Pilgrims Society

The Pilgrims Society is a club of elite families, founded in 1902, with mainly members of the Order of Malta. The US branch of the Pilgrims Society gathered at the Waldorf Astoria of the Astors in NY.




- Alexander Haig (jesuit, CFR, Order of Malta, Ford and Reagan administration)
- Allen Dulles (Order of Malta, CIA)
- Andrew Mellon
- Averell Harriman (S&B)
- Charles Dawes (Dawes Plan under Calvin Coolidge)
- Charles Mountbatten (husband of Diana Spencer)
- Elihu Root (lawyer of Carnegie, CFR)
- Elizabeth II Saxe-Coburg (Order of Malta)
- Elliott Richardson (Secretary of Commerce, Defense, CFR)
- George Catlin (Cornell, Fabian Society, The Realist with Gerald Heard)
- George Pratt Schultz (Reagan administration, Bohemian Club, Bechtel Group, Mont Pelerin Society)
- Henry Morgan (CFR, Bohemian Club, Morgan Stanley, grandson of JP Morgan)
- Henry Luce (Time magazine, Order of Malta, S&B, mentored by Gerald Heard)
- Jacob Schiff (American Jewish Committee, Kuhn Loeb & Co, Jewish Colonisation Association with Maurice de Hirsch)
- John Foster Dulles (Georgetown Set)
- John Hay Whitney (funded CIA front World Forum Features, overseen by Kermit Roosevelt)
- Joseph Kennedy (Order of Malta, Hollywood film producer, father of JFK)
- Margaret Thatcher
- Nelson Aldrich (Federal Reserve)
- Paul Volcker (Federal Reserve)
- Peter Carington (NATO, Foreign Secretary of UK)
+ the usual suspects David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger

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Elite Families