Orange is a code for 33 and death/sodomy in freemasonry and their sodomy religion, used in Hollywood, the media and the music industry. In Scottish rite freemasonry, the 33d degree is the highest degree, as it represents the pineal gland and rebirth through Luciferian sodomy (takeover of the soul). In Crowley's Thelema the Eye of Horus=the anus.

In Egypt Khepri carried the orange sun.

Orange is the color of Scorpio, death of the orange sun, during Halloween orange mellons were carved out. Orange is the color of amber, winter months ending in -ember and the color of the Monarch butterfly, sodomy to create a Monarch slave, through trauma based mind control.
This tradition continued with the dutch House of Orange, the Irish Orange Order,..

Orange=33=sodomy code in movies

1933 first concentration camp (cc=33) in Oranienburg (Antichrist Adolf Hitler).

1945 founding of orange juice company Minute Maid (mm=33), owned by Coca Cola (cc=33).

Jack Parsons was raised on Orange Grove Boulevard in Pasadena, the Millionaire's Mile (mm=33), to play the role of Antichrist. He used music of Profokiev in his Babalon Workings, known for Love of Three Oranges opus 33.

1950s Vietnam War use of Agent Orange by the war industry.
1960d hippie CIA agents Nicolas Sands and Tim Scully from Orange County make Orange Sunshine LSD for mind control of the Manson Family of Charles Manson
- David Bowie orange hair in A Space Oddity
1971 Stanley Kubrick A Clockwork Orange Malcolm McDowell (mm=33) married to Mary Steenbergen (dutch: House of Orange)
1972 oranges in The Godfather trilogy before every murder

Supertramp album Breakfast in America Twin Towers glass of orange juice
1983 Cross Creek (cc=33) Mary Steenbergen living in orange grove, Malcolm McDowell

1992 Reservoir Dogs Tim Roth dies as mr. Orange (played Vincent Van Gogh, dutch: House of Orange)
1993 River Phoenix dies at Halloween in club of Johnny Depp (orange hair Mad Hatter)
1994 year Diana Spencer is 33 years The Naked Gun 33+1/3 with OJ the Juice Simpson and Priscilla Presley as Jane Spencer

Pulp (orange juice) Fiction with Tim Roth (mr Orange), Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames sodomised, John Travolta back from Amsterdam (dutch House of Orange). The Notorious B.I.G. orange Bad Boys 33 shirt song Juicy.
- South Park, orange Kenny dies every episode
- Mike Pompeo and Jeff Buckley born in Orange California on the 33d parallel
2000 Requiem For a Dream scene with Joker Jared Leto with drug dealer who cuts oranges
2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine on 11/22 (=33)
The Aviator with Leonardo di Caprio, oranges after his plane crash
2005 Lost John Locke eating orange after plane crash
2007 Halloween (orange) Michael Myers (mm=33) Malcolm McDowell
Chuck (cc=33)

2010 Alice in Wonderland Johnny Depp as orange hair Mad Hatter
Oranges and Sunshine Hugo Weaving as Jack
- Proof wearing orange on last album before dying in club CCC (333)
- Snoop Dogg (Gin and Juice) movie Boss N Up pimp named Orange Juice
- Wiz Khalifa Kush & Orange Juice (Amber=Orange Rose)
- Frank Ocean (gay agenda) Channel Orange

2011 founding of porn site Chaturbate in Orange County.
2012 Olympic Phoenix ritual with James Holmes orange hair

2013 Orange is the New Black
2015 Isis ritual where Jihadi John decapitates man in orange
2017 fake attack on gay nightclub on Orange Avenue in Orlando (gay agenda) Florida (orange state)
- A Good Old Fashioned Orgy (with jesuit Nick Kroll)

- ..


the Gay-Transgender Church