Phoenicia was a Saturn cult, a Semitic speaking civilization in modern day Lebanon from 12.500 bc to 64 bc (Age of Aries), very much linked to the Canaanites (worship of Saturn as El or Baal-Hammon). The Phoenicians were red or blonde haired sea faring Aryans. They ruled the Mediterranean Sea and colonized Carthage, where they also introduced rituals of child sacrifice. The phoenix firebird is an alchemical Phoenician symbol of rebirth through blood sacrifice. Their most important city states were Byblos, Tyre (on the 33d parallel) and Baalbek.

Tyre was close to Mount Hermon, where the mythical Fallen Angels (Lucifer) had landed and to Dan (Tribe of Dan). Byblos was known for its export of Papyrus. The region was known for its cedar trees.

Their most important export was Tyrian purple, color of the crown chakra. The dye was made of sea snails (shells with golden ratio). They were taken in Morocco in the season after the rising of the dog star Sirius (in Egypt associated with Isis). Because of its prize and its symbolic relation to the pineal gland, it was worn by priest-kings as a status symbol and sign of their Divine Right to Rule.

Purple is the union of blue and red (water and fire, heaven and earth).
Venus (vagina-penis, phoenic) is Lucifer, the purple prince. Venus was depicted as born from a shell. They also exported Tyrian blue from a certain type of snails (symbolism of blue blood).

Venus  was worshiped in Phoenicia as Tanit.  Statues of Baal were made in Ugarit in 13.000 bc.

The Canaanite ruler Cronus built the city Gubal (origin of El, later Byblos). In the 32d year of his reign he castrated and killed his father Autochthon, deifies himself (Greek myths of Chronos castrating his father Uranus).

The Phoenicians traded with the Egyptian New Kingdom dynasty (Memphis), Crete, Cyprus, Sardinia, Tangiers in Morocco and Nesalim in Turkey (Hittite Empire). Later they traded with Alexandria in Egypt and the Venetians (cult of Venus) in Italy.

The bible, written by jews captive in Babylon, based on Sumerian legends of the Anunaki, was named after Byblos. The Phoenician alphabet became the foundation of the modern alphabet (the bull symbol became letter Aleph and A). They founded city Thebes in Greece (myth of red haired Cadmus).

Roman Emperors like Julius Caesar and Byzantine emperors like Justinian I wore Tyrian purple. It was important color for the priests of the Catholic Church.

 Hiram I, ruler of Tyre became an important character in modern freemasonry as Hiram Abiff.

In the Book of Revelation the Whore of Babylon is described as 'arrayed with purple and scarlet colour and decked with gold and precious stones'.

In trauma based mind control pink (pink sky) and purple is used as a hypnotic trigger to dissociate.

The British Royal family (Saxe-Coburgs) still wear crowns with purple. Drag queen culture is worship of the purple dragon (Draco's).

program Funk=phoinkes, phoenician. The I-phone represents the phoney (phoenician) one eye.