The owl is a night animal, used by the Saturn-Moon cult as symbol in occultism of hidden knowledge, in emblems of Egyptian pharao's (Amenemhat), symbol of Moloch and El (Saturn), Sumerian goddess Lilith (Queen of Night relief), Greek goddess Athena, Roman goddess Minerva and symbol of the Tribe of Dan.

A giant owl is used in the Crematian of Care ritual at the Bohemian Grove Bohemian Club (jesuit Daniel O'Connell, used in psyop of Alex Jones). In UFO folklore about extraterrestials it is associated with Greys.

The owl is used in the emblem of Kappa Kappa Gamma (Meghan Markle), Rice University Houston, Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, Owl Club of Harvard (Archibald Coolidge), Owl's Nest in Delaware of the Duponts (Colonna), Los Tecos (the owls) in Mexico, logo of Hooters of Ed Droste (Tau Kappa Epsilon), Sheffield Wednesday logo (Hillsborough disaster), London Nighttube logo, Twin Peaks of David Lynch, stories and testimonies of hypnotists Dolores Cannon (the New Age Church), Disney's the Owl House. The Fourth Kind, Drake's album Take Care and OVO logo, Legends of the Guardians, Tomorrowland, Stranger Things,..