Order of Malta

The Order of Malta is a masonic organization that uses a Grand Master and degrees of initiations, but is mainly a papal order that works in alliance with the Jesuits, Grand Masters are authorized by the pope (Catholic Church). The Knights of Malta were founded as the papal Order of St John (worship of John the Baptist) to help pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem, became rivals of the Knights Templar, and waged war with the Ottoman empire.

Their first grandmaster was Blessed Gerard. They were responsible for suppression of the Templars. After their defeat by jesuit Napoleon, Paul I of Russia became their patron and St Petersburg their new headquarter.
Their current hq is in Rome on the Via Condotti, close to the Spanish steps. The Knights of Malta have their own passport system. They uphold a hypocritical image of Christian charity organization with yearly visits to Lourdes to worship virgin Mary. Francis of Guise (son of Antoinette of Bourbon, brother of Mary of Guise who married James V of Scotland) was Grand Prior of the Order.


1202-1206 Alfonso of Portugal (Knight Templar)
1207 Guérin de Montaigu (Fifth Crusade), brother ofGrand Master of Knights Templar Pierre de Montaigu
1285 Jean de Villiers (Siege of Acre)
1467-1476 Giovanni Batista Orsini
1521 Philippe Villiers d'Isle-Adam (moves its base from Rhodes to Malta after the Siege of Rhodes)
1741-1773 (suppression of the jesuits) Manuel Pinto da Fonseca, friend of Cagliostro who founds the Rite of Misraim.
1775 Emmanuel de Rohan-Polduc (established the Russian Grand Priory)
1789 Paul I of Russia (Romanov, son of Catherine the Great). Napoleon seizes Malta in 1798.
1865 Alessandro Borgia, the family of Borgia's who founded the Jesuit order. Lincoln's assassin John Wilkes Booth acted in the play 'Lucrezia Borgia'.

1879 the Order of Malta changes its name to Sovereign Military Order of Malta.
1888 founding of the Most Venerable Order of St John (with Maltese Cross logo).

1905 -1931 Galeas von Thun und Hohenstein (Order of the Golden Fleece)  1931- 1951 Ludovico Chigi Albani della Rovere
1962 - 1988 Angelo de Mojana di Cologna
1988 Jean Charles Pallavicini
1988-2008 Andrew Bertie
2008 Matthew Festing
2022 John Dunlap


Knights of Malta

- Adrian FitzGerald (conservative UK politician)
- Al Barber (president CNBC)
- Albert J. Wetzel (atomic program guided missiles)
- Alexander Haig, Jr. (Pilgrims Society, Chief of Staff Ronald Reagan)
- Alexandre de Marenche (Le Cercle, Safari Club)
- Alfred E. Smith IV (NYSE)
- Alfred Maximilian Gruenther (American Red Cross)
- Allen Dulles (Pilgrims Society, CIA, Operation Paperclip, MK Ultra)
- Amadeo Peter Giannini (Bank of America, Transamerica corp)
- Angus Daniel McDonald (Southern Pacific Company)
- Anne Crellin Seggerman (Fourth World Foundation)
- Anthony Charles Zinni (Marine Corps)
- Beatrix van Oranje-Nassau (Club of Rome, Royal Dutch Shell, Queen of the Netherlands, Order of the Golden Fleece)
- Benito Mussolini (fascist dictator Italy)
- Bernard Dorin (french ambassador to Haiti)
- Bernard Von Lippe-Biesterfeld (Bilderberg, 1001 Club, WWF)
- Bob Abplanalp (aerosol inventor)
- Bob Danzig (Hearst)
- Bob Hope (Hollywood actor, ministrel show with Johnny Mercer of Capitol Records, Jerry Colonna as sidekick)
- Boutros Boutros-Ghali (jesuit, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, United Nations Secretary-General)

- Bowie Kent Kuhn (law firm Wilkie)
- Burton Gerber (CIA, CFR)
- Carl Nicholas Karcher (Carl jr hamburger chain)
- Charles Burke Elbrick (ambassador)
- Charles Guthrie (Craigiebank, defense)
- Claiborne Pell (chairman Council of Foreign Relations)
- Clare Boothe Luce (CFR, CPD)
- Conrad N. Hilton (Hilton Hotels, married to Zsa Zsa Gabor, grandfather of Paris Hilton)
- Craig J Neumann de Paulo
- Cyril Toumanoff (professor at jesuit university Georgetown)
- Daniel Imperato (libertarian party, descendant of Roman emperor Nero)
- David L. Garrison (Checkfree corp)
- Delano Eugene Lewis (national public radio)
- Dwight D. Eisenhower (atom bomb, CNC with Yaroslav Stetsko)
- Edward Bennett Williams (Georgetown, Jimmy Hoffa)
- Edward Egan (bishop NY)
- Edward L. Hearn (Knights of Columbus)
- Edward L. Hennessy, Jr. (NYSE, Federal Reserve)
- Elizabeth II Saxe-Coburg Windsor (British Empire, Pilgrims Society, Order of the Golden Fleece)
- Elmer Holmes Bobst (Hoffman Laroche)
- Emilio T. González (immigration service)
- Ellery W. Stone (US ambassador to Italy)
- Felix E. Larkin (WR Grace committee)
- Francis V Ortiz, Jr.
- Francis Spellman (bishop NY, Vietnam war)
- Francis X Stankard (American Express, Chase Manhattan)
- Frank C. Carlucci III (The Carlyle Group with George HW Bush, RAND, TC, roommate of Donald Rumsfeld, Office of Economic Opportunity)
- Frank Joseph Fahrenkopf, Jr.(NY SE)
- Frank Keating (governor Oklahama, FBI)
- Frank Shakespeare (president CBS of the Colonna's, CIA controlled Radio Free Europe, The Heritage Foundation, Princeton Radio Project)
- Franz Von Papen (vice-chancellor of Hitler)
- Fred Butler (WW2 infrastructure engineer)
- Fred Monroe Zeder II (Hydrometals Corp)
- Frederic V. Salerno (Verizon, Bell atlantic)
- Gene F. Jankowski (chairman CBS)
- Genevieve Garvan Brady (wife of Nicolas Brady, Welfare Council, sister of Patrick Garvan of Chemical Foundation)
- Geoffrey T. Boisi (Trilateral Commission, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs)
- George P. Clancy, Jr. (Chevy Chase bank)
- George HW Bush, Sr. (Skull and Bones, father of George W Bush)
- George J Tenet (jesuit, CIA)
- George K. Cooney (screen gems)
- George Macdonald (American SMOM)
- George Raymond Rocca (CIA under Angleton)
- George William Strake (Texas oilman)
- Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. (US president)
- Geraldine Frawley (National Catholic Register)
- Giovanni Allavena (italian military intel P2)
- Giovanni De Lorenzo (Sifar, Italian secret service)
- Giovanni Torrisi (Italian army P2)
- Gustavo A. Cisneros (Hugo Chavez)
- Hanna Siniora (Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information IPCRI)
- Harold Alexander (commander WW2)
- Henry Robinson Luce (Pilgrims Society, Time-Life magazine, S&B)
- Hermann Abs (Deutsche Bank; Board-member of IG Farben, Daimler Benz, Siemens, banker of Hitler)
- Ion Cioaba (gypsies)
- J. Edgar Hoover (FBI)
- J. Peter Grace (grandson of mayor NY William Grace, american SMOM, WR Grace and Co, Council for National Policy, CPD, PRODEMCA)
- J Peter Grace Sr
- Jack Fitzpatrick (Gulf Oil corporation)
- Jacques G. Jonet (secretary Otto Habsburg, Bende van Nijvel)
- James A Farrell (US Steel)
- James A. Fayne
- James Augustine Gobbo (Australian multicultural foundation)
- James David Watkins (Secretary of Energy)
- James Farley (Franklin Roosevelt administration)
- James J. Phelan (banker SMOM)
- James Jesus Angleton (CIA)
- James L. Buckley (senator NY, S&B, Radio Free Europe)
- James M. Moroney, Jr.(Dallas Morning News, jesuit)
- Jefferson Caffery (US ambassador)
- Jeremiah Andrew Denton, Jr. (Alabama senator)
- Jim Nicholson (US ambassador Vatican, republican)
- Joe Kennedy Sr. (Pilgrims Society, Hollywood producer, married to Gloria Swanson, father JFK)
- Joe Larkin (vice president Chase Manhattan)
- John Anthony Volpe (US ambassador Italy)
- John D. J. Moore (OSS CIA)
- John D. Ryan (Montana power SMOM)
- John Donald Rauth, Sr. (Lockheed Martin)
- John Jacob Raskob (Dupont-Colonna, Empire State building, Order of St Gregory the Great)
- John J. Danilovich (CFR)
- John J. DeGioia (jesuit, president Georgetown University)
- John McCone (CIA, JFK ritual, Order of St Gregory the Great)
- John O'Connor (bishop NY)
- John Sylvester Drum (American Trust, Pacific gas)
- Joseph A. Unanue (Catholic University of America)
- Joseph Brennan (Emigrant Savings bank NY)
- Joseph Edward Schmitz (jesuit, Blackwater, son of John G JBS)
- Joseph E. Spinnato (Hotel Assoc NY)
- Joseph F. D'Angelo (Hearst, News America syndicate)
- Joseph H. Retinger (jesuit, European movement, co-founder of the Bilderberg club)
- Joseph J. DioGuardi (accountant, politician)
- Joseph Michael Pigott (Toronto Dominion bank)
- Juan Carlos de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias (Farnese, king of Spain and Jerusalem, Le Rosey, Club of Rome, Order of the Golden Fleece)
- Juan D. Péron (president Argentina)
- Junio Valerio S. Borghese (WW2)
- Konrad Adenauer (Le Cercle, Chancellor of West Germany)
- L. Francis Rooney III (ambassador Vatican)
- Lanfranco Amato (Olivetti Canada)
- Lee Iacocca (Ford, mentor of Werner Erhard)
- Lewis E. Lehrman (Morgan Stanley & co, Lehrman &co)
- Licio Gelli (Italian lodge P2)
- Lindy Boggs (US ambassador Vatican, Smithsonian, married to Hale Boggs of Warren Commission)
- Louis J. Cappelli (Sterling bancorp, Zionist)
- Louis Mortimer Bloomfield (Zionist)
- Luigi Gedda (CIA funded Catholic Action)
- Luigi Parrilli (Operation Paperclip)
- Luigi Vittorio Ferraris (diplomatic studies association)

- Margaret B. Melady (American University of Rome)
- Mark Clark (Operation Torch)
- Mark J. Wolff (St Thomas university)
- Martin F. Shea (Morgan Guaranty Trust)
- Massimo Spada (Vatican Bank)
- Maxwell M. Rabb
- Mel Martínez (chairman Republican Party)
- Michael Novak (journalist, diplomat)
- Michele Sindona (banker, member of P2)
- Miles Dewey Davis III (jazz musician in the music industry)
- Morgan J. O'Brien (NY Supreme Court, SMOM)
- Myron Charles Taylor (United Steel)
- Nelson Mandela (president of South Africa, Left Wing Church)
- Nicolas Frederic Brady (NY Edison Co, Supreme Order of Christ)
- Nicholas Frederick Brady (Secretary of Treasury, Brady Plan, CFR)
- Otto Habsburg (European Union, Le Cercle, son headmaster of the Order of the Golden Fleece)
- Otto Skorzeny (Operation Oak, ratlines WW2, WACL)
- Paul Henkels (Vatican observatory)
- Pat Buchanan (assistent to Reagan, nazi website VDARE)
- Patrick E. Crowley (NY Railroad)
- Patrick J. Frawley, Jr. (fortune Schick)
- Patrick Hayes (bishop NY, SMOM)
- Paul Dietrich (Catholic University of America, CBS)
- Paul-Louis Weiller (Renault, Air France)
- Paul McHugh (behavioral research of MK Ultra)
- Pete Domenici (senator)
- Peter Beyerhaus (masonic Lausanne movement)
- Peter S. Lynch
- Prescott Bush, Jr.(S&B, Harriman Barings bank, United Services Organizations)
- Phyllis Schlafly (political activist, Phi Beta Kappa, American Enterprise Institute, John Birch Society, collaborated with Jerome Corsi)
- Rainier III of Monaco (Le Rosey, husband of Grace Kelly)
- Ray H. Siegfried II (chairman Nordam group)
- Raymond J. Petersen (Hearst)
- Reinhard Gehlen (chief intelligence over Russia, BND, Operation Paperclip)
- Richard Harris (actor Gladiator with Russell Crowe)
- Richard R. Shinn (NYSE, Chase Manhattan)
- Richard Vincent Allen (National Security Reagan, Le Cercle, CPD, CFW)
- Rick Santorum (republican, CNN, Fox news)
- Robert Ferdinand Wagner, Jr.(mayor NY, Scroll and Key, Columbine Order)
- Robert Gayre of Gayre and Nigg (Mankind magazine)
- Robert Prantner (right wing catholic SMOM)
- Roberto Alejos Arzú (CIA anticommunist)
- Roger Pearson (neonazi, World Anti-Communist League, eugenics, Right Wing Church)
- Ronald Wilson Reagan (Hollywood actor, US president, Rockefeller Commission MK Ultra)
- Rupert zu Löwenstein (manager the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger)
- Samuel Jayson LeFrak (housing development)
- Sean Patrick O'Malley (cardinal)
- Shirley Temple
- Spyros S. Skouras (20th Century fox studio Hollywood, worked with Warner Bros and Marilyn Monroe)
- Stefano Giovannone (italian military P2)
- Steven Saxton (Hollywood studios international)
- Terence Cooke (bishop NY SMOM advisor)
- Terence J. Gallagher (Pfizer)
- Thabo Mbeki (president of South Africa)
- Thomas Bolan (friend Ronald Reagan)
- Thomas Melady (ambassador Vatican)
- Thomas Stephen Monaghan (Domino Pizza)
- Umberto Ortolani (banker, Mussolini's secret service)
- Valéry Giscard d'Estaing (president of France)
- Vernon A. Walters (jesuit, CIA)
- Victor Rothschild
- William A. Wilson (Reagan's ambassador to Vatican)
- William Barron Hilton
- William 'Wild Bill' Donovan (OSS CIA, CPD)
- Wilhelmina van Oranje - Nassau
- William A. Schreyer (Merril Lynch, CFR, NYSE)
- William Casey (CIA, CPD, campaign Reagan, Le Cercle)
- William Colby (CIA, CSIS, Frank Olson media ritual)
- William Edward Simon (Secretary of Treasury)
- William Edward Simon, Jr. (Simons & Sons)
- William F. Buckley Jr. (CIA, S&B)
- William F. Gorog (Intelidata)
- William H.G. FitzGerald (ambassador Ireland)
- William J. Flynn (American SMOM)
- William Randolph Hearst (Hearst Corporation, Scottish Rite)
- William R. Burleigh (EW Scripps)

Giancarlo Massimo (jesuits, Fabian Society), Antonio Ruspoli, Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, Thurn und Taxi, William Cecil, Otto Bismarck, Pallavicini family, Desmond Tutu, Carl Karcher (JBS), cardinal Theodore McCarrick (jesuit pedophile), Frank Sinatra, Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy (Le Rosey, married to French actress Clotilde Coureau),..


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