OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson (Orenthal James) is a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry and the media industry to play a role in the OJ Simpson media farce of the 90's. His name OJ or Juice refers to the masonic code orange=33=sodomy. Simpson refers to The Simpsons, known for predictive programming, the simulation of a staged reality. He was born 7/9/1947, the day of the announcement of the wedding of Elizabeth II and nazi prince Philip.

8 days later, Camilla Parker was born, rival of Diana Spencer.

His father was gay. OJ became famous as a NFL player (the Chariot) of the Buffalo Bills of Scottish rite freemason Ralph Wilson (now owned by Terry and Kim Pegula), San Francisco 49ers of DeBartolo family.

He was present at the wedding of Donald Trump and Maria Maples in 1993 (Wallis Simpson was present at the Truman Capote black and white ball of 1966, Steve Jobs' sister was named Mona Simpson) at the Manhattan Plaza Hotel.

In 1994 the media presented Simpson as a suspect of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson on 6/12/1994 (date of release Rosemary's Baby, William born on 6/21). The murder ritual contained similarities to the 911 Sharon Tate ritual of the Manson family, aimed at starting an apocalyptic race war). His car chase was broadcast live on tv as entertainment. 1994 was also the year of release Pulp Fiction, full of orange=33=sodomy symbolism, and Anna Nicole Smith's legal battle with the family of her dead husband.

Nicole Brown was born 5/19, date of death Jackie Kennedy and wedding Harry and Meghan Markle.

He wrote a book with Lawrence Schiller, who also wrote a book with CIA agent Richard Alpert.

Los Angeles magazine made a cover with OJ and title Othello Syndrome, a term invented by MK Ultra doctor Louis Jolyon West, a friend of OJ's defense lawyer F. Lee Bailey since the Patty Hearst trial. F. Lee Bailey was also the lawyer of Albert DeSalvo, the Boston Strangler who confessed after hypnosis of MK Ultra doctor William Joseph Bryan.

In his fake trial the jesuits introduced characters jesuit Gloria Allred, jesuit Johnny Cochran, jesuit Gerald Uelmen, Robert Kardashian (dated Priscilla Presley, Kris Jenner married to Bruce Jenner), F. Lee Bailey and Alan Dershowitz.

The trial was used to cause racial tension. He was found not guilty in october 1995 (Libra Adjustment).

In the James Holmes Phoenix ritual on 7/20/2012, James Holmes had orange hair.

The Orlando shooting ritual at a gay bar took place on 6/12/2016 on Orange Avenue.

He was arrested in Las Vegas, imprisoned and released after 33 years on 7/20/2017 (day of suicide Chester Bennington, year of Stephen Paddock ritual in Las Vegas, born 7/9 like Simpson, announced in The Simpsons).

In 2019 Mena Suvari played Nicole Brown Simpson in The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson.

Astrological chart

born 7/9/1947, date Tom Hanks, Amalia Knavs (Melania Trump), Bon Scott, Donald Rumsfeld, Courtney Love, Jack White, Chris Cooper, Jordan Belfort, year of Black Dahlia ritual and death Aleister Crowley.

Asc: Leo, mc: Taurus. Dom: Cancer (the Chariot, like William), Leo, Pisces - Jupiter (black god Osiris, like William), Sun, Moon.

Houses 11, 8, 3. 11: Uranus in Gemini, Sun, Venus and Mercury in Cancer, 8: Moon in Pisces, 3: Jupiter in Scorpio (=orange, sex, death, dark secrets). 2: Neptune in Libra, 12: Pluto and Saturn in Libra.


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1993 CIA Code Name: Alexa Nick Murphy
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1993 No Place to Hide Kris Kristofferson Drew Barrymore Martin Landau
1994 Naked Gun 33+1⁄3: The Final Insult Detective Nordberg (year Diana Spencer, mother of Antichrist William, was age 33) Anna Nicole Smith James Earl Jones Pia Zadora (incest movie Butterfly with Orson Welles) Raquel Welsh Olympia Dukakis (gay agenda) Fred Ward parody of stairs scene of The Untouchables escape from tunnel like The Shawshank Redemption
Frogmen John 'Bullfrog' Burke Unaired TV movie
2006 Juiced with O. J. Simpson Himself TV pay-per-view
2011 Jail Himself TV, Season 2, Episode 18
2018 Who Is America? Himself Sacha Baron Cohen

Anna Nicole Smith