One Eye Pyramid

One Eye Pyramid symbolism is symbolism used by the Saturn cult that worships Saturn and the pineal gland (the One Eye), in the Catholic Church, freemasonry, the media, Hollywood film industry and music industry. It is used as a trope in pop culture, as a sign of mocking and obedience. It was normalised by controlled opposition like David Icke and Alex Jones who link it to the Illuminati hoax (tactic of normalising through jokes/cliché's -neutralising with vagueness and rumors-conditioning).

The pyramid represents the top-down hierarchy of the Draco-Orion Empire (Egyptian Empire, Babylon, Catholic Church, British Empire, Ordo Templi Orientis, ..) and its unseen rulers. Western capitalism is also based on the worship of the pyramid power structure, the Capitol of Rome.

The Declaration of Rights of Man, designed by jesuits Marquis de Lafayette and Joseph-Emmanuel Sieyés in the beginning of the French Revolution contained the one eye pyramid symbol.

Henry Wallace, 33d US vice president put the symbol on the Dollar bill with the phrase Annuit Coeptis Novum Ordo Seclorum (He Favours our Undertaking, the New Order of the Ages), later used a foundation for New World Order theories with focus on CFR, TC and Bilderberg..

As part of the 911 Twin Towers ritual, Youtube was used to spread video's to link Jay-z and one eye pyramid symbolism to freemasonry, the Illuminati hoax and the Rockefellers and Rothschilds (bankers of the Vatican).

The 2012 Summer Olympics ritual contained one eye pyramid symbolism.

Pineal gland