Owsley Stanley

Augustus Owsley Stanley was a CIA agent, used in mind control and LSD experiments with Ken Kesey (MK Ultra) and his Merry Pranksters (Stewart Brand, Paul Krassner, Wavy Gravy), and Haight-Ashbury band Grateful Dead, in the counterculture of the 60's (the New Age Church).

He was a descendant of politician and governor of Kentucky Augustus Owsley Stanley I. He was trained at Charlotte Hall military academy.

He was used as a patient in St Elizabeths Hospital (hospital of Ron Hubbard's mentor William Alanson White, treated Ezra Pound) in Washington DC. He worked for the US Air Force at Jet Propulsion Laboratory of Jack Parsons.

He was used in the Laurel Canyon project and worked with The Beatles.

The LSD he produced with Nicholas Sand and Tim Scully was called Orange Sunshine (orange=33=sodomy, Parsons lived at Orange Grove). Sand and Scully called themselves the Brotherhood of Eternal Love and stayed at the Milbrook estate of the Hitchcock-Mellon family, with CIA agents Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert and Allen Ginsberg. Sand's father was Clarence Huskey, a Soviet agent, member of the Communist Party USA and professor at Columbia University, who worked at the Manhattan Project.

Sand also produced mescaline and DMT. He traveled to India to work with fraudster Baghwan (Osho), who also worked with Michael Murphy of Esalen. Tim Scully worked for CIA front Esalen Institute.

Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranksters were affiliated with Stanford University and SRI, where Willis Harman also conducted LSD research.

From 1965 he organised mass events in San Francisco, LA, Oregon with Ken Kesey, Ramon Sender (Columbia) and CIA band Big Brother and the Holding Company, to provide a collective LSD experience (Acid Tests). As a soundman of the Grateful Dead, for who he designed their Skull and Bones logo, the tour of concerts with Deadheads, organized by Bill Graham (CCNY) was a network of Acid Tests.

He was also helped by Stanford graduate Larry McMurtry, who wrote Terms of Endearment and later the screenplay of Brokeback Mountain, a film with Heath Ledger and Anne Hathaway, used in the gay agenda. Like Kesey, McMurtry was a student of Malcolm Cowley of Viking Press, a friend of Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, John Dos Passos (ACCF), Edmund Wilson (Mary McCarthy ACCF).

He did acid tests in Watts area of LA before the riots. He spread STP, tested in Edgewood Arsenal, in Haight-Ashbury. He spread LSD at the Montery Pop festival of John Philips.

In 1968 Tom Wolfe wrote The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test about Kesey's Merry Pranksters. The same year MGM released Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Spacey Odyssey, marketed as the Ultimate Trip.

He was imprisoned in 1970 (Pluto in Libra era) in Terminal Island, the prison of Charles Manson, Phil Kaufman, Timothy Leary and Gordon Liddy. In 1971 Stanley Kubrick released A Clockwork Orange, in wich Malcolm McDowell is imprisoned.

In 2011 Alex Gibney (stepson of William Sloane Coffin, also documentary about Scientology and Julian Assange) released Magic Trip about the Merry Pranksters.

In 2015 Omar Fayed, director of the Ritz Paris and half-brother of Dodi Fayed who died in Paris with Diana Spencer, executive produced The Sunshine Makers, narrated by Stanley Tucci.

born 1/19/1935, date death Osho, Edgar Allan Poe, Mac Miller.

died 3/12/2011, date Aaron Eckhart, in a car accident in Australia.

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