Pluto is a planet with an orbit of 248 years, is associated with Greek god Plouton, god of wealth (plutocracy, power of wealth), unconscious, sex, death and transformation. He was linked to Hades (Roman Dis), god of the dead and the underworld, who abducted Persephone (the Eleusinian Mysteries). Pluto rules Scorpio, exalts in Virgo (in kabbalism the hidden sphere Daath).

After its discovery in 1930 it was considered as the 9th planet, associated with the underworld (Hell with 9 circles).

Pluto represents the Jungian Shadow, dark side of personality (almost always sexual component, dream manipulation goddesses like Lilith), known through projection, autonomous process by which features (usually repressed) of the Ego are assigned to other people or external objects (creation of a Christ figure automatically creates dark counterpart Satan).

The Shadow needs to be confronted and integrated in the dark night of the soul before rebirth, in Thelema the Night of Pan, symbol of plutonium=symbol of Choronzon. Pluto is the shadow in the 8th house, the Daemon. It cracks open what's repressed, purging, exorcising, burning away falsehoods, releasing buried power and core truths (Charles Manson, Scarface, the Joker in The Dark Knight), creative destruction, ordeals. showdown of fear, pursuing of deepest longing, ego death, struggle for power and control, religion, secrecy, higher octave of Mars.

The Black Dahlia media ritual in 1947 and the 911 Sharon Tate media ritual in 1969 (22 years later) was a modern version the Eleusinian Mysteries, the abduction of Persephone to the underworld.


Dark people, dark spirits, communism, compulsive, enigmatic, deep, crime, darkness, death, deep, hidden, magic, mafia, mystery, nuclear energy (plutonium), occult, conspiracy, orgasm (=car crash, death drive=sex drive), paranoia, dictators, sadists, profundity, psychology, rebirth, recycle, reform, renewal, reproduction, viruses, oil and petroleum, shipwrecks, explosions, revolutionary, self-transforming therapies, healing, sex, subconscious, taboo, transformation, unconscious, underneath, undermining, volcanoes, the underworld, detectives, disruption, decline, regeneration, exposure, intensity, extremes, willfull denial,..

Pluto as dominant

Adam Lanza, Andy Kaufman, Anette Benning, Anthony Fauci, Benedict Cumberbatch, Bjork, B.o.B., Bobby Robert Beausoleil, Cardi B, Common, Debbie Harry, Diana Dors, Diane Keaton, Diane von Furstenberg, Ed Harris, Ellen Page, Frank Ocean, French Montana, Gal Gadot, prince George,  Graham Norton, Harvey Weinstein, Hilary Swank, Hugh Jackman, Idris Elba, Iggy Azalea, Ignatius of Loyola, Jim Morrison, Jack Nicholson, Jaden Smith, James Holmes, Jared Leto, Jessica Simpson, Johann von Goethe, John F Kennedy Jr, John Nash, John Turturro, Julianne Moore, Justin Bieber, Kate Moss, Katy Perry, Keira Knightley, Kit Harrington, Klaus Kinski, Leonardo di Caprio, Laura Harring, Lily-Rose Depp, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Mark David Chapman, Margot Robbie, Mary-Kate Olsen, Mark Wahlberg, Marquis de Sade, Meek Mill, Michael Douglas, Michael Fassbender, Muammar al-Gaddafi, Mitterand, Nancy Sinatra, Natalie Portman, Neil Young, Oliver Stone, Olivia Wilde, Olsen twins, Paracelsus, Patrice Lumumba, Paul Verhoeven, Pink, Prince, Ray Kurzweil, Ridley Scott, Robert Mapplethorpe, Robin Williams, Sara Ferguson, Sharon Stone, Stephen Hawking, Stephen Seagal, Taylor Swift, The Game, Tilda Swinton, Tim Robbins, Toussaint Louverture, Travis Scott, Uri Geller, Vanessa Hudgens, Veronica Lake, Victor Hugo, Virginie Ledoyen, Vladimir Putin, Will Ferrell, Young Thug, Zac Efron.

Transits of Pluto

1390bc Aquarius (eccentric, androgynous), Akhenaten
1387 Pisces
600 Aries, Nebuchadnezzar II, destroys temple of solomon
578 Taurus ruled by Venus, ishtar gate,
557 Gemini, return jews, fall Babylon
(480) Leo, Leonidas 300
429 Aqarius, Oeidipus=moses
69 bc Caesar and Pompey, Caesar and Cleopatra, Caesar killed by Brutus
44 bc Cancer
11 bc Virgo (birth christ)
2 Libra
50 Capricorn Emperor Nero
84 Pisces, book of revelation
329 Pisces Constantine
445 Cancer first Merovingian king
465 Leo, fall of Rome
690 Cancer, dome of the rock
908 Gemini, Aethelstan
1024 Capricorn
1041 Aqarius
1062 Pisces battle hastings
1088 Aries, arthur stories, emperor urban 2 holy war, Bouillon to Jerusalem,
1118 Taurus, templars
1152 Gemini Henry 2 Plantagenet Eleanor
1179 Cancer, grail myths
1202 Leo siege of Beziers
1219 Virgo, templar church chartres
1234 Libra
1244 Scorpio, Cathars Montsegur
1256 Sagittarius
1269 Capricorn
1286 Aquarius, Edward crushes resistance of William Wallace, arrest of Templars
1308 Pisces, house of Stuart, Dante's Divine Comedy
1332 Aries 100y war, virus black death, Avignon papacy (similar to Babylonian captivity)
1362 Taurus papal chism, Henry V
1495 Gemini, Henry V and Catherine of Valois
1425 Cancer, st Peter Rome
1448 Leo Ottomans take Constantinople, War of the Roses (Plantagenet)
1465 Virgo
1479 Libra Richard 3, birth Luther, Tudor dynasty
1491 Scorpio
1502 Sagittarius (religion), Henry VIII six wives, reformation, Mona Lisa
1515 Capricorn Luther 95 theses (Babolynian captivity), birth Elizabeth 1, John Dee, sack of Rome
1533 Aquarius jesuit order
1553 Pisces
1580 Aries John Dee visits emperor Rudolf II, Stuart dynasty, jesuit plot
1606 Taurus tempest, wedding Frederick V and Elizabeth, rise of Martin Luther's protestantism, Thirty Years' War, Frederick V's child Henry drowns.
1636 Gemini Elizabeth's brother decapitated, Ernst Augustus and Sophia Stuart with child George, Sabbatai Zvi, William and queen Mary.
1669 Cancer
1710 Virgo, d Anne, George I, Enlightenment Age of Reason (Virgo ruled by Mercury intellect)
1724 Libra
1737 Scorpio
1746 Sagittarius, George 3 jesuits restored
1762 Capricorn seven years war, American Revolution, Illuminati, US independance
1778 Aquarius technology, industrial revolution, mechanical loom, French Revolution
1797 Pisces birth Lincoln, Wagner, jesuits restored, Napoleon Waterloo
1822 Aries 9th symphony, end of house of Bourbon, Roman Empire
1853 Taurus Eliphas Levi's Baphomet, Darwinism, assassination Lincoln, Alice in Wonderland (abduction of Persephone), Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx, Darwinism, birth Aleister Crowley and Adolf Hitler, AC Doyle.
1882 Pluto in Gemini birth Hitler, birth Howard Hughes, Holmes and Watson, brothers Lumière, marriage Crowley and Rose Kelly, brothers Warburg.
1914 Pluto in Cancer Franz Ferdinand, the WW1 and WW2 ritual, birth JFK, Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, psychology of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, rise of Adolf Hitler, Mussolini march on Rome. 1930 'discovery' of Pluto.
1937 Pluto in Leo transformation of power, nuclear bomb with plutonium 1945, Moonchild experiment, Babalon Workings of Jack Parsons and Ron Hubbard, Marjorie Cameron as Whore of Babylon, Howard Hughes plane crash Beverly Hills, McCarthyism (fear of communism), mobster meeting in Cuba 1946, death Bugsey Siegel, founding of the CIA, Marilyn Monroe first roles as Whore of Babylon.
1956 Pluto in Virgo transforming view on minorities, murder of Patrice Lumumba, Adolf Eichmann trial with Hannah Arendt, Marilyn Monroe, Psycho, Lolita, sex scandal John Profumo and 19y old girl, the JFK ritual with 'conspiracy theories' and dark secrets about mafia figures and JFK, car crash Jayne Mansfield, marriage Jackie Kennedy and wealthy Aristotle Onassis on Greek island Skorpios (Scorpio), Rosemary's Baby, the 911 Sharon Tate ritual.
1971 Pluto in Libra the 70's: Charles Manson trial, A Clockwork Orange (Malcolm McDowell in prison), Philip Zimbardo experiment, Timothy Leary prison escape with the Black Panthers, plane crash Alexander Onassis, Watergate, Patty Hearst trial, Roman Polanski trial, Apocalypse Now.
1983 Pluto in Scorpio Scarface, mafia gangster lifestyle in Hip Hop, Harry, Ghostbusters, Nightmare on Elm Street, dance Diana and Travolta.
1995 Pluto in Sagittarius activating fire signs, Diana-Camilla, Diana-Catherine, betrayal of Charles, Heaven's Gate cult, car crash Diana.
2008 Pluto in Capricorn (government, skin color) climate change, Joker Heath Ledger, Barack Obama, anti-establishment Arab Spring, Fukoshima, Black Lives Matter, the James Holmes Phoenix ritual, birth George, Occupy Wall Street, Donald Trump (wealth, dark secrets), Harvey Weinstein scandal, letting go of materialism tiny houses, Extinction Rebellion, the Corona ritual, Jeffrey Epstein psyop, Qanon psyop
2023 Pluto in Aquarius fall, automation, everybody equal voice, emotionally detached, control of the masses, opp of Leo the heart.