Philadelphia is a city in Pennsylvania, between New York and Baltimore, founded in 1682 by Quaker William Penn, that played a role in the history of freemasonry and served as capitol of the United States before Washington DC. Phila-delphia='Brotherly Love', kabbalistic sodomy-pedophilia rituals. In Greece the oracle of Delphi was the place of worship of Apollo and Dionysus.

The city Philadelphia in Turkey is mentioned as one of the 7 cities in the Book of Revelation.

Philly: a young horse (Philip: horselover). It is the 6th largest city in the US with a population of 1,6 million people.  It is the hq of Comcast, Boeing, Urban Outfitters, The Vanguard Group,..

History of Philadelphia

1682 founding of Philadelphia.

1694 John Pordage, influenced by Jacob Boehme, founds the Philadelphian Society in Britain (visions like Benedictine abbess Hildegard von Bingen).

1731 Benjamin Franklin founds one of the first US public libraries. Franklin was a member of Lunar Society, Hellfire Club, Nine Sisters Lodge, American Philosophical Society (with Illuminati member Joseph von Sonnefels, Thomas Jefferson, Marquis de Lafayette and Baron von Steuben) and friend of Nicolaus Zinzendorf, a bishop in the Moravian Church, whose kabbalistic sexual practices influenced the New Jerusalem Society of Emanuel Swedenborg. He participated in experiments with electricity and lightning.

Rosicrucian Jacob Meyer names himself Jacob Philadelphia.

1743 Franklin founds the American Philosophical Society.

1749 Franklin founds Pennsylvania University.

1751 Franklin founds the first US hospital (the Health Industry).

1765 Franklin works with the Pennsylvania Chronicle newspaper to create anti-British sentiment and to prepare for the American Revolution ritual. Frederick the Great and Frederick II of Hesse (Rothschilds as bankers)  lease their mercenary soldiers to cousin George II (house of Hanover- Brunswick-Lunenberg) to fight during the American Revolution.

1767 masonic lodge of Philadelphia.

1774 First Continental Congress.

1775 Declaration of Independence during the aphelion of Sirius.

1776 building of Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.

1777 jesuit Marquis de Lafayette visits George Washington in Philadelphia.

JC Bode is a member of the Philadelphians.

1785 founding of the Episcopal Academy.

1790 George Washington and John Adams live at President's House. Philadelphia Stock Exchange.

1793 after the staged Haitian Revolution, black slaves from Dominican Republic are used to spread yellow fever in Philadelphia (alchemy, chemical warfare). Benjamin Rush promotes mercury poisoning and helps Richard Allen founding the African Methodist Episcopal Church with Absolom Jones.

1828 National Academy of Sciences.

1826 second US bank of Nicholas Biddle.

1830s Edgar Allan Poe lives at Philadelphia.

1851 the jesuits found St Joseph University.

1855 Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

1879 founding of the Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania.

1881 Joseph Wharton (APS, Bethlehem Steel, Swarthmore College, related to Thomas Cornell, friend of Andrew Carnegie and Thomas Huxley) founds Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

1884 Temple University (Baptist Church).

1891 Anthony Drexel, business partner of JP Morgan, Drexl University.

1904 Robert Abele (related to Methodist Absolom Jones) and Henry McKee Minton found pedophilia cult Sigma Pi Phi (the Boulé).

John Carradine is trained at the Episcopal Academy.

Frank Buchman works as secretary of the YMCA, visits nazi Germany and starts the Moral Re-Armament movement. He was awarded by the Legion of Honour of the Bonapartes.

1940 The Philadelphia Story Katherine Hepburn Cary Grant George Cukor MGM.

1943 during WW2 Robert Heinlein (Stranger In a Strange Land) works with Isaac Asimov (Mensa, NASA moon landing) and Lyon Sprague de Camp work at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, where people worked on the Manhattan Project.

US intelligence agents are involved in occultism and science fiction (meetings of Heinlein in Laurel Canyon with Jack Parsons, Sprague de Camp and Ron Hubbard). Sprague de Camp coined the term E.T.. Parsons and Hubbard performed the Babalon Workings to open a portal and to summon their goddess Babalon, which became Marjorie Cameron. Heinlein was married to Virginia Gerstenfeld of rosicrucian family Rosenthal.

The Philadelphia Experiment hoax made reference anti-gravity research of nazi's and to SS member Hans Kammler.

It was similar to the stories spread by the Theosophical Society and the Shaver hoax of Richard Shaver who worked for pulp fiction publisher Ray Palmer (Amazing Stories with Isaac Azimov and OSS agent Fred Crisman). Elements of the Shaver hoax were used by Philip K Dick and the Church of the Subgenius (Frank Zappa, David Byrne, Paul Reubens, Robert Crumb). Amazing Stories influenced George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

1946 Philadelphia 76ers. Eric Trist of Tavistock works at Wharton School.

Grace Kelly (related to von Stauffenbergs) is raised in Philadelphia.

1954 dermatological MKOFTEN experiments of Albert Kligman at Holmesburg Prison with dioxin (Agent Orange)

1960 Twister trend of Chubby Checker (masonic checkered floor, twister of Wizard of Oz). Frankie Avalon is used in movies of Samuel Z Arkoff with MK Ultra slave Anette Funicello.

1961 Philip Reiff teaches at University of Pennsylvania, marries his 17y old student Susan Sontag (white guilt agenda).

1963 founding of corporation Comcast. Noam Chomsky is used in the fake anti-Vietnam War movement.

1964 Tavistock psychiatrist RD Laing founds the Philadelphia Association with Joseph Berke and Clancy Sigal. William F Buckley and jesuit Ed Feulner found the Philadelphia Society.

1974 John Bogle (APS) founds The Vanguard Group. Fitz Dixon Jr (Alpha Sigma Phi) owns the 76ers, Phillies, Wings and Eagles.

1976 Rocky Sylvester Stallone famous scene on stairs of Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Eraserhead David Lynch Jack Nance (homunculus of Jack Parsons). Nancy Spungen is used in program Punk Rock.

1985 Live Aid 8 concert of Bob Geldof and Harvey Goldsmith at JFK Stadium with Joan Baez, Black Sabbath (Ozzy Osbourne), Run-DMC, Crosby, Stills and Nash (Laurel Canyon), The Beach Boys, Bryan Adams, Simple Minds, Neil Young, Madonna, Santana, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Patti LaBelle (song Over the Rainbow Wizard of Oz programming), Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Bob Dylan, Chevy Chase, Grace Slick.

Antichrist figure Donald Trump is educated at Wharton.

1990 Fresh Prince of Bel Air Will Smith (Prince Hall Masonry, spinning).

1993 Philadelphia Tom Hanks Denzel Washington soundtrack by Bruce Springsteen. Comcast (red crescent moon logo, broadcasting frequencies as casting spells) owns NBC, Universal Pictures,..

Philadelphia Eagles: Howie Rosman (TEP). training of Kobe Bryant.

The Bruno, Scarfi, Gaetani and Merlino crime families (metamphetamine trade, electronic gambling) work with Raymond Patriarca, Joseph Massimino and Black Mafia.

program Hip Hop: Beanie Siegel (named after mobster Bugsey Siegel), Cassidy, Freeway, The Roots (Jimmy Fallon Show), Meek Mill, Lil Uzi Vert, Bilal, Lil Dicky,..

2000 immigration from China, Dominican Republic,..

2004 jesuit Jim O'Brien as coach of the 76ers.

2006 jesuit Andrew von Eschenbach as commissioner of the FDA.

2016 jesuit Jim Kenney as mayor.

Free Your Mind conferences with Mark Passio.

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