Pop Culture

Pop culture is a cultural marxist program to impose the childish mentality of the Aeon of Horus, with dissociation techniques used in mind control. Pop culture is the modern version of opium (poppy flowers) for the people, drugging and seducing with sensation and meaningless distraction, aspirational programming with advertising. Pop=pope culture of the Roman Empire, worship of the Whore of Babylon. In pop culture there is no difference between high and low culture: everything is free, reproducable, meaningless but at the same time it serves as an icon, a religion of fame (Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian), worship of the Image, the Beast.

Oswald Spengler in Decline of the West 1926, described 3 stages of a civilization: rise, peak and fall, Rome as Apollonian, winter of Faustian civilization (the Winter king, winter is coming, Sunset Strip).

With outside influences (islamisation, immigration from third world countries, pop, Hip Hop, eastern spirituality) social engineers attempt to slowly destroy and nullify western culture, so at its death, absolute imperialism of Caesar can be imposed, with so much distraction, the slaves accept their chains (the Final Solution).

The sensationalist tabloid press is developed. After WW1 and WW2 ritual, the word and concept of race and connection through blood or nation is abolished. Albert Einstein plays the role of God in the Science Church. Capitalism worships brands (Coca Cola, Nike, MacDonalds,..) as the new gods.

1938 first Superman and Batman superhero comics.

1959 Berry Gordy founds Motown Records.

Disney's Mickey Mouse and mind controlled actors and actrices of Hollywood like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe become icons of modern American culture with fame as a god. Like other monotheistic religions pop culture worships the moon (illusion, pictures, reproduction, lunacy, Dark Feminine).

1963 The JFK media ritual as the killing of the king (JFK 5/29 like Oswald Spengler, killed by Harvey Lee Oswald) becomes a milestone in mind control through mass media. The Beatles invade the US as army of the East with hair like women from Revelation 9.

1968 Sgt Peppers' Lonely Hearts Club Band becomes an icon of pop culture as the new religion.

The music industry, media industry and Hollywood film industry creates an endless stream of entertainment-news.

Marilyn Monroe is used as icon in pop art of Andy Warhol.

1970s Children programmed with pop, are gradually lured to more destructive programs like Hip Hop (blacks as the black, dark side, Left Hand Path).

1980 Mtv (moon tv) pop stars Michael Jackson, Madonna,..

1984 Ghostbusters. pizza symbolism.

From the 90's cultural marxist program Postmodernism (=reproduction, parody, fake reflection like the light of the moon), Quentin Tarantino (Moon as dominant) movies, endless references to other movies.

1994 Friends.

Disney child pop stars Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez,.. SM Entertainment creates K-pop in Korea.

2004 Youtube by Google as endless distraction and opium, worshipping idols of the music industry (views as status symbol) Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande,..Censorship and psyops like 911 'they were no planes' theories, Jay-z All Seeing Eye Illuminati theories, Flat Earth, Bill Gates depopulation agenda,..

Religion of fame and online narcissism (Facebook - Instagram), to impose the surveillance state without privacy. Mind control through social media newsfeeds of the media industry, monitored and censored by Facebook, Apple, Amazon, 'factcheckers' of Open Society Foundations, memes that work as mind viruses, hoaxes, distractions, triggers to cause reaction, with the Corona-ritual as climax.

the Left Wing Church

Hip Hop