New York

New York is the most populous city in the United States, with first settlers in the 1620's. It has a population of 8 million people. It is governed by the Jesuits, who also control the Hollywood film industry, media industry and music industry. It is the headquarter of world state United Nations and CFR.

History of New York

1626 Peter Minuit buys the island, later known as New Amsterdam and New York, named after James II Stuart, Duke of York (masonic York rite).

1703 Building of the Federal Hill at Wall Street. Black slaves are traded at the market of Wall Street.

1746 Princeton University is founded.

1754 King's College is founded.

1782 The first masonic lodge in NY is opened, under control of British king George. After the American Revolution King's College is renamed Columbia College (Colonna family).

1837 After the financial panic, the Astors buy real estate in Manhattan.

1831 New York University is founded.

1845 Congregation Emanu-El of NY of jewish elite families Lehman, Seligman, Warburg, Loeb, Rothschild, founded by 33 German jews.

1847 City College of NY (cc=33)

1851 The New York Times.

1870 Joseph Seligman (profit from American Civil War) founds the Continental Bank of NY with Robert Cutting (Unoin Club, NYSE), arms dealer Marcellus Hartley and Jacob Schiff (railroad empire with Edward Harriman). Metropolitan Museum of Art with Templar cross roof, the (h)art scene.

1871 an obelisk (phallus of Baal) from Alexandria is placed in Central Park (near the Metropolitan Museum, Cleopatra's needle, the pole of Isis) is erected in an octagon (8 pointed star of Ishtar like St Peter's Basilica).

1875 the Theosophical Society is founded in NY by British-Russian agent Helena Blavatsky. Art Students League of NY.

1878 Thomas Edison (TS) founds the Edison Electrical Light Company, funded by JP Morgan, Spencer Trask (chairman of The NY Times) and the Vanderbilts. He employs Nikola Tesla.

1883 building of the Chelsea Hotel.

1886 the Statue of Liberty (Lucifer the Lightbringer) is placed on Liberty Island.

1897 The Genovese migrate to the US. The market of black slaves at Wall Street and its stock exchange becomes the financial center of the city and western capitalism (the corrupt financial system).

1898 The five burroughs Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan are consolidated.

1899 Theodore Roosevelt as 33d governor.

1904 (start of Aeon of Horus) Times Square on 42nd street.

1905 Frank Damrosch (godson of mason Franz  Liszt) founds the Julliard School, funded by James Loeb.

1914 MI6 agent Aleister Crowley moves to New York to work as a writer for George Sylvester Viereck's periodicals 'The Fatherland' and 'The International'. A modernist art scene is created in Greenwich Village, in alliance with the Montparnasse art scene of Paris. The Professional Children's School is founded.

1918 Dorothy Rothschild works for Vanity Fair, the New Yorker and creates the Algonquin Round Table.

Aleister Crowley and Roddie Minor perform the Amalantrah Working (Alma dark mother, name tunnel Diana), sex magick rituals in a room near Central Park Manhattan, to evoke ghosts (1st contact with Lam).

1919 Columbia University professors found the institute The New School (the Left Wing Church) in Greenwich Village.

The Tin Pan Alley network in NY becomes the first record labels of the music industry (brother Gershwin, Johnny Mercer and Buddy DeSilva of Capitol Records, Kay Swift married to James Warburg). Building of the Guggenheim Museum, Rockefeller Center.

1927 founding of Payne Whitney (S&B) Psychiatry Clinic in Manhattan NY.

1931 Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney founds Whitney Museum of Modern Art.

1934 George Viereck promotes Adolf Hitler at an event at Madison Square Garden (Friends of New Germany).

1937 Solomon Guggenheim, married to Irene Rothschild, opens the Solomon Guggenheim Museum on 5th Avenue.

1941 Hannah Arendt and Heinrich Blücher move to NY and teach at The New School. Knights of Malta William Donavan and Allen Dulles work as spymasters at British Security Coordination on 5th Avenue.

Lauretta Bender uses trauma based mind control techniques at Bellevue Hospital (linked to NYU), later copied by Ewen Cameron in MK Ultra.

The Group Theatre NY (method of Konstantin Stanislavski) trains actors Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, Elia Kazan, Will Greer (partner of Harry Hay). Elia Kazan co-founds the Actors Studio in Hell's Kitchen Manhattan and becomes a member of CIA propaganda group American Committee for Cultural Freedom. The CCNY, NYU and The New School train propaganda writers of the CCF. New York Yankees player Joe DiMaggio is used in the media as partner of Marilyn Monroe (trained at the Actors Studio).

The Beat trend is spread in Greenwich Village with William Burroughs (gay agenda, heroin addict), Allen Ginsberg (gay agenda, treated at Bellevue Hospital), Jack Kerouac (The New School), a precursor of the Bob Dylan folk scene (Civil Rights Movement, Multiculturalism as state doctrine).

1959 Nelson Rockefeller as governor.

1960's A group of mostly jewish propaganda writers, called the NY Intellectuals make propaganda in the: Susan Sontag (friend of Herbert Marcuse), Lionel Trilling, Irving Kristol (Congress for Cultural Freedom),...

1964 Clarence Edward Smith (Allah the father) founds the Islamic movement 5 Percenters in Harlem, influenced by Elijah Muhammed (Nation of Islam), supported by Bayard Rustin (Civil Rights Movement). He is also treated at Bellevue Hospital. Abbie Hoffman founds the Youth International Party in NY. Beat writers and folk singer of the Greenwich Village scene are programmed at Chelsea Hotel.

1965 opening of Max's Kansas City (Wizard of Oz programming), scene of Willem de Koonig, Harold Rosenberg, Germaine Greer, Beatniks, Brigid Berlin,..

1968 Roman Polanski makes Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby at the Dakota, near Central Park.

1970 Greenwich Village townhouse explosion (CIA psyop with members of the Weather Underground).

New Hollywood directors Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorcese (trained by Roger Corman) make movies in NY (Robert de Niro of Greenwich Village, glorification of the NY mafia in The Godfather trilogy). Jewish comedy of Andy Kaufman. East Vilage scene of Andy Warhol, Lou Reed, Debbie Harry,..

Gay-pedophilia agenda with propaganda of Robert Mapplethorpe and Genesis P-Orridge.

1972 Members of the Italian Lucchese (Pallavicini) mafia family like Matthew Madonna and Colombo (Colonna) family like Joe Gallo, provide raw heroin to the Council, an African American crime syndicate, who dilutes and distributes it in Harlem (Nicky Barnes).

1973 The Twin Towers are opened, the masonic pillars of the York Rite (Statue of Liberty as the High Priestess), to be used in the two-becoming-one symbolism of the 911 Twin Towers ritual.

1976 first shooting of David Berkowitz.

1977 arrest of Nicky Barnes, end of The Council. The nightclub Studio 54 is opened (program Disco) with celebrities to promote the use of cocain. Start of program Punk Rock at CBGB's (The Ramones, Patti Smith).

1978 Ed Koch (Congregation Emanu-El) as mayor.

1984 Rick Rubin (NYU) and Russell Simmons found Def Jam. Ghostbusters.

Program Hip Hop (Jay-z, Nas, The Notorious BIG, Wu Tang Clan, 50 Cent, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj).

1994 NBC show Friends (Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston).

New York plays a role in Judd Apatow movies (Jonah Hill trained at The New School). Avant garde scene of John Zorn.

2001 the 911 Twin Towers ritual with Rudy Gulliani.

2002 Michael Bloomberg (Congregation Emanu-El) as mayor.

2011 fake Occupy Wall Street protests.

2020 the Covid19-ritual with jesuit Andrew Cuomo.


James Duane, Richard Varick, Edward Livingston, Dewitt Clinton, Marinus Willett, Jacob Radcliff, John Ferguson, Cadwallader Colden, Stephen Allen, William Paulding, Philip Hone, Walter Bowne, Gideon Lee, Cornelius Lawrence, Aaron Clark, Isaac Varian, Robert Morris, James Harper, William Havemeyer, Andrew Mickle, William Brady, Caleb Woodhull, Ambrose Kingsland, Daniel Tiemann, George Opdyke, Charles Gunther, John Hoffman, Thomas Coman, Abraham Hall, Samuel Vance, Wiliam Wickham, Smith Ely, Edward Cooper, William Grace (grandfather of J Peter Grace Order of Malta), Franklin Edison, Abram Hewitt, Hugh Grant, Thomas Gilroy, William Strong, Robert Van Wyck, Seth Low (president Columbia), George McClelllan, William Gaynor, Adolphe Kline, John Mitchell, John Hylan, William Collins (Colonna), Jimmy Walker (jesuit), Joseph McKee, John O'Brien, Fiorello LaGuardia, William O'Dwyer, Vincent Impelliteri, Robert Wagner (Columbine Order, Order of Malta, Scroll and Key), John Lindsay, Abraham Beame (CCNY), Ed Koch (NYU, CCNY, Greenwich Village, friend of Roy Cohn), David Dinkins, Rudy Gulliano, Michael Bloomberg (CFR, TC, WHO, BSA), Bill de Blasio.

Jesuits: governor Andrew Cuomo, Peter Vallone, Knights of Columbus Hugh Carey and Malcolm Brown, Fordham University (Donald Trump, Bill Clinton),..

Order of Malta: NY bishops Francis Spellman, Edward Egan, Patrick Hayes, Terence Cooke, John O'Connor, ..


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