Odd Fellows

The Odd Fellows (Odd Fellowship, Independent Order of Odd Fellows) is a Luciferian masonic organization, founded in 1730 century in Britain, involved in the war industry and mind control and controlled by the Strange Barons. The Baron of Strange title was held by families Drummond, Stuart, Murray, Stanley and Philipps. Its emblem is the three chain-link, the Aryan triskelion (used in Newgrange) or spiral with three legs. The female section of the Odd Fellows is called Daughters of Rebecca (wife of Abraham's son Isaac, mother of Jacob and Esau). Strange in gematria (rev red)= 42.

Moses (Akhenaten) says he has become a 'Stranger in a Strange Land' in Exodus 2:22. Neker (strange) is used in Exodus of the Bible (all other gods were described as strange and foreign). Hebrew letter koph is associated with the Moon card. A koph is zain+resh (zar=strange, raz=secret).

The Odd Fellows claim it originated in a fraternity of exiled Israelites in Babylon (matrilineal bloodlines). It uses the all-seeying-eye symbol, skull and bones and beehive symbol.

Bizarre, eccentric images were used in alchemy and the art of memory of the Dominicans and is used in programming to enhance hypnotism, witchcraft and mind control (imagination under influence of the delusional God matrix). Romanticism, Symbolism, Decadence movement and Modernism used increasingly bizarre and eccentric imagery.

The three legged spiral is on the flag of the Isle of Man, ruled by the Stanley's, and on the flag of Sicily where the mafia was created and where Aleister Crowley founded his Abbey of Thelema. The Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging used the 777 triskelion symbol. Strangeness is a concept in quantum mechanics.

History of Oddfellows and 'strange' and 'odd' symbolism

William Shakespeare (William Stanley as possible author) used the phrase 'rich and strange' in Ariel's Song in The Tempest, based on John Dee.

The 3 chain-link (Borromean Rings in mathematics, forming a Vesica Pisces) is on the coat of arms of the Borromeo family. Carlo Borromeo-Medici played a role in the Counter Reformation with the jesuits of Ignatius of Loyola.