Philips Exeter Academy

Philips Exeter Academy is an elite school in Exeter New Hamsphire, founded in 1781, during the American Revolution by John Philips (donor of Dartmouth College) and is part of the Eight Schools Association (William Bardell CFR). John Philips's cousin Samuel Philips Jr founded Philips Academy.

Patrick Bateman in Brett Easton Ellis' novel American Psycho (played by Christian Bale) and Robert Langdon in Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code (played by Tom Hanks) are graduates of Philips Exeter.


- Adam D'Angelo (founder of Quora, CTO of Facebook)
- Alfred Knopf (publisher of John D Marks)
- Allen Dulles (Order of Malta, CIA)
- Arthur Freed (Marx brothers, producer of MGM movies Wizard of Oz, Singin' in the Rain and The Harvey Girls with Judy Garland and Angela Lansbury)
- Arthur Schlesinger (CFR, OSS, ACCF)
- Barry Golson (Playboy)
- Benno Schmidt Jr (president of Yale University)
- Bob Fisher (Gap, 1,6 billion)
- Boyce Thompson (Newmont Mining)
- Christine Harper (Bloomberg News)
- Corliss Lamont
- Dan Brown (promotor of the Illuminati hoax)
- Daniel Dennett (New Atheism with Richard Dawkins)
- David Darst (Morgan Stanley)
- David Eisenhower (grandson of Dwight Eisenhower)
- Dwight Macdonald (ACCF, RESIST with Noam Chomsky, NY Intellectuals, Partisan Review of the CCF)
- Eben Alexander (the New Age Church)
- George Plimpton (classmate of Robert Kennedy at Harvard, played a role in his assassination ritual, The Paris Review with Terry Southern, Samuel Beckett, Vladimir Nabokov, Ezra Pound, Ernest Hemingway)
- George Rublee (advisor to Woodrow Wilson)
- Gore Vidal (gay agenda, Fabian Society)
- Henry Howard Holmes (serial killer)
- Henry Minton (the Boulé)
- Henry Morgenthau (Truman administration)
- James T Aubrey (CBS, MGM under Kirk Kerkorian)
- Jay Rockefeller
- John Heinz (Le Rosey, Theresa Heinz, wife of John Kerry)
- John Holt (Le Rosey, pro world government United World Federalists)
- John Irving
- John McTiernan (Die Hard with Bruce Willis, Last Action Hero with Arnold Schwarzenegger)
- Joseph Coors (Coors Brewing Company)
- Kenneth Bacon (president of Refugees International)
- Leon Falk Jr (Jewish Distribution Committee with Henry Morgenthau)
- Lindley Miller (W.Wilson administration, Secretary of War)
- Lloyd Shapley (RAND Corporation, game theory)
- Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook, 100 billion)
- Maya Forbes (screenwriter)
- Michael Lynton (RAND, Walt Disney Company, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Snap Inc, Warner Music Group, CFR)
- Ned Lamont (vaccination agenda of the Covid19-ritual)
- Nicolas Eberstadt (grandson of Ferdinand Eberstadt co-founder of CIA, LSE, CSIS, American Enterprise Institute, WEF)
- Nicholas Katzenbach (IBM)
- Norb Vonnegut (Huffington Post, related to Kurt Vonnegut)
- Paul Romer (World Bank)
- Stephen Mandel (Tiger Management, funds Media Matters for America)
- Stewart Brand
(Green Church)
- Ted Hope (producer of Happiness with Philip Seymour Hoffman)
- Thomas Lamont (CFR, Federal Reserve)
- Tim Wirth (United Nations)
- Tom Mankiewicz (Hollywood screenwriter)
- Tom Whedon (worked with Jim Henson)
- Walter Nelles (American Civil Liberties Union)
- Whitney Balliett (The New Yorker)
- William Boyce Thomson (Republican Party)
- William Fisher (Gap)
- Win Butler (Arcade Fire, signed to Columbia)

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