Pasadena Playhouse

Pasadena Playhouse is a school and theatre in Pasadena (home of Jack Parsons' Ordo Templi Orientis), established in 1924 and used to train mind controlled actors in the Hollywood film industry and music industry.

It worked with Tennessee Williams (Actors Studio, Congress for Cultural Freedom), F Scott Fitzgerald, Eugene O'Neill (related to Charlie Chaplin).


- Al Pacino (AA)
- Angela Bassett
- Ariana Grande
- Barbara Rush (Peyton Place)
- Bill Erwin (Seinfeld)
- Carolyn Jones (The Addams Family, Aaron Spelling)
- Charles Bronson
- Dabbs Greer
- Dana Andrews
- Dustin Hoffman
- Don DeFore (Adventures of Ozzie and Harriett)
- Eleanor Parker (Return to Peyton Place, The Sound of Music)
- Eve Arden
- Gene Hackman
- George Reeves
- George Tobias (Bewitched)
- Gigi Young
- Gloria Stuart (Santa Monica High School)
- Hans Heinrich von Twardowski (Das Kabinet des Dr Kaligari with Conradt Veidt)
- Harry Dean Stanton (movies with David Lynch and Curtis Harrington)
- Henry Darrow (Zorro)
- Hugh Marlowe (The Day the Eath Stood Still with wife of Roald Dahl)
- Jamie Farr (CBS show M.A.S.H.)
- Joel McCrea (Hollywood High School)
- Karen Morley (movie with Shirley Temple)
- Leonard Nimoy (jesuit, Star Trek, AA)
- MJ Rodriguez (transgender agenda)
- Moroni Olsen (Mormon Church, Disney's Snow White)
- Nick Nolte (AA)
- Paul Birch (movie of Roger Corman)
- Ralph Senensky (The Waltons, Star Trek, The Partridge Family)
- Raymond Burr (Rear Window, NBC show Ironside with Curtis Harrington)
- Robert Taylor
- Rue McClanahan (Actors Studio, NBC show The Golden Girls)
- Sid Haig (blaxploitation movies of Jack Hill and Samuel Arkoff)
- Toni Trucks (Dreamgirls with Beyoncé)
- Tommy Kirk (Hollywood Professional School, The Monkey's Uncle with Anette Funicello)
- Tyrone Power
- Victor Mature
- Wayne Brady (The Wayne Brady Show on ABC)
- Yvonne Lime


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