Pizzagate is a psyop, leading to a social media hype, orchestrated by controlled opposition in 2016 (in anticipation of the US election ritual with Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump), to create the problem of Russian 'fake news', to frame 'conspiracy theories' as Right Wing (alt right), crazy and dangerous, to desensitze people to rumors about pedophilia and satanism and to increase Facebook censorship (problem-reaction-solution method).

The name alludes to the Watergate media ritual.

Pizza symbolism is trauma based mind control symbolism of sodomozing children to create a grid of alters (MPD).

The media hoax was started by NewsPunch with Abl Tabadabai (BBC, MTV, David Icke), The New Nationalist, Infowars of Alex Jones, The Vigilant Citizen (promoted Fritz Springmeier), Mike Cernovich (Infowars, role of sexist Right Wing bully), Brittany Pettibone, Jack Posobiec (Rebel News), Prepare for Change,... The hoax spread on 4Chan, Reddit and Twitter (blue bird logo, Project Bluebird),

Wikileaks of Julian Assange spread fake emails of Hilary Clinton, jesuit John Podesta and Anthony Weiner (married to the Huma Abedin of Clinton Foundation), after which David Wilcock and David Seaman spread stories of cryptic messages, leading to a mysterious pizzeria Comet Ping Pong in Washington DC with connections to a pedophilia network (method of creating mystery, vagueness, distraction to neutralize information and conditioning to avoid certain topics).

It used the pedophilia-pizza symbolism of Macaulay Culkin (band the Pizza Underground), Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus and the overt satanic symbolism of Marina Abramovich (rituals with pig blood) to mislead people with disinfo in an Alternate Reality Game (Instagram pictures of James Alefantis, mysterious pictures of jesuit John Podesta and brother Tony Podesta, photoshopped images of Barack Obama, mysterious code language 'handkerchief', 'map',..).

James Alefantis was described by Time and GQ as an influential person in the Democratic Party and had a relationship with David Brock of Media Matters for America (gay agenda with EqualMatters).

Alefantis posted pictures of children on Instagram as lust object, pictures that promoted Marina Abramovich, who organised 'spirit cooking' events with jesuit Lady Gaga and pictures of Tony Podesta's artwork of a headless man. Tony Podesta also owns art of Biljana Djurdjevic of children in submissive poses and red shoes (ruby slippers, Wizard of Oz programming). The fake emails suggested Podesta was also invited at a spirit cooking event.

Comet Ping Pong is on Connecticut Avenue, a street designed by mason Pierre Charles l'Enfant, to form an inverted pentagram with the White House as lowest point (information that cannot be debunked but leads to disbelief and denial of people with atheist beliefs).

It is close to Walter Reed National Military Center (Project Bluebird).

Ben Swann (CBS, Russia Today, Anarchopulco, Brigham Young University of Mormon Church, Fox, Fox News, Republic Broadcasting Network of Willis Carto) and Markus Persson (Alternate Reality Game Minecraft) also partcipated in the ritual. David Seaman was interviewed by Sean Stone.

Propaganda outlets like CNN created a fake news event with actor Edgar Maddison Welch as crazy conspiracy theorist who had fired shots at Comet Ping Pong on 12/4/2016.

The New York Times played the role of rational debunker.

Hilary Clinton (wife of jesuit Bill Clinton) reacted to the hoax and branded the term 'fake news' spread by Russia leading to violence, as an excuse for Facebook censorship by 'factcheckers' like Snopes,

The term was also used by Angela Merkel in her political campaign, leading up to a media ritual of her 4th reelection.

The hoax was the start of the presidential campaign of jesuit Donald Trump and the campaign of the media to frame 'conspiracy theories' as Right Wing.

Youtube documentary Out of Shadows (april 2020) with stuntman Mike Smith and Liz Crokin used Abramovich in a satanist vs Christians and Donald Trump narrative. Liz Crokin was also used in the Qanon psyop, the Covid19-ritual, the Jeffrey Epstein psyop and to spread disinfo about MK Ultra. She linked the NXIVM cult (Clare Bronfman) to Pizzagate and worked with Roseanne Barr and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Because of similarity to John Podesta, the mysterious suicide of Chester Bennington was also used in misleading conspiracy theories to link him to the Pizzagate psyop.

The Qanon psyop in 2020 with media actors of Fox News (in Holland Lange Frans) revived the hoax during the Covid19-ritual. Robbie Williams also promoted the Pizzagate theory.

Controlled opposition

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