Noah is a biblical character in the Book of Genesis (chapters 5-9) that survives the flood. The flood was a cataclysm in 13.000 bc, caused by bringing the moon into orbit of earth (as part of a 3 step takeover), which destroyed the civilization of Atlantis and the race of giants. Taking advantage of the chaos, a priest class of elite families was put into place to rule the traumatized population, mostly hiding in caves. The 7 sages of Oannes (Amorite god Dagan, dressed as fish, letter nun=fish, vesica pisces) was an element in Sumerian mythology about the Anunaki (the Epic of Gilgamesh), which became the Old Testament of the jews, captive in BabylonEnki and Oannes in the Age of Pisces religion Christianity became John the Baptist. Saturn (the God matrix) rules human beings by flooding their pineal gland with astral images. The gay and transgender church uses the rainbow symbol to announce the return of the days of Noah.

The destruction of Maldek, a planet which was called a 2nd sun, between Mars and Jupiter, caused the first floods on earth (the mythical Abyss).

Earth is an ark (light and dark). In legends Arcadia (Arctica) was a time and place before the moon without seasons. Like the Holy Grail it is symbol of a womb of a holy bloodline. The zodiac is a circle, 2 arks or arches (royal arch of the sun and the moon-arch) and 4 cardinal signs (Noah's journey is the journey of the sun in the middle of the animal houses, cardinal virtues to go through the underworld on his sun boat or barqos). Noah: rest or peace (balance of the 2 arks, following the path of Grace, animals represent the animal instincts). Like Adam, and later Abraham and Jesus, he is the first, the new sun reborn at spring equinox, the soul as saviour of mankind. The Garden of Eden, the tabernacle and the ark are all metaphors for the Tree of Life (wood).

All cultures have myths about a cataclysmic flood: Utnapishtim (Sumeria),  Decaulion (Greece), Manu, Satyaravata and Khasistra (India), Yima (Iran), Dwyfan (Wales), Nuada (Ireland), Bergelmir (Scandinavia), Coxcox (Mexico), and Nata (Aztec).  The flood is also mentioned in the Timaeus of Plato.

All legends tell stories of the war of the giants and gods, between black, red and whites, yellows, between Angels and Devils, Devas and Asuras, Daevas and Ahuras, the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness, Gods and Titans, the famous Gigantomachy, causing the third flood.

The heavy rains and floods were remembered through the constellations Aquarius (Enki pouring water), Pisces and other sea-related signs (Argo Navis associated with Jason and the Argonauts).

The Atlantean giants (Nephilim), the Rhesus- bloodline, migrated from west to east. The Aryans became the Irish from Ireland, and Scottish from Scotland, move to Europe and Middle East.

The human population were taught the flood was a punishment of Enlil (God) because of human sin (Sin: moon) and biting of the apple of Lucifer (practices of sodomy, DNA modification) from the Tree of Life.

Enki in mythology is a benevolent god that created, warns, protects and guides humanity. The battle between Enlil and Enki, oppressor and liberator of mankind, became Osiris and Set, YHVH and Lucifer.

The flooding of the Nile, coinciding with the rise of Sirius, were seen as the tears of Isis for her deceased husband Osiris.

The flood also became a metaphor for ego death, crossing the Abyss between dimensions (3 decks of the ark, 3 kabbalistic worlds Beriah, Yetzirah and Assiah below the Abyss), the boundary between all that is and is not, diving deeper and experiencing what it is like to be cut off even more from your essence.

In gnosticism Seth created offspring that survived the flood. The biblical story of Noah in Genesis (gen-Isis) contains sexual symbolism (protecting the light of consciousness when the fiery waters, the Kundalini serpent rises, rainbow as symbol of 7 activated chakra's, =7 seals), incarnating, being (re)born from water.

Virgo the Hermit= yod (seed). His father Lamech lived 777 years (Kabbalistic Lightning Flash of Creation from Aleph to Tav). Cancer, the keystone in the royal arch-ark of the sun= the Chariot, letter chet: enclosure. The ark is measured in cubits (18 inches, 18 in gematria is associated with word chai: living, life energy is passed on through blood, vaginal fluid and semen, chet=the Chariot). The ark has 300 cubits, nr of shin (fire, 3 primary forces Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Its width is 50 cubits (nun, fish). Noah's wife Naamah was the sister of Tubalcain (two balls and a cane, the phallus, password in freemasonry). Naamah (pleasant) is a demon described in the Zohar, who seduced Adam and bore demonic children. Nahema is the qlippah of Malkuth.

He is a descendant of of Seth,  Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and father of Ham, Shem and Japheth (causal, mental and astral solar bodies).

The 8 people in the ark= the Ogdoad of Thoth (Amun-Amunet, Nu-Naunet, Kekui, Kekuit, Hehu-Hehut= letters of word Ankh), worshiped in Hermopolis (Hermes=Enki=Thoth=mercury). Nu an Nuit were goddesses of the watery abyss. DNA is passed on through the mitochrondial sheath in the tail of sperm (yod: the seed in vesica pisces shaped vagina, Alpha and Omega, male and female).

The flood came after 7 days (7th day of rest). The Hanged Man letter mem: water nr 40 (40 days and 40 nights of flood).

The dove is a symbol in alchemy of the whitening stage (constellation Columba next to Argo Navis and Canis Major). The olive branch is a symbol of victory; transmutation and regeneration (jews were buried on Mount of Olives).

His vineyard is also a symbol of the 2 snakes of DNA and Kundalini (alcohol as spirit) and wine as the product of his transmutation.

Ham's curse led to the curse of Canaan, curse of Cain (child of Lucifer). Ham's son Cush had a son Nimrod, king in Babylon.

Shem's descendant Terah was the father of Abram who received his name Abraham at age 99.

The Sumerian priest class with fish hats became the popes of the Catholic Church. The Church ordered Rafael to paint the School of Athens with Plato (based on Leonardo Da Vinci who also painted John the Baptist and Jerome, the supposed author of the Bible), holding the Timaeus.

In 1657 jesuit Athanasius Kircher wrote Arca Noë. Gustave Doré made illustrations of the flood.

Snow capped Mountain Ararat (big and small mountain=balance between 2 pillars of sun and moon) in Turkey-Armenia (Asia Minor, Assiah world of formation) is considered the resting place of the ark (interpretation of Franciscan William van Rubruck).

The 21st degree of the Scottish Rite is Noachite or Prussian Knight.

Noah in pop culture

1914 Titanic ritual 4/15 (spring equinox).

1928 Noah's Ark Warner Bros  Myrna Loy.

Otto Friedrich (Time) wrote Before the Deluge about the rise of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party.

Noah Dietrich was Howard Hughes' assistant.

1939 The Wizard of Oz Dorothy's song Over the Rainbow, meets the wizard as a head above an ark.

1962 Igor Stravinsky The Flood. Samuel Arkoff involved in MK Ultra.

1970 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)  founded in Washington. Susan Solomon of NOAA is also used in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the Climate Church).
1974 Chinatown Roman Polanski John Huston as Noah Cross Jack Nicholson.

1980 The Last Flight of Noah's Ark Elliott Gould. Noam Chomsky as agent of the Left Wing Church.

The Climate Church uses flood symbolism (Leonardo di Caprio's Before the Flood, executive produced by Martin Scorcese). Di Caprio played in Shutter Island with Ben Kingsley (Ark of Noah).

Graham Hancock, Zecharia Sitchin, David Icke and Credo Mutwa are used to spread disinfo about Atlantis and the flood (claiming the sphinx of the pyramids is much older, submerged Yonaguni structure hoax).

1998 Noah Emmerich  in The Truman Show with Jim Carrey (Bruce Almighty  with Steve Carrell).

1999 Noah's Ark Jon Voight Mary Steenburgen F. Murray Abraham. Muppets From Space F Murray Abraham as Noah.
2001 Vanilla Sky Noah Taylor.

2005 The hurricane Katrina ritual in New Orleans contained flood symbolism (Ninth Ward=Abyss of Revelation 911). Bill Gates' Svalbard Global Seed Vault at north pole. Noah's Ark (gay agenda). Coco Rosie (transgender agenda) Noah's Ark (sodomy cover).
2007 Noah's Ark Disney.

Evan Almighty Steve Carell (Virgo the Hermit) Wanda Sykes (sodomy cult Alpha Kappa Alpha) Morgan Freeman (Invictus Games with Harry) as God John Goodman Jonah Hill Lauren Graham Ed Helms Joel Cohen Roger Birnbaum (Disney, Joe Roth) Tom Shadyac (writer for Bob Hope) politician in Washington (White House dome cup) Universal Pictures.

2009 Noah's Ark a New Beginning Ben Kingsley. NoH8 campaign.

2012 Noah's Ark Michael Keaton (Batman). Drake music produced by Noah Shebib (nicknamed 40= 40 days and 40 nights, under water sound).

2014 Noah Darren Aronofsky  Russell Crowe (crow or raven is the first bird sent to Noah, from Australia, southern ark of the world), Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Douglas Booth, Anthony Hopkins Logan Lerman  Ray Winstone as Tubalcain Frank Langella Nick Nolte Regency Paramount Pictures. end scene with gnostic serpent as saviour. released in march (spring equinox). Jennifer Connelly played in Requiem for a Dream with Jared Leto (Jareth is the father of Noah). The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

2016 Jackie written by Noah Oppenheim.

quantum computers like Dwave with qubits (cubits of the ark). Noah Cyrus, brother of Miley Cyrus, promotes PETA.

2017 Dark Netflix character Noah (Montauk chair to read DNA)


2020 The Corona-ritual had flood symbolism (Yuval Noah Harari, waves of contamination, quarantine=40 days, George Floyd).

Noah Schnapp (gay agenda)  in Stranger Things.

The gay and transgender church uses the rainbow symbol to announce the return of the days of Noah.

2023 Barbie written by Noah Baumbach.


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