Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda was a mind controlled Hollywood movie actor, used in the CIA controlled hippie counterculture (promotion of LSD like The Beatles). He was the son of Henry Fonda, brother of Jane Fonda, father of Bridget Fonda. He played the role of antagonist of Donald Trump.


Astrological chart

born 2/23/1940, date Dakota Fanning, Mayer Rothschild, Kelly Macdonald.

Dom: Pisces (the Moon), Virgo, Gemini - Sun, Moon, Mercury.

Houses 10, 11, 4. 10: Sun, Mercury, Lilith in Pisces, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus in Aries, Mars in Taurus, 4: Moon and Neptune in Virgo.

died 8/16/2019, date 2nd wedding Crowley, James Cameron, Madonna, Angela Bassett, Steve Carell, d Elvis, Young Thug, 6 days after d Jeffrey Epstein.


1963 Tammy and the Doctor Sandra Dee
1963 The Victors Jeanne Moreau George Peppard Elke Sommer Romy Schneider
1964 Lilith Warren Beatty (Mulholland Drive)
1964 The Young Lovers Nick Adams
1965 The Rounders Glenn Ford Henry Fonda
1966 The Wild Angels 'Heavenly Blues' Nancy Sinatra Bruce Dern Diane Ladd Roger Corman AIP of Samuel Arkoff
1967 The Trip Jack Nicholson Susan Strasberg Luana Anders Bruce Dern Michael Blodgett Peter Bogdanovich Brandon De Wilde Roger Corman AIP
1968 Spirits of the Dead Baron Wilhelm (segment "Metzengerstein") Brigitte Bardot Alain Delon Jane Fonda Terence Stamp Daniele Vargas Louis Malle Roger Vadim
1969 Easy Rider Wyatt Dennis Hopper Terry Southern Karen Black Luana Anders Columbia Pictures soundtrack by The Byrds and Bob Dylan
1971 The Hired Hand Warren Oats Verna Bloom
1971 The Last Movie Young Sheriff Dennis Hopper Kris Kristofferson Michelle Philips Dean Stockwell
1973 Idaho Transfer Keith Carradine Kevin Hearst
1973 Two People Lindsay Wagner
1974 Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry Roddy McDowall
1974 Open Season Ken William Holden
1975 Race with the Devil Warren Oates
1975 92 in the Shade Elizabeth Ashley Margot Kidder
1976 Killer Force Mike Bradley Telly Savalas Christopher Lee OJ Simpson AIP
1976 Fighting Mad Jonathan Demme produced by Roger Corman
1976 Futureworld (robot programming) Blythe Danner Yul Brynner
1977 Outlaw Blues Bobby Ogden
1978 High-Ballin' (the Fool)
1979 Wanda Nevada Brooke Shields as Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)
1981 The Cannonball Run Chief Biker Cameo
1982 Split Image (cult with mind control, split personality) James Woods Elizabeth Ashley
1983 Daijôbu, mai furendo 'Gonzy' Traumerai
1983 Dance of the Dwarfs John Amos
1983 Peppermint-Frieden
1983 Spasms Dr. Tom Brazilian Oliver Reed
1985 Certain Fury Stephen Gyllenhaal New World Pictures of Roger Corman
1988 Mercenary Fighters Virelli
1988 Hawken's Breed Hawken
1989 The Rose Garden Liv Ullman
1990 Enemy Ken Andrews Also writer
1991 Family Express Nick
1993 Bodies, Rest & Motion Phoebe Cates Bridget Fonda Tim Roth Eric Stolz
1993 South Beach Jake
1993 Deadfall Michael Biehn Nicolas Cage
1994 Molly & Gina Natasha Gregson Wagner
1994 Love and a .45 Renée Zellweger
1994 Nadja Dracula / Dr. Van Helsing David Lynch
1996 Escape from L.A. 'Pipeline' Kurt Russell Steve Buscemi Pam Grier
1996 Grace of My Heart Matt Dillon Patsy Kensit Eric Stolz
1997 Ulee's Gold Ulysses 'Ulee' Jackson Jessica Biel Orion Pictures
1997 Painted Hero Ray, The Cook
1998 Welcome to Hollywood Himself Dennis Hopper John Travolta
1998 The Tempest (Prospero based on John Dee) Harold Perinneau Katherine Heigl (in Suits with Meghan Markle) as Miranda
1999 The Limey Terence Stamp Luis Guzman Steven Soderbergh
2000 South of Heaven, West of Hell Dwight Yoakam Billy Bob Thornton Vince Vaughn Paul Reubens
2000 Thomas and the Magic Railroad (pink sky) Alec Baldwin
2000 Second Skin Javier Bardem
2001 Wooly Boys Kris Kristofferson Keith Carradine
2002 The Laramie Project Laura Linney Summer Phoenix Christina Ricci
2004 The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things Grandfather Asia Argento Dylan Sprouse (Disney) Marilyn Manson Tim Armstrong (program Punk Rock)
2004 Ocean's Twelve Bobby Caldwell
2006 In God We Trust Millionaire
2007 Ghost Rider Mephistopheles Nicolas Cage Eva Mendes Wes Bentley
2007 Wild Hogs Damien Blade Tim Allen John Travolta Martin Lawrence Disney
2007 3:10 to Yuma Byron McElroy Russell Crowe Christian Bale Gretchen Mol Vinessa Shaw
2008 Japan Alfred
2009 The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll August West
2009 The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day Louie 'The Roman' Romano (Roman Polanski) Norman Reedus
2011 The Trouble with Bliss Seymour Bliss Lucy Liu Michael C Hall
2012 Smitty Jack Miro Sorvino
2012 Harodim (one eye pyramid) Solomon Fell
2012 The Big Fix (producer with Tim Robbins) about BP oil spill Omar Mateen (Orlando shooting ritual)
2013 As Cool as I Am Gerald Claire Danes James Marsden
2013 Copperhead Avery
2013 The Ultimate Life Jacob Early
2013 The Harvest Samantha Morton Michael Shannon
2013 House of Bodies Henry Lee Bishop
2015 Jesse James Lawman Mayor
2015 The Runner Nicolas Cage
2017 The Ballad of Lefty Brown Bill Pullman Jim Caviezel
2017 The Most Hated Woman in America Reverend Harrington Sally Kirkland Juno Temple
2018 You Can't Say No Buck Murphy
2018 Boundaries Vera Farmiga Christopher Lloyd Christopher Plummer
2019 The Magic Hours Norman Bettinger
2019 The Last Full Measure Christopher Plummer Ed Harris Samuel Jackson William Hurt Diane Ladd Linus Roache


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