Pirates were a Saturn cult which practiced sodomy and bestiality and used the Skull and Bones flag (cross of Osiris, celestial cross of Golden Gate). They dominated the Mediterranean Sea (previously dominated by Phoenicians). Mercury is the patron of thieves. The Vikings raided the coasts of Western Europe. The Knights Templar had the world largest fleet and participated in piracy. From 1530 the Knights Hospitalier operated from Malta, became the Order of Malta.

Elizabeth I knighted Francis Drake (Draco's, born in Tavistock) who participated in the Atlantic slave trade and fought the Spanish Armada. Drake's pirates of the Tudor dynasty founded the US university system dominated by Skull and Bones (opium trading families Russell and Forbes). James Lancaster founded the East India Company. The golden treasure of pirates is alchemical gold, illumination (pineal activation) through sodomy (Saturnian one eye symbolism).

The S&B symbol was also used by the Black Brunswickers in the army of Frederick the Great, the German Freikorps and Dead Heads Unit of SS.

Pirates in pop culture

1719 Daniel Defoe Robinson Crusoë

1724 Charles Johnson A General History of Pyrates

1821 Walter Scott The Pirate

1832 secret society S&B at Yale University.

1883 Robert Louis Stephenson Treasure Island

1904 JM Barrie Peter Pan (goat Pan) or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up (child of Aeon of Horus, Neverland=dissociation while being sodomized) Captain Hook (vav: hook).

1925 AC Doyle (HOGD with Crowley, friend of JM Barrie) The Dealings of Captain Sharkey

1926 The Black Pirate Douglas Fairbanks

1934 Treasure Island Lionel Barrymore. Edelweiss Pirates (subculture with jazz) antagonists of Hitler Youth. Robert E Howard Queen of the Black Coast.

1936 Dancing Pirates Frank Morgan Rita Hayworth.

1942 The Black Swan Tyrone Power

1944 The Princess and the Pirate Bob Hope.

1948 The Pirate Gene Kelly Judy Garland

1950 Treasure Island RKO Disney Bobby Driscoll (Peter Pan)

1952 The Crimson Pirate Burt Lancaster

1956 The Buccaneers Robert Shaw as Dan Tempest

1957 Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged

1958 The Buccaneer Charlton Heston

1960 Las Vegas Raiders.

1964 Edgar Rice Burroughs Pirate Blood. Radio Carolina (Swinging London) pirate radio station.

1972 Treasure Island Orson Welles

1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Swashbuckler James Earl Jones Anjelica Huston

1977 Cher Pirate

1982 The Pirate Movie

1983 The Pirates of Penzance Angela Lansbury.

1985 The Goonies Richard Donner Sean Astin Corey Feldman

1986 Pirates Roman Polanski Walter Matthau Charlotte Lewis

1989 Lego Pirates

1991 The Pirates of Dark Water Hannah-Barbera

1995 BR Burg Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition

1996 Muppet Treasure Island The Muppets Tim Curry

1997 Hook Steven Spielberg Robin Williams Dustin Hoffman Bob Hoskins Maggie Smith (Harry Potter) David Crosby (Laurel Canyon) Charlie Korsmo as Jack Nathan Crowley TriStar Pictures (winged horse Pegasus, associated with Enki-Mercury) produced by Dodi Fayed

1999 Pirates of the Plain Tim Curry

2002 Treasure Planet Disney Joseph Gordon-Levitt Patrick McGoohan

2003 Pirates of the Carribean Curse of the Black Pearl Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow Orlando Bloom as Will (alchemical wedding of William and Catherine) Keira Knightley Geoffrey Rush Gore Verbinski Zoe Saldana. Survivor: Pearl Island.

2005 Pirates (porn movie). Finding Neverland Johnny Depp Kate Winslet. The Pirate Bay, the Pirate Party. Gwen Stefani Rich Girl.

2006 Dead Man's Chest. Star Wars Empire at War Black Sun Pirates. Pirates of Treasure Island Lance Henriksen. Black Lagoon.

2007 At World's End (Book of Revelation)

2009 Michael Crighton Pirate Latitudes

2011 Jake and the Never Land Pirates Disney junior. On Stranger Tides (Oddfellows) Penelope Cruz

2013 Pan Hugh Jackman Rooney Mara Amanda Seyfried Garret Hedlund Levi Miller (A Wrinkle In Time) Cara Delevingne
Disney slave Selena Gomez 

2014 Crossbones NBC John Malkovich Claire Foy James V Hart. The Pirate Anjelica Huston Mae Whitman.

2017 Dead Men Tell No Tales Joachim Ronning (married to jesuit trained Amanda Hearst) Javier Bardem. The Pirates of Somalia Al Pacino.

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