Nicole Kidman

Nicole Mary Kidman is an Australian mind controlled actress, programmed with Alice in Wonderland and used in the Hollywood movie industry to play the archetype of the Whore of Babylon. She played Grace Kelly who died in a car crash, 15 years after car crash Jayne Mansfield, 15 years before Diana.

Her father Anthony Kidman was a jesuit trained psychologist at St Elizabeths hospital in Washington DC (Ron Hubbard's mentor William Alanson White, John Hinckley Jr), died amid pedophilia and child murder allegations.

She had a relationship with Tom Cruise (Scientology cult of Parsons related Ron Hubbard).

She is used to push the gay agenda and to promote World Government (United Nations). She is now married to Keith Urban (judge on the Voice and American Idol). She posed for Harper's Bazaar.

Astrological chart

born 6/20/1967, date Hal Puthoff, John Goodman, d Prodigy (introduced all-seeing-eye symbol and Illuminati hoax in Hip Hop), 9 days before car crash Jayne Mansfield, month of Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland programming, singer Grace Slick), 2 months before Carrie-Anne Moss, in Honolulu hawaii, like Barack Obama. Gemini ruled by mercury, year 19, year of release Sgt Peppers and birth Anna Nicole Smith (Venus: nickle) on date of Truman Capote ball.

Asc: Scorpio, mc: Leo (Lust, the Whore of Babylon). Dominants: Leo (Lust), Scorpio (death), Virgo (the hermit) - Jupiter (like Sharon Tate and Candice Bergen), Venus, Pluto.

Houses 10, 11, 8. 1: Neptune in scorpio, 2: Moon in Sagittarius-art, 6: Saturn in Aries,7: Lilith in Taurus (like Hitler), 8: Sun in Gemini, 9: Mercury in Cancer,10: Venus in Leo, 11: Pluto in Virgo, 12: Mars in Libra.


1983 Bush Christmas Helen Thompson Henri Safran
1983 BMX Bandits Judy Brian Trenchard-Smith joudy
1984 Wills & Burke Julia Matthews Bob Weis
1986 Windrider Jade Vince Monton
1987 The Bit Part Mary McAllister Brendan Maher
1988 Emerald City Helen Davey Michael Jenkins (Wizard of Oz)
1989 Dead Calm Sam Neill Billy Zane
1990 Days of Thunder Dr. Claire Lewicki Tony Scott Tom Cruise
1991 Flirting Nicola Radcliffe John Duigan
1991 Billy Bathgate Stanley Tucci as Lucky Luciano Dustin Hoffman as Dutch Schultz Bruce Willis Steve Buscemi Disney
1991 Drew Preston Robert Benton
1992 Far and Away Shannon Christie=Sharon Tate Ron Howard Tom Cruise (Faraway So Close movie of Natassja Kinski)
1993 Malice Tracy Safian Harold Becker (Alice in Wonderland)
1993 My Life Gail Jones (Dorothy Gale) Bruce Joel Rubin Michael Keaton (Batman) Queen Latifah
1995 Batman Forever Dr. Chase Meridian Joel Schumacher Val Kilmer Jim Carrey as the Riddler Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face Drew Barrymore Tim Burton
1995 To Die For Suzanne Stone Maretto Gus Van Sant (24-death path 24, 2pac tattoo Nefertiti) Matt Dillon Joker Joaquin Phoenix Casey Affleck
1996 The Portrait of a Lady Isabel Archer=huntress Jane Campion Barbara Hershey John Malkovich Shelley Winters Shelley Duvall Christian Bale (Mentmore Towers in Batman trilogy) Viggo Mortensen
1997 The Peacemaker Dr. Julia Kelly Mimi Leder
1998 Practical Magic  Griffin Dunne Sandra Bullock Evan Rachel Wood
1999 Eyes Wide Shut Alice Harford (Alice in Wonderland) Stanley Kubrick Tom Cruise Sydney Pollack (Polanski) Alan Cumming (Truman Capote masque ball with Frank Sinatra Mia Farrow Candice Bergen)
2001 Moulin Rouge! Satine (=Satan) Baz Luhrmann Ewan McGregor Wheel of Fortune, Whore of Babylon of Metropolis, remake of John Huston movie with Zsa Zsa Gabor as Jane (Anna Nicole Smith played Za-za in The Naked Gun). Soundtrack with David Bowie, Christina Aguilera (alter ego Baby Jane), Lil Kim, Mya, Pink.

Somethin' Stupid with Robbie Williams (William V) on Chrysalis Records (Monarch butterfly), cover of Frank Sinatra (masque ball of Truman Capote).
2001 The Others Grace Stewart (=Grace Kelly) Alejandro Amenábar (year the Hermit)
2001 Birthday Girl Nadia/ Sophia Jez Butterworth Vincent Cassel
2002 The Hours (Art) Virginia Woolf Stephen Daldry Julianne Moore Meryl Streep Ed Harris music by Philip Glass
2003 Dogville Grace Margaret Mulligan (mm=33) dog star Sirius narrator John Hurt Paul Bettany Lauren Bacall (Truman Capote ball) Ben Gazzara Harriett Anderson (Ingmar Bergman) Stellan Skarsgard James Caan jesuit Patricia Clarkson Philip Baker Hall Lars von Trier (nine chapters, Revelation 911)
2003 In the Cut — Jane Campion
2003 The Human Stain Faunia Farley Robert Benton macroprosopus the moon Anthony Hopkins Ed Harris Gary Sinise
2003 Cold Mountain Ada Monroe (=Marilyn Monroe) Jude Law as William (child Grace) Anthony Minghella Natalie Portman Philip Seymour Hoffman (played Truman Capote and Ron Hubbard) Cillian Murphy Richard Brake Scientologists Giovanni Ribisi and Ethan Suplee
2004 The Stepford Wives (doll and mannequin programming) Joanna Eberhart Matthew Broderick Bette Middler Christopher Walken Frank Oz sign of Harpo (Ira Levin writer Rosemary's Baby)
2004 Birth, as Anna, Jonathan Glazer, hotel Central Park like Dakota Rosemary's Baby incest Danny Huston (Sassoon Rothschild, Polanski made movie with John Huston) Lauren Bacall (Capote ball)
2004 No. 5 the Film Herself Baz Luhrmann Short film
2005 The Interpreter Silvia Broome Sydney Pollack Sean Penn Catherine Keener (Catherine Middleton) United Nations propaganda
2005 Bewitched Isabel Bigelow/Samantha Will Ferrell as the Hanged Man, red shoes the Wizard of Oz programming Michael Caine
2006 Fur Diane Arbus Steven Shainberg
2006 Happy Feet Norma Jean (real name Marilyn Monroe) George Miller Voice role Hugh Jackman Robin Williams
2007 The Invasion Dr. Carol Bennell Oliver Hirschbiegel
2007 Margot at the Wedding Margot Noah Baumbach
2007 The Golden Compass Marisa Coulter Chris Weitz art, bear
2008 Australia Lady Sarah Ashley Hugh Jackman Baz Luhrmann
2009 Nine Claudia Jenssen Rob Marshall revelation 911 Daniel Day-Lewis character based on Federico Fellini Marion Cotillard Penelope Cruz (partner of Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky) Kate Hudson Fergie
2010 Rabbit Hole (Alice in Wonderland 42) John Cameron Mitchell Aaron Eckhart produced by Gigi Pritzker
2011 Just Go with It Devlin Adams Dennis Dugan Adam Sandler Jennifer Aniston (Grace Connelly in Bruce Almighty)
2011 Trespass Sarah Miller Joel Schumacher
2011 Monte Carlo — Thomas Bezucha
2012 The Paperboy Charlotte Bless Lee Daniels
2012 Hemingway and Gellhorn tv movie Clive Owen as Ernest Hemingway Mark Pellegrino (in Capote about Truman Capote) Peter Coyote Lars Ulrich
2013 Stoker Evelyn Stoker Park Chan-wook Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland)
2013 The Railway Man Patti Lomax Jonathan Teplitzky
2014 Grace of Monaco Grace Kelly Olivier Dahan Tim Roth Frank Langella (the Ninth Gate) car crash 15 years before Diana, attended the parties of Guy and Hélène de Rothschild with Audrey Hepburn, similar to the Truman Capote ball, died in a car crash, 15 years before the car crash of Diana.
2014 Before I Go to Sleep Christine Lucas Rowan Joffé Mark Strong
2014 Paddington Millicent Clyde Paul King
2015 Strangerland Catherine Parker (=Catherine, Camilla Parker) Kim Farrant
2015 Queen of the Desert Gertrude Bell Werner Herzog queen of swords abyss isis
2015 The Family Fang Annie Fang Jason Bateman Christopher Walken
2015 Secret in Their Eyes Claire Sloane Billy Ray Julia Roberts
2016 Genius Aline Bernstein Michael Grandage Jude Law Laura Linney (The Truman Show) Guy Pearce as F Scott Fitzgerald Dominic West as Ernest Hemingway
2016 Lion Sue Brierley Garth Davis
2017 How to Talk to Girls at Parties Queen Boadicea John Cameron Mitchell Elle Fanning
2017 The Killing of a Sacred Deer Anna Murphy Yorgos Lanthimos Colin Farrell (date Rainier III of Monaco) Alicia Silverstone
2017 The Beguiled Martha Farnsworth Sofia Coppola Kirsten Dunst Elle Fanning (maiden-mother-crone) Colin Farrell
2017 The Upside Yvonne Neil Burger Kevin Hart
2018 Destroyer Erin Bell Karyn Kusama
2018 Boy Erased Nancy Eamons Russell Crowe Joel Edgerton (erasing: term in Scientology)
2018 Aquaman Queen Atlanna James Wan
2019 The Goldfinch Mrs. Barbour John Crowley (Aleister Crowley)
2019 Fair and Balanced Gretchen Carlson Jay Roach
2019 Bombshell Margot Robbie (Sharon Tate) Charlize Theron Malcolm McDowell
2020 The Prom (pink sky) Meryl Streep James Corden
2022 The Northman Alexander Skarsgard Ethan Hawke Bjork Willem Dafoe Anya Taylor-Joy Arnon Milchan
2021 Being the Ricardos Javier Bardem
2023 Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
2023 Spellbound John Lithgow

(3 x she played Grace, triple moon=3 graces, 1x Diana, 1x Catherine)


Mind control