Prince Charles

Charles Mountbatten (Prince of Wales, from 2022 King Charles III) is a British mind controlled media actor, the son of Elizabeth II (Saxe-Coburg) and Prince Philip (Battenberg, Glücksburg), used in the media industry to play the role of husband of Diana Spencer and the father of Antichrist figure William V and Harry (announced by Charles Lindbergh media ritual, Antichrist figures Charles Lucky Luciano, Charles Starkweather, Charles Manson).

He was educated at Trinity College Cambridge and University College of Wales.

His marriage with Diana Spencer-Stuart was a symbolic imitation of the Alchemical Wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart. They married on 7/29/1981, when Charles was 33, 6 days before birth Meghan Markle (mm=33). He became a media celebrity and met with Ronald Reagan, Nelson Mandela,..

In 1985 Diana danced with jesuit Clint Eastwood and John Travolta at the White House, symbolic of her betraying of Charles (Scorpio: betrayal), becoming Babalon, the Liberated Woman.

In 1992 his affair with Camilla Parker was made public (Camillagate media ritual).

Diana died in a car crash media ritual in 1997 with Dodi Fayed.

He remarried with Camilla Parker Bowles (Stephen Fry and Joan Rivers as guest).

He upholds an image of charity with The Prince's Trust, helped by media celebrities like Will Young (gay agenda) and propaganda agent Simon Fuller, both associated with Simon Cowell.

Alex Jennings played Charles in Stephen Frears' The Queen (2006) with Helen Mirren (also John Dee/Prospero in The Tempest) as Queen Elizabeth II, Michael Sheen as Tony Blair, Helen McRory as Cherie Blair, Michael Gay as Dodi Fayed (death-rebirth through sodomy).

In 2011 he gave a speech at jesuit school Georgetown University.

In 2022, after the death of Elizabeth II, he became King of England as Charles III.

Astrological chart

born 11/14/1948, date Condoleeza Rice, Veronica Lake, Travis Barker, Jawaharlal Nehru, Josh Duhamel.

Asc: Leo, mc: Aries. Dom: Libra (Adjustment), Leo, Scorpio - Venus, Neptune, Jupiter.

Houses 4, 5, 10. 4: Neptune and Venus in Libra, Mercury in Scorpio, 5: Sun in Scorpio, Jupiter and Mars in Sagittarius, 10: Moon in Taurus. 1: Pluto in Leo, 2: Saturn in Virgo, 8: Lilith in Pisces.

Diana Spencer

William V