aryan Brotherhood like the Aryan Disney family and tattooed the swastika on his forehead (linking him to Antichrist Adolf Hitler, 44 years earlier).

In its publications it promoted Aleister Crowley and pedophile Jimmy Saville (MI6 propaganda office BBC, Top of the Pops promoting The Rolling Stones). They visited Crowley's Abbey of Thelema in Sicily.

Manson recorded songs with The Beach Boys. Charles/Charlie is a common name for an alter. The Rolling Stones used the Kali tongue symbol like Manson.

Manson impregnated Mary Brunner in the summer of 1967 (Summer of Love), who gave birth to Michael Valentine Smith (Valentinian gnosticism, Frederick and Elizabeth wedding on Valentine's day, main character in Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land) on 4/15/1968, date of Diana's lover Dodi Fayed, 2 months before Rosemary's Baby. They committed 9 murders, the 911 Sharon Tate media ritual, to fullfill the prophecy of Revelation 911 (important in jewish freemasonry), inspired by White Album of The Beatles (song Revolution 9=Revelation 9).

In 1971 CIA agent Ed Sanders (NYU, Guggenheim Fellowship) visited the Manson Family at the Spahn ranch of George Spahn (Moonchild George), used in movies (Neptune - movies, stage illusion in Scorpio - dark secrets) like The Creeping Terror with William Thourlby (The Manchurian Candidate), Bonanza and The Lone Ranger. In his book he claimed they were associated with the Process Church.

Ed Sanders founded the Fugs (euphemism for fuck, invented by Norman Mailer) with Tuli Kupferberg (jewish, Dynamite Chicken with Richard Pryor), signed to Reprise Records (Frank Sinatra). Their song CIA Man was used in Burn After Reading of the Coen brothers. His poems were published by Allen Ginsberg's publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Funkadelic of George Clinton used Process Church imagery on their LP Maggot Brain.

Paint It Black was used in the end credits scene of Full Metal Jacket of Stanley Kubrick (daughter programmed by Scientology, Stanley=Barons Strange of Oddfellows) with references to Scientology's OT training.

Transgender Genesis P-Orridge founded Psychic TV and Thee Temple of Psychick Youth with members of the Process Church, performing the same rituals and promoting body modification, sex magic and pedophilia (planned collapse of western civilisation).

Mary Ann Maclean lived with boxer Sugar Ray Robinson (depicted on Sgt Pepper's cover with Crowley). In 1993 she founded Best Friends Animal Society.

In 1987 Maury Terry wrote The Ultimate Evil, linking David Berkowitz to the Process Church (Satanic Panic media ritual, right wing agents like Lyndon LaRouche), used in Netflix film Sons of Sam.

Fritz Springmeier mentioned the Process Church in Bloodlines of the Illuminati (1998).

McLean was called The Oracle. Gloria Foster (like Fosterite Church) played the Oracle in The Matrix with references to spoon bending of Uri Geller (Stargate Project with psychics programmed by Scientology).



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