The Oppenheimers are a jewish German banking family, related to Rothschilds (bankers of the Catholic Church), who helped creating a diamond mining industry in South Africa. Like the Rothschilds they are often used by controlled opposition or Right Wing actors as a distraction with the Illuminati hoax of the jesuits, with the jewish bankers as kingpins, and the Catholic Church or European christians as victims of their conspiracy.

Joseph Süß Oppenheimer was a banker and court jew of Charles Alexander Württemberg (appointed by Emperor Charles VI Habsburg), married to Maria Augusta Thurn and Taxis. He was executed in 1738.

Samuel Oppenheimer worked with Mayer Rothschild. His great granddaughter  Fromet Guggenheim married Moses Mendelssohn.

Abraham von Oppenheim was a Knight of Malta, married Charlotte Beyfus Rothschild.

Ernest Oppenheimer was chairman of De Beers, the diamond mining company of Cecil Rhodes in South Africa, funded by Nathan Rothschild. He founded the Anglo American Corporation of South Africa with help from JP Morgan and Consolidated.

The Oppenheimer family (son Harry, grandson Nicky) had a global monopoly on the diamond trade.

Jonathan Oppenheimer worked for NM Rothschild, the Brenthurst Foundation (Jeffrey Herbst of American Jewish University) and Umicore of Thomas Leysen (Mediahuis, TC).

Kay Oppenheimer was a US politician.

Max Oppenheimer was a member of the Austrian art scene with Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Oskar Kokoshka.

Maximilian Oppenheimer was used in the German and American film industry and made La Ronde, Le Plaisir, Vedetta with Howard Hughes' wife Faith Domergue and The Exile for Universal with Douglas Fairbanks Jr (Order of St John).

George Oppenheimer was a screenwriter of Hollywood studio MGM, co-founded Viking Press, which published books of Hannah Arendt. He wrote the screenplay of Paradise for Three with Frank Morgan and Mary Astor (Theosophical Society). He was a sexual partner of Harry Hay (Ordo Templi Orientis).

Doris Oppenheimer was married to Jules Stein, who founded Music Corporation of America (MCA) in 1924 and profited from the jazz scene in speakeasies of Chicago during Prohibition as a friend of Al Capone. Their daughter Jean Stein worked for Elia Kazan and wrote a book on Edie Sedgwick (Andy Warhol scene). Their granddaughter Katrina vanden Heuvel worked for The Nation, is a member of the CFR and married with William Sloane Coffin as priest.

In 1934 Conrad Veidt played Joseph Oppenheimer in Süss the Jew.

In 1940 Veit Harlan made Süss the Jew about Joseph Oppenheimer with Ferdinand Marian (also played Cecil Rhodes in Ohm Krüger) and Werner Krauss for Terra Film.

Paula Oppenheimer was married to Richard Dehmel (Pan magazine, Young Vienna group with Karl Kraus).

Robert Oppenheimer worked on the atom bomb of Manhattan Project with Albert Einstein. Cillian Murphy played Oppenheimer in a movie of Christopher Nolan.

Joel Oppenheimer wrote for the Village Voice (Greenwich Village scene).

Joshua Oppenheimer is a film director, used to push the gay agenda.

Peter Oppenheimer is a jesuit trained Goldman Sachs banker and CFO of Apple.

Jess Oppenheimer created CBS sitcom I Love Lucy.

Alan Oppenheimer played in Star Trek and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Haim Saban).

Stephen Oppenheimer worked on Darwinistic documentaries for Discovery Channel, BBC and Channel 4.

Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a Fixer with Richard Gere and Charlotte Gainsbourg was based on the life of Joseph Oppenheimer.


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