Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams is a mind controlled singer-producer, used in the media, music industry as a PR agent (image of black successful, rich entrepreneur in free market capitalism) of the Black Church in the cultural marxist programs Pop and Hip Hop.

He is used to promote the degrading of women, the Luciferian rainbow sodomy religion and the AI transhumanist agenda. His name refers to Antichrist Harry and William V (Pharrell often makes the V-sign). He was used to promote I Am Other like Harry promotes I Am Invictus (Luciferian sodomy religion of Crowley, opening the Eye of Horus).

He is related to Virginia producer Timbaland who also produced for Jay-z and Justin Timberlake.

He was part of the producer team the Neptunes with Chad (Charles Edward) Hugo and the band N.E.R.D. (nerd programming) with Chad Hugo and Sheldon Haley. They played a part in the religion of fame (Neptune dreams in Aquarius era) in programs Pop and Hip Hop and worked with Disney slaves Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

In 2001 Star Trak Entertainment (reference to Star Trek) was founded as sublabel of Interscope to distribute the music of N.E.R.D., Kelis, Clipse, Robin Thicke.

In 2007 he played at the Concert for Diana at Wembley Stadium with Elton John, Fergie, Lily Allen, Donny Osmond, Rod Stewart, P Diddy, Ryan Seacrest, Joss Stone, Nelly Furtado, Duran Duran, Tom Jones, Gillian Anderson, Kanye West, Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Donavan, Peaches Geldof, David Beckham, Patsy Kensit, Ben Stiller, Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Take That, Ricky Gervais, ..

He had a son named Rocket in 2008 (born 4/5 date rocket scientist Howard Hughes).

He is used to promote the World Economic Forum with Al Gore (the Climate Church) and world government United Nations.

He bought a house in Laurel Canyon in 2015 (CIA counterculture of Charles Manson, Jim Morrison).

At the Grammy's he introduced his phallus hat of the Hierophant (William V).

He posed for pictures with Harry and Meghan Markle at the premiere of the Lion King in 2019. He is used to push the Multiculti agenda with skin care product Humanrace and brands BBC and Ice Cream (Skull and Bones logo, nr 322=CBB).

Astrological chart

born 4/5/1973, date Gregory Peck (The Omen), Lana Clarkson, Jane Asher, Colin Powell (the 911 Twin Towers ritual), death Howard Hughes, death Kurt Cobain, day after opening Twin Towers (brothers Harry and William), 3 days before death Pablo Picasso, in Virginia.

Asc: Cancer, mc: Pisces. Dom: Aries (the Emperor), Pisces, Taurus - Moon, Pluto, Sun.

Houses 10, 11, 8. 10: Sun conj Venus in Aries, 11: Moon in Taurus (like Charles and Harry), 8: Jupiter conj Mars in Aquarius. 4: Uranus and Pluto in Libra (opp mc in Pisces), 5: Lilith in Scorpio, Neptune in Sagittarius, 9: Mercury in Pisces, 12: Saturn in Gemini.

Discography and filmography

1999 Jay-z I Just Wonna Love You feat Pharrell video by jesuit Dave Meyers. Kelis Kaleidoscope (Osiris risen)
2001 Kelis Wanderland (Alice in Wonderland programming)
2002 N.E.R.D. In Search Of..(named after tv series, narrated by jesuit Leonard Nimoy) on Virgin EMI. Lap Dance feat Vita and Harvey Lee.

Rock Star. Provider. Justin Timberlake Like I love You.

2002 Britney Spears Boys (cameo Mike Meyers)
2002 Busta Rhymes Pass the Courvoisier P Diddy
2003 The Neptunes Present.. Clones. Frontin feat Jay-z.
Snoop Dogg
Beautiful. Jay-z Change Clothes (change alters) cameo of Naomi Campbell and Victoria's Secret model Jessica White.
2004 Fly or Die (one eye and shin symbol, red lion and egg of the Lovers card). She Wants to Move. Maybe.

Snoop Dogg Drop It Like It's Hot
2006 In My Mind. That Girl feat Snoop Dogg. Number One feat Kanye West music video with Miranda Kerr.
2007 Jay-z Blue Magic.
2008 Seeing Sounds. Everybody Nose with Lindsay Lohan (also in Ugly Betty, nerdy alter)
2010 Nothing. Hypnotize U.
2010 (year 18 the Moon) Despicable Me (pink spy: dissociation) Steve Carell (baldhead like Crowey, plan to steal the moon, moonchild William) Russell Brand Kristen Wiig (Steve Carell in movies with Will Ferrell)
2013 Daftpunk Random Access Memories (transhumanist agenda) Lucky. Robin Thicke Blurred Lines.
2013 Despicable Me 2 (announces the Harvey Weinstein Me Too media ritual). Song Happy (egyptian androgynous god Hapi), first 24h video (sun-moon) cameo's Jimmy Kimmel, Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler the Creator (gay agenda), Magic Johnson.

2014 Girl. Happy Marilyn Monroe (lunar archetype Marilyn Monroe, pink: dissociation)

2014 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack with Johnny Marr, Junkie XL.
2014 The Voice (V sign, 5th kingdom of William V) Alicia Keys Ariana Grande Shakira Miley Cyrus
2014 Nas Times Is Illmatic Alicia Keys
2016 Popstar Never Stop Stopping cameo with Snoop Dogg, Pink, Martin Sheen
2016 Hidden Figures (composer) about NASA (=JPL of rocket scientist Jack Parsons) Jim Parsons Kirsten Dunst
2017 N.E.R.D. No one Ever Really Dies (feat Rihanna, Future, Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran).
2017 Despicable Me 3 (composer) Trey Parker (Osiris risen pose, Gru Life like Tupac Shakur's tattoo Thug Life) pink diamond like Monroe in Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend Steve Carell born 11 days after death Monroe
2018 The Grinch (the Fool, role also played by Jim Carrey) Benedict Cumberbatch Rashida Jones Angela Lansbury (mind control movie The Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra)
2020 Black is King Beyoncé Jay-z
2020 Together At Home
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Hip Hop

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