New World Order

New World Order is a phrase introduced and normalized by controlled opposition (John Birch Society, Alex Jones, David Icke), usually associated with the Illuminati (Rothschilds and Rockefellers as master minds) and the one eye pyramid on the dollar bill (with the phrase Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum) in a simple Christians vs Jews or communists narrative. Illuminati agents push the atheist and multiculti agenda.


1919 marxist Antonio Gramsci founds newspaper L'Ordine Nuovo (The New Order).

1940 The NY Times article New World Order Pledged to Jews. Jesuit HG Wells (Fabian Society) writes The New World Order, published by Frederic Warburg (Information Research Department with George Orwell).

1941 Adolf Hitler writes My New Order.

1956 Pino Rauti founds the Ordine Nuovo, influenced by Julius Evola.

1960's John Birch Society spread NWO theories with focus on CFR, TC and Bilderberg.

1967 Richard Nixon uses the phrase in one of his speeches.

1990 George HW Bush's New World Order speech on 9/11.

1991 televangelist Pat Robertson (Council for National Policy with jesuit Ed Feulner, jesuit Steve Bannon and Jerry Falwell, Christian Broadcasting Network, later sold to Disney) writes The New World Order. Robertson was affiliated with RJ Rushdoony of the John Birch Society. In his book he focuses on the CFR, TC and Bilderberg.

WCW of Ted Turner (later merged with WWE of the McMahons) introduced the New World Order team with Hulk Hogan.

2000's Henry Kissinger and Gordon Brown (government of Fabian Tony Blair) use the term New World Order in speeches.

2005 Public Enemy New Whirl Odor

2009 AMC Networks (jesuit Charles Dolan) produces New World Order documentary to mock Alex Jones and his obsession with Bilderberg.

2014 Henry Kissinger publishes World Order, promoted by Hilary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg. Kai Fu Lee AI Superpowers China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order.

Wolfenstein the New Order (red eye symbolism) Bethesda Softworks Brian Bloom (TMNT, Captain America, Dollhouse, Oz, The A-Team, Vampirella, character of Forrest J Ackerman) Nina Franoszek (The Pianist of Roman Polanski, Patty Duke in Beyond the Sea) as Frau Engel (League of German Girls) Gideon Emery (Mossad=Gideon's spies, played Victor von Doom, Moon Knight)

2020 the Covid19-ritual with Plandemic, Agenda 21 and the WEF as distraction.

the Illuminati hoax

Controlled opposition