An obelisk is a monolithic phallus symbol (shaft of Baal) used by the Saturn cult in worship of Baal  (the God program) in the Middle East, in Egyptian religion, paganism, Christianity, Islam and freemasonry. It has a pyramidion on its top. Famous obelisks are in Rome, London, Paris, New York, Washington, Constantinople, ..

The worship of Baal is a inversion of sun worship, the Divine Masculine, the ball in the sky, represented by a masculine bull and worship of the world axis, the sacred pole with constellation Draco on top (one eye-ball). The obelisks were put on specific ley-lines (dragon lines, knowledge of sacred geometry). It was part of corruption of the male energy on earth (takeover in 3 steps).

They are used as conductors of energy in media rituals like inauguration of a new president.

Native Americans sacrificed people on their totem poles. In 1300 bc statues of Baal were made in Ugarit (near Phoenicia, modern day Syria). Baal means 'the Lord'. In Phoenicia Amon Ra became Baal Hammon.

Isis Asherah (Ishtar associated with the 8-pointed star) was considered the consort of Baal. The Canaanites worshipped a golden bull.

The pyramid shafts were aligned with Draco and Orion. Obelisks represented the power of sun god Ra and the phallus of Osiris (father god Jupiter), the belt or phallus of Orion. In the mythology of Osiris, Isis found his phallus and regenerated him through sex magic. Earth god Geb was depicted as a phallus in union with Nuit.

Senusret I (12th dynasty) built an obelisk in Heliopolis (city of the sun). The Egyptians saw the crossing of the ecliptic and galactic circle as the Silver Gate (Taurus) and Golden Gate (Sagittarius). Mummies were put in tombs as Osiris with arms in x pose. The hieroglyph of Sirius was a phallus, cup and star (union of father-mother-son).

In Greece Athena Pallas was worshipped, holding a spear. The elite built palaces with phallus like towers with bells. The sacrifice to Baal started on april 19 and ended on 1 may. Roman elite family Colonna had a phallus like column as emblem. Roman Emperors and their Carthaginian enemies worshipped Baal through names like Hannibal, Elegabal,..Caligula brought Lateran obelisk of Thutmose III to Rome. Nero put an obelisk in the middle of the Circus Maximus.

Baalbek consisted of monolithic stones and temples with swastika motives (symbol of the North Star as the centre of a life generating cosmic wheel). The cult of Baal/Bel, the Belgae tribe led to nation state Belgium.

The jews build their Wailing Wall with the chiseling technique of Baalbek. Baal worshippers sacrificed their first born child to bull statues of Baal with a fire in its belly. Other variations were Bel and Baal Zebub (Lord of Flies).

In the bible, based on Sumerian-Babylonian mythology, a jealous god is worshipped as The Lord, and a creation myth is told of a holy bloodline with a good and evil child Abel (=Bael) and Cain (child of Lucifer). The descendant of Cain was Tubalcain. Le Diable=Bael. The tower of Babel=Baal.

In paganism the Aryans (Draco-Orion bloodline, in the education system labeled as 'Celts') danced around the maypole as phallus symbol, a celebration of the Sacred Marriage, rebirth of the regenerative powers of the sun and mother earth (and Venus as fertitility goddess).

The cult of Baal continued as Christianity of the Catholic Church who put the Lateran obelisk on St Peter Square (St Peter=Jupiter, the rock). The popes wrote papal bulls. All medieval cities had bell towers in the centre of their squares.

In Mecca (Saudi Arabia) people worshipped Hubal. Mosques contain cup-shaped domes and phallus like minarets. A clock tower was built at the cube in Mecca.

The St Peter's basilic was built at  obelisk with the 8-pointed star of Ishtar as a symbol of union of the male and female. The shape is shaped like a chalice or keyhole (kabbalistic sphere Da'ath).

The Medici family put an obelisk in their Boboli gardens. Frederick V was emperor of the Palatinate married near the obelisk of Trafalgar Square. Guardians of the sacred pole became the policy of politicians and police.

In freemasonry the god was worshipped as Jah-Bul-On. Masons used the password Tubalcain (phallus symbol, two balls and a cane, 007). The obelisks at the entrance of Egyptian temples and the Temple of Solomon became the 2 masonic pillars Boaz and Joachin.

In 1775 the American Revolution was started by masons as a modern sacrifice ritual with the Battle of Lexington on april 19. An obelisk was put on Capitol Hill (celebration of Independance Day, the aphelion when Sirius associated with Isis, becomes independent from the sun).

An obelisk was built after Napoleon's Battle of Borodino and after mass decapitations of the mason controlled French Revolution, the obelisk of Rameses 2 (Temple of Luxor) was put on the Place de la Concorde.

Obelisks were put in Washington DC, City of London (Trafalgar Square, Paternoster Square) and in Central Park NY  (Cleopatra's Needle in an octagon =8 pointed star of Ishtar, near the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a Templar Cross shaped roof). The Time Square building also represents an obelisk (TS=39, nr of Baal).

The obelisk in Washington is near the Lincoln memorial with fasces symbol of the Roman Empire (Lincoln was married to Mary Todd-Colonna, assassination ritual similar to the JFK ritual).

The program Modernism was used to build new obelisk like phallus symbols like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire State building, Rockefeller Center in NY and the black Willis Tower in Chicago. The bull worship continued on Wall Street.

Baal and Judy represent male and female component of the Dark Side.

In some Tarot cards the Tower is an obelisk hit by lightning.

During the WW1 and WW2 ritual fascists (Benito Mussolini built another obelisk in Rome, book burnings as modern fire worship) and communists all celebrated 1 may. Adolf Hitler and Adolf Speer designed Germania with dome and obelisk.

The Griffith Observatory in Hollywood (used in movies Back to the Future, Terminator) has a dome and obelisk.

In 1963 media actor Martin Luther King (sun=the king) held a famous speech at the obelisk in Washington as a ritual of the Black Church. After the death of JFK an obelisk was built at Daley Plaza (33d parallel).

In 1997 Diana (moon goddess) Spencer died after passing the Place de la Concorde and near the Eiffel Tower.

In 1968 the Luciferian Left Wing Church doctrine was implemented in may. Actresses Judy Garland and Jodie Foster represent Judy, the consort of Baal.

The obelisk on Trafalgar Square was used in V for Vendetta, predictive programming of the fake protests on Trafalgar Square during the Covid19-ritual.

The 911 Twin Towers ritual ended in building the One World Trade Center tower. Idris Elba (=Bael) played in the Black Tower. Christian Bale (Christ-Baal, also in Shaft about black phallus) played in the Dark Knight trilogy with Wayne Tower as phallus of Baal. In 2012 the Shard was inaugurated.

8-pointed star/cup symbolism was used in the 2012 London Summer Olympics. The Burj Khalifa in UAE represents an obelisk.

During the Isis ritual in 2016 the gate of Baal was placed on Trafalgar Square (TS=39, inversion of solar number 93, Time Square).

During the Covid19-ritual fake protests with David Icke were organised at the obelisk of Trafalgar Square.