Norbert Wiener

Norbert Wiener was a jewish mathematician, philosopher and professor of mathematics at MIT who helped developing cybernetics (communication with machines, the transhumanist dream of the Saturn cult to merge with machines). Cybernetics influenced Ron Hubbard who worked with Jack Parsons (head of the OTO Agape Lodge in California, follower of Aleister Crowley's Thelema religion) and developed Dianetics and founded the Church of Scientology (Hollywood celebrities Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Giovanni Ribisi, Juliette Lewis, Isaac Hayes, Lisa Marie Presley).

With Parsons, Hubbard performed the Babalon Workings in 1946 in the Mojave Desert , using the Enochian system of John Dee.

He was educated at Tuffs College and Harvard and studied philosophy at Cornell.

He was a student of Bertrand Russell (Russell family, Earls of Tavistock) at Cambridge and David Hilbert and Edmund Landau at University of Göttingen with a Guggenheim Fellowship. He worked for General Electric.

He worked with Norman Levinson (Fourier transforms, complex analysis, awarded by the American Mathematical Society).

He participated in the International Congress of Mathematicians and the Macy conferences with Gregory Bateson (MK Ultra with Ken Kesey), Margaret Mead (Committee on National Morale, Tavistock), Harold Abramson, Kurt Lewin, John von Neumann, Erik Erikson, Claude Shannon, ..

He published Behavior, Purpose and Teleology in Philosophy of Science with Mexican Arturo Rosenblueth and Julian Bigelow (IAS with Robert Oppenheimer).

He worked with Vannevar Bush. In 1948 he published Cybernetics: Or Control and Communications in the Animal and the Machine. In the 1st chapter he discussed Chaos theory, Newtonian and Bergsonian time.

In 1950 he published The Human Use of Human Beings. Maxwell Maltz wrote Psycho-Cybernetics, start of the self help books trend of Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, EST training of Werner Erhard,...

Heinz von Foerster (AAAS, Guggenheim scholar) did research on cybernetics at Biological Computer Laboratory of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, funded by the Pentagon (the war industry).

Foerster was a member of the British Ratio Club with John Bates, Ross Ashby (influence on Stanley Milgram and Robert May of Royal Society), Horace Barlow (related to Charles Darwin), Thomas Gold (Royal Society), Eliot Slater (Maudsley Hospital).

He introduced the black box (symbol of Saturn) as a concept in cybernetics. Gregory Bateson introduced the term double bind (presenting conflicting information) and extended cybernetics to behavioral psychology in his MK Ultra project with Ken Kesey.

Like Kurt Gödel, he was awarded with the National Medal of Science.

Science fiction authors created the genre cyberpunk.

At MIT he worked with Michael Arbib. Arbib also worked at Stanford (SRI) and University of South California , was a member of AAAS and wrote Brains, Machines and Mathematics in 1987. SRI played a role in creating internet, brain-machine interfaces and created the Stargate Project with Scientologist Hal Puthoff.

A crater on the moon was named after him.

born 11/26/1894.

died 3/18/1964.

Macy conferences

Ron Hubbard