Ophiuchus or Serpent-bearer is a constellation near Hercules, Scorpio and Sagittarius (the Golden Gate). Its foot touches the ecliptic path of the sun. It represents Isis with gnostic knowledge of serpent bearer Thoth, the serpent of DNA to revive Osiris. In Sumer it was associated with Enki, one of the Annunaki 'Gods' (worship of the God matrix), associated with planet and element Mercury.

His counterpart Enlil, who caused the flood, was associated with Bootes (star Arcturus).

There are 13 cranial nerves, the sign was seen by the cult of mercury as a gateway to the trinity in the brain of pineal gland, pituary gland and thalamus. 13 is the nr of the Death card (letter nun: fish= vesica pisces, womb) with serpent symbol. 13th letter=M, the Mother energy, the grave as a womb for rebirth.

The concept of 13 sign sidereal astrology was popularized by Walter Berg. His work The 13 Signs of the Zodiac (1995) was published by HarperCollins.

In 2016 NASA spread the rumor that the zodiac actually has 13 signs with Ophiuchus as 13th (Judas in gnosticism is called the 13th Daemon).

The sun is said to be in Ophiuchus from november 29 to december 17. Celebrities born during this period are John Cassavetes, Jay-z, Jennifer Connelly, Vanessa Hudgens, Tyra Banks, Ben Stiller, Woody Allen, Jeff Bridges, David Carradine, Nicki Minaj (single Anaconda), Natasha McElhone, Christopher Plummer, James Holmes, Taylor Swift,..

Its symbol is a U with a wave (feminine energy more constant than masculine energy). Its character traits are a combination of Scorpio (sexual organs) and Sagittarius (religion) traits.

The half of the procession of equinox (cycle of 13.000 years) represented the galactic plane pointing towards 13th sign Ophiuchus, mankind 'crossing over', back to the Gate of the Gods (higher consciousness).

Enki was also often depicted holding 2 snakes (2 rivers Tigris and Eufrates, the Kundalini energy to activate the pineal gland). He was associated with the southern sky of constellations and the Square of Pegasus (winged horse symbol of thalamus) between Pisces and Aquarius.

The Sumerians introduced the dark art of alchemy. Mercury became a symbol of the shapeshifting interdimensional 'Gods'. Mercury as an intellectual and mental stimulant is associated with knowledge, arts and writing, everything related to communication and commerce and also a psycho-pomp, one foot in physical and one foot in spiritual, the guide of souls in the afterlife.

In Egypt it was associated with Imhotep who designed the step pyramid of pharao Djoser.

In Babylon it was depicted as half serpent Nirah (reptilian). The square of Pegasus called I-ku represented Paradise. The Persians called Aldebaran in Taurus, Regulus in Leo, Antares in Scorpio and Fomalhout in Pisces Austrinus the Royal Stars, forming a galactic cross.

In Greece it was associated with Hermes Trismegistus (Thrice Great, cult of Mercury) and dream shaman Asklepius with his snake entwined staff (caduceus, symbol of the Kundalini energy, symbol of the medical profession invented by the Medici's). The god was worshiped in therapeutic healing centers called asklepeions like the Pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem, close to the Dome of the Rock and Golden Gate. Asklepios was the son of solar deity Apollo. The cross was the symbol of the medical profession. Hippocrates (hippos: horse, Chiron and Sagittarius were half human-half horse) worked at an asclepion.

The Mayans also saw the space between Sagittarius and Scorpio as a cosmic womb.

In Judaism the serpent was seen as symbol of the 13th tribe of Israel, the Tribe of Dan.

Julius Caesar imposed the Julian calendar of 12 signs and months in 45 BC. It was later replaced by the Gregorian calendar. The Tau cross was inscribed on the forehead of every person admitted into the Mysteries of Mithras (Mithras was always depicted as bullslayer, Ophiuchus is the opposite sign of the bull of Taurus).

The archetype of the healer with cross symbol became Christianity (12 apostles=12 zodiac signs with Judas giving the kiss of death of Scorpio) with the sepent as Satan-Lucifer.

During the Battle at the Milvian Bridge, Roman Emperor Constantine had a vision about the PX Chi-Ro symbol with phrase In Hoc Signe Vinces ('in this sign you shall conquer'). The crown associated with the phrase is Corona Borealis above the snake of Ophiuchus, symbol of end of the Great Work (the World/the Universe card associated with letter Tau). Constantine and the Catholic Church repressed the Divine Feminine, replaced witchcraft with a phallic religion, while gnostic sects like the Cathars kept worshiping the serpent as Lucifer (Mary Magdalene, activation of the amygdala). 

The Knights Templar cross plays a role in the rituals of the higher degrees of  freemasonry. The sign is still found in the logo of the Military Constantinian Order of St George (Farnese, Rothschild,..) and fi logo of the College of the Holy Cross of the Jesuits.

Upwards the World card means physical death (initiate becomes twice-born), start of the Great Work, introversion from the sensory consciousness to the consciousness of the deeps of the inner world.

As the first step, the first path of initiation is to discover the gateway to the inner world. The concept of death/rebirth and regeneration is explained, reenacted in initiation rituals. In the Egyptian Osirian Mysteries, Osiris is cut in pieces by Set (Saturn) and Isis has to put them back together. The circle has to be squared, the personality has to be broken down in its basic 4 elements, a painful process of dissolution, ruled by Saturn.

The Zodiac is symbolized by the Knights of the Round Table in King Arthur mythology (=Arcturus).

The supernova of 1604 near Ophiuchus was studied by Johannes Keppler.

The Great Seal of the US contains an eagle with 13 stars, a shield with 13 stripes and claws holding 13 arrows and 13 olive leaves. The famous one eye pyramid has 13 steps.

Corona Borealis is depicted in the painting Bacchus (Dionysus) and Ariadne of Titian, produced for Alfonso d'Este, married to Anna Sforza (family that made the modern European Tarot deck).

The concept of a 13th hour is used in Labyrinth with Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie.

Ophiuchus as DNA ladder symbolism is used in the Planet of the Apes franchise, Rise of Planet of the Apes and Dawn of Planet of the Apes is set in San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge (home of Silicon Valley transhumanists) with James Franco as scientist playing with forbidden knowledge to cure his father Alzheimer's (caused by mercury).

The snake entwined rod is in the logo of the WHO used as saviour in the Corona ritual (Corona Borealis).

The turtle is also a symbol of the feminine (a turtle shell as symbol of the Tarot wheel has 13 sections, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with 4 archetypes).