The Phoenix (red gold) is a purple or red bird, an alchemical symbol of monoatomic gold representing the rebirth of the sun/soul through fire, used by the gnostics, Greeks and the red haired Phoenicians (city Tyre at 33d parallel). In alchemy it represents the last phase of reddening (the rebirth of the soul inverted as takeover of the soul, 'immortality' through rebirth of Lucifer). It is related to the Egyptian Bennu bird, the winged serpent and sun disk symbol and the masonic symbol of the two headed eagle. The city Phoenix was built in Arizona, also on the 33d parallel.

The city San Francisco, built by the Franciscans, has a phoenix on its flag.

Writers William Shakespeare, DH Lawrence, CS Lewis all used the phoenix motive. Jesuit Edith Nesbit (Fabian Society, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) wrote The Phoenix and the Carpet.

The phoenix is on the apron of the masonic 18th degree of the Scottish Rite. It is explained in the work of Manly P Hall. An angel with burning hair is on the 20 Judgement card (letter Shin: fire).

The figures on the Emperor, the Hanged Man and the World all make the 4 sign of sulphur with their legs. Other birds associated with alchemy are the raven or crow, swan, pelican and peacock.

The Phoenicians became the Black Venetians who built opera house La Fenice in Venice.

Rosicrucian Edward Bulwer-Lytton was a member of jewish lodge L'Aurore Naissante.

Aleister Crowley wrote Liber 44 Mass of the Phoenix (Chapter 44 in the Book of Lies), a ritual of the OTO with cake of light as part of the Book of Lies.

In the Aeon of Horus, the Aeon card represents the rebirth of Osiris as Horus. In Thelema, there is no real death and resurrection of the body like in the Aeon of Osiris (Christ etc..). The Magician fakes his own death, like the sun (orange=33=sodomy) disappears and reappears.

Igor Stravinsky and the Ballets Russes created the ballet The Firebird.

In Vietnam the CIA created Program Phoenix.

It was the logo of Queen with Freddie Mercury and 30 Seconds to Mars with Joker Jared Leto. Phoenix from the Flames is a song of Robbie Williams. Kanye West's Runaway, Lady Gaga's Marry the Night, Daftpunk's Get Lucky with Pharrell Williams and Katy Perry's Dark Horse has phoenix symbolism.

David Hudson supposedly discovered monoatomic gold (ORME powder) in Phoenix. Jorge Luis Borges wrote The Cult of the Phoenix.

The Economist announced a world currency with phoenix cover in 1988. The painting of Per Krogh at the UN (Egyptian name for the sun) Security Council is centered around a phoenix.

The Order of the Phoenix plays a role in the mythology of Harry Potter (the Philosopher's Stone=monoatomic gold). Dennis Quaid and Giovanni Ribisi played in Flight of the Phoenix (2004). The logo of The Hunger Games franchise is a firebird.

Jean Grey is resurrected as a phoenix in the X-men series (movie Dark Phoenix). The character of Sam Worthington is reborn as a phoenix in Avatar. Black Swan with Natalie Portman was a movie of Phoenix Pictures. Conchita Wurst was used to push the gay-transgender agenda with Rise Like a Phoenix at the Eurovision Song Festival.

River Phoenix, Summer Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix were members of the Children of God cult. River Phoenix died at Halloween in 1993 in the nightclub of Johnny Depp to be reborn as Joker James Holmes during the Dark Knight Rises at the Aurora (=Golden Dawn) theater in Colorado in 2012.

Kanye West's Runaway and Katy Perry's Dark Horse contained rising phoenix symbolism.

Emma Stone (red hair, Scorpio=Lady in Red, born in Phoenix) announced the movie theater shooting in Gangster Squad. Gary Oldman played in Dark Knight Rises and Harry Potter the Order of the Phoenix. The 2012 London Olympics ritual represented the rebirth of Diana as Catherine.

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