Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is an award ceremony and media ritual created in 1901 by Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel to promote agents of the Science Church, propaganda writers of program Modernism and political puppets of the UN world empire (culprits behind the WW1 and WW2 ritual). It awards laureates in the fields Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine (by the Karolinska Institute), Literature (Swedish Academy), Peace (Norwegian Nobel Committee) and Economics. The laureates are given a gold medal and money.

Alfred Nobel (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences) invented dynamite to be used in the war industry. He worked for John Ericsson who invented the ironclad warship in the American Civil War.

The Science Church is controlled by elite families who founded the Royal Society and AAAS.

Physics: Wilhelm Röntgen (X-rays), Hendrik Lorentz, Pierre and Marie Curie, Lord Raleigh (Royal Society, Cambridge, discovery of argon), Philipp Lenard (cathode rays), Albert Michelson (Michelson-Morsley experiment), Gabriel Lippmann, Guglielmo Marconi (National Fascist Party, Vatican Radio), William Henry Bragg (crystal structure), Max Planck (quantum mechanics), Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Robert Andrews Millikan (AAS), Arthur Compton (AAAS, Manhattan Project), CV Raman (Royal Society), Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrödinger, Paul Dirac, James Chadwick (discovery of neutron), Enrico Fermi and Ernest Lawrence (Manhattan Project), Otto Stern, Wolfgang Pauli, Max Born (qm), William Shockley (silicon, father of Silicon Valley), Richard Feynman, Luis Walter Alvarez (Manhattan Project), Murray Gell-Man, Dennis Gabor (holography, Club of Rome), Richard Woodrow Wilson (cosmic microwave background radiation), Abdus Salam and Steven Weinberg (weak force), Leon Lederman (AAAS), Martin Perl (tau lepton), Vitaly Ginzburg (superconductors, Russian Jewish Congress), Saul Perlmutter (expansion of the universe), Hannes Alfven, Peter Higgs (Higgs boson), Kip Thorne ('gravitational waves'), Roger Penrose, Syukuro Manabe (Royal Society of Canada, climate change), John Clauser (FFG),..

Chemistry: Jacobus van 't Hoff, Svante Arrhenius (dissociation), William Ramsay, Adolf von Bayer (indigo), Henri Moissan (fluorine), Ernest Rutherford (Royal Society), Marie Curie, Fritz Haber (ammonia), Carl Bosch (IG Farben), Irène Curie, Leopold Ruzicka (sex hormones), Otto Hahn (nuclear fission), Glenn Seaborg (plutonium, AAAS), Edwin McMillan (neptunium), Linus Pauling, Frederick Sanger (insulin), Aaron Klug (Royal Society), Karl Ziegler (polymer), Dorothy Hodgkin (X-ray crystallography), Mario Molina (hole in ozone layer), Ada Yonath (structure of ribosomes), Peter Agre (AAAS), Joachim Frank, Frances Arnold, Jennifer Doudna (CRISPR gene editing), Karl Berry Sharpless (click chemistry), Louis Brus (Bell Labs, quantum dots),.. .

Physiology or Medicine: Emil Adolf von Behring, Ronald Ross (malaria), Ivan Pavlov (conditioning), Robert Koch (tuberculosis), Paul Ehrlich (syphilis), Frederick Banting (insulin), Willem Einthoven (electrocardiogram), Julius Wagner-Jauregg (malaria inoculation, electroshock torture, eugenics), Charles Nicolle (typhus), Karl Landsteiner (blood groups), Otto Warburg, Charles Sherrington (neurons), Otto Loewi (acetylcholine), Carl Henrik Dam (vitamin K), Alexander Fleming (penicilin), Antonio Moniz (lobotomy), Philip Hench (Mayo Clinic, adrenal cortex), Francis Crick and James Watson (DNA helix), Andrew Huxley (Royal Society, half-brother of Aldous Huxley and Julian Huxley), Earl Sutherland (hormones), George Beadle (genes, president University of Chicago), David Baltimore, David Hubel (brain electrodes, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research), Baruch Blumberg, Roger Sperry (cerebral hemispheres), Richard Roberts (gene splicing), Peter Mansfield (MRI), Robert Edwards (in vitro fertilization), David Julius,..

Literature: Rudyard Kipling, Maurice Maeterlinck, Knut Hamsun, WB Yeats (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn), George Bernard Shaw (Fabian Society), Henri Bergson, Thomas Mann (gay-pedophilia agenda), Eugene O'Neill, Herman Hesse, André Gide (pedophilia agenda), TS Eliot, William Faulkner, Bertrand Russell, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Albert Camus, John Steinbeck, Jean-Paul Sartre, Samuel Beckett, Pablo Neruda, Saul Bellow (NY Intellectuals), Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Octavio Paz, Toni Morrison, Dario Fo, Günter Grass, John Coetzee, Harold Pinter, Doris Lessing, Alice Munro, Bob Dylan, Annie Ernaux,..

Peace: Henry Dunant (Red Cross), Frédéric Passy (Inter-Parliamentary Union as anticipation of the UN), Nathan Söderblum (Lutheran Church), Theodore Roosevelt, Auguste Beernaert (mason, pm of Belgium), Elihu Root (founder of the Council on Foreign Relations), Henri La Fontaine (mason), International Committee of the Red Cross, Woodrow Wilson (Federal Reserve Act), Léon Bourgeois (League of Nations/UN), Charles Dawes (Dawes plan), Aristide Briand (pm of France), Frank Kellogg, Jane Addams (women's suffrage movement), Nicolas Butler (president of Columbia University), Robert Cecil (UN), Cordell Hull (UN), the Quakers, Ralph Bunche (LSE, UN, civil rights movement), Albert Schweitzer, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Lester Pearson (pm of Canada), Dominique Pire (Dominican), Albert Lutuli (ANC with Nelson Mandela), Dag Hammarskjold (UN), Linus Pauling, Martin Luther King Jr (civil rights movement), UNICEF (UN), Willy Brandt (chancellor of Germany), Henry Kissinger, Sean MacBride (IRA), Eisaku Sato (pm of Japan), Amnesty International, Menachem Begin (pm of Israel), Mother Theresa, Adolfo Esquivel, Alva Myrdal (Swedish welfare state), Desmond Tutu (Order of Malta), Eli Wiesel, UN Peace-Keeping Forces, 14th Dalai Lama, Mikhail Gurbachev, Nelson Mandela, Shimon Peres, Kim Dae-jung (president of South-Korea), United Nations, Kofi Anan (UN), Jimmy Carter, Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change and Al Gore (the Climate Church), Martti Ahtisaari (president of Finland), Barack Obama, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (World Bank), European Union, Malala Yousafzai, Juan Santos (president of Colombia), Denis Mukwege (WHO), Nadia Murad (the Isis ritual), Abij Ahmed (president of Ethiopia), UN World Food Programme,..

Economics (created in 1969): Jan Tinbergen, Paul Samuelson, John Hicks, Kenneth Arrow, Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman, James Meade, Theodor Schultz, James Buchanan, Gary Becker (Chicago School), John Forbes Nash, Joseph Stiglitz (Columbia University, World Bank), Robert Mundell (Columbia), Paul Krugman (MIT), Ben Bernanke (Federal Reserve),..

President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Dan Larhammar is chairman of Swedish Skeptics Association, linked to the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and was used to push the vaccination agenda of the Covid19-ritual (Misleader of the Year Award to Linda Karlström).


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