Omega Psi Phi

The Omega Psi Phi is a sodomy cult, based on the ancient Greek sodomy religion, used in the Black Church (associated with the NAACP) and the Gay and Transgender Church, founded in 1911 by Edgar Amos Love, Frank Coleman and Oscar Cooper at Howard University. Its logo contains purple (used in the Catholic Church and in dissociation rituals, to open the purple crown chakra) and a lightning bolt, a sodomy symbol also used by Heinrich Himmler's SS in Nazi Germany.

Edgar Amos Love was a member of the Medhodist Episcopal Church and American Legion.

Like Alpha Kappa Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Delta Sigma Theta (Angela Bassett, Gloria Foster), Sigma Gamma Rho (Hattie McDaniel, MC Lyte, Kelly Price, DJ Spinderella of Salt'n'Peppa), Zeta Phi Beta (Anita Hill), Phi Beta Sigma (Bill Clinton), Iota Phi Teta (Boyz'n'the Hood actor Dezi Arnez Hines) it is a member of the Nation Pan-Hellenic Council (the Divine Nine).


- Anthony Anderson (Hollywood High School, Black-ish)
- Bayard Rustin (Civil Rights Movement with Martin Luther King Jr)
- Benjamin Mays (Civil Rights Movement)
- Benjamin Hooks (NAACP)
- Bill Cosby (Shriner, NBC show The Cosby Show)
- Count Basie (program jazz, worked with jesuit Quincy Jones)
- DL Hughley (BET, CNN)
- Earl Grave Sr (Black Enterprise magazine)
- George Clinton (program Funk)
- Jabrill Peppers (NY Giants)
- Jesse Jackson (Rainbow Coalition= Wizard of Oz programming, Luciferian gay agenda)
- Jesse Jackson Jr (jesuit)
- John P Davis (National Negro Congress, NAACP)
- Khalid Muhammed (Nation of Islam, New Black Panther Party)
- Langston Hughes (gay agenda, Guggenheim Fellowship, supported Joseph Stalin and met with communist Arthur Koestler of CCF)
- Lil JJ (Nickelodeon)
- Louis Farrakhan
- Martin Luther King Sr (father of Martin Luther King Jr)
- Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls)
- Ricky Smiley
- Robert Weaver (worked for Averell Harriman S&B, administration of jesuit Lyndon Johnson)
- Roscoe Lee Brown (theatre with Jonathan Miller and Frank Langella)
- Roscoe Robinson (general in US army)
- Roy Wilkins (NAACP)
- Shammond Williams
- Shaquille O'Neil (Orlando Magic)
- Steve Harvey
- Terrance J (BET show 106 & Park, E!)
- Vernon Jordan (Civil Rights Movement, advisor of jesuit Bill Clinton, shot by Joseph Paul Franklin like Larry Flynt)
- Vince Carter
- Wanya Morris (Boyz II Men=pedophilia)

the Black Church

the Civil Rights Movement