Oswald Spengler

Oswald Spengler was a German historian who announced the planned breakdown of western civilization (replacement of whites) as an agent of the Right Wing Church.  He was educated at University of Munich (Bavaria), Berlin and Halle. His doctoral advisor was Alois Riehl who signed the Manifesto of the 93 (WW1 propaganda), worked with Mies Van der Rohe (Bauhaus) and was married to the aunt of the wife of Otto Gross (OTO). In 1918 he published the first volume of The Decline of the West, in 1922 the second (influenced by Johann von Goethe and Friedrich Nietzsche). He described Classical (Greek-Roman) civilization as Apollonian and western civilization as Faustian. He debated Max Weber (friend of Gyorgy Lucaks of the Frankfurt School) who gave lectures about Spengler at University of Munich.

In 1933 he met with Adolf Hitler. He was interviewed by George Viereck (MI6, propaganda with Aleister Crowley). He was a member of Karl Haushofer's German Academy.

In 1950 Theodor Adorno (Frankfurt School) published Spengler After the Downfall.

He influenced Arnold Toynbee (LSE, Tavistock), jesuit Francis Parker Yockey (Imperium: the Philosophy of History and Politics), Fabian Oswald Mosley, jesuit Carroll Quigley, Samuel Huntington (CFR, PRODEMCA),...

Pegida (controlled opposition against replacement of whites) used the term Abendland.

Spengler follower David Goldman (LSE, Forbes magazine) was member of the Committee on the Present Danger with members of the Rockefeller Foundation and Ford Foundation, closely associated with World Anti-Communist League, the John Birch Society, the Korean Unification Church and Asian drug trade of the jesuits and S&B.

Daniel Pipes (CPD) participated in the Collapse of Europe Conference with David Horowitz.

Albert Knopf (Philips Exeter) who published Spengler's books, also published John D Marks' CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, jesuit Bill Clinton, Ezra Pound and eugenicist Jack London (Bohemian Club).

In Ghostbusters Harold Raimis plays character Egon Spengler.

born 5/29/1880 date JFK (announced the Apollo missions, assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald), Peter Higgs, Bob Hope, John Hinckley, Baynes Barron (War is Hell movie in the JFK ritual), Ted Levine, Anette Benning, La Toya Jackson, Noel Gallagher, d Romy Schneider, Salem Bin Laden, d Jeff Buckley, d Dennis Hopper.

died 5/8/1936.


1904 The Fundamental Metaphysical Idea of the Philosophy of Heraclitus

1918 Decline of the West

1919 Prussianism and Socialism

1922 Decline of the West vol 2

1931 Man and Technics

1934 The Hours of Decision

Max Weber

Otto Gross