Neptune is the planet of dreams, spirituality, illusions, imagination, idealism, addiction, guilt, escapism. with an orbit 164 years, 14 years each sign. Neptune rules Pisces (the Moon, Knight or King of Cups, the Fisher King), exalts in Cancer (in kabbalism Kether=Metatron/Enoch, in gnosticism the Pleroma fullness, Ain soph, eye of Sophia).

Uranus transforms through disruption, Pluto through destruction and Neptune through confusion.

Neptune is the Greek god Poseidon/Oceanus, the god of the sea with a trident, a Titan and the brother of Jupiter and Pluto. When Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune defeated their father Saturn they divided the world into three parts. Jupiter took the sky, Neptune the sea, and Pluto the underworld. Neptune’s reputation for having a violent temper was believed to be the cause of earthquakes, and violent storms.

He was said to be greedy, and the first breeder of horses (Atlantis was said to be the first place where horses were domesticated). Neptunalia is on july 23. Neptune is called Lord of the Invisible Empire. The symbol of Neptune is a trident, a three-pronged fish spear: the cross of matter piercing the crescent of personality and setting it free to manifest at a higher level than personal ego. The cross represents life on Earth and the opposition of the separated will to its evolutionary destiny.


Bartender, water, drink, oceans, alcohol, art, confusion, cynicism, deception, deep, disguise, disillusionment, dissolving, fluid boundaries, dreams, drugs, escapism, film, fraud, humanitarian efforts, ideas, ideals, imagination, inclusiveness, inner exploration, instability, movie director, music, mystery, mysticism, otherworldliness (alien), poisoning, smoke-screen, screens, socialism, softness, transcendence, veil, yearnings, reform, sea, sacrifice, theatre, trends, dodging and weaving, escaping from traps and being hard to catch.

Neptune as dominant:

Abraham Lincoln, Albert Speer, Al Capone, Alicia Keys, Andrew Garfield, Andrija Puharich, Angela Lansbury, Angela Merkel, Audrey Hepburn, Benito Mussolini, Ben Kingsley, Bradley Cooper, Brandy Norwood, Casey Affleck, Charles Darwin, Charlotte Mountbatten, Charlton Heston, Clint Eastwood, Crispin Glover, Dakota Fanning, Dwight Eisenhower, Emile Hirsch, Eminem, Frank Sinatra, George Clooney, Gerald Ford, Glenn Seaborg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Helena Blavatsky, James Gandolfini, Jim Carrey, Jimmy Savile, John F Kennedy, John Kerry, Johnny Cash, Josef Mengele, Karen Black, Lee Harvey Oswald, Leni Riefenstahl, Leon Trotsky, Leonardo da Vinci, Lindsay Lohan, Marilyn Monroe, Matt Damon, Maya Angelou, Mena Suvari, Miles Davis, Monica Bellucci, Nancy Spungen, Naomi Campbell, Nicki Minaj, Orlando Bloom, Oscar Wilde, Pier Paulo Pasolini, Rachel Weisz, Richard Harris, Richard Pryor, Rihanna, Roald Dahl, Robert Oppenheimer, Roger Moore, Roy Cohn, Ryan Gosling, Sid Vicious, Ringo Starr, Rudy Gulliani, William Sylvester.

Neptune transits

1192-1207 Pisces (crusaders sack Constantinople, Knights Templar, Genghis Kahn chinese empire)
1356-1370 Pisces Black Death, Ottoman empire, Kahn replaced with Ming dynasty
1520-1534 Pisces Cortez invades Mexico
1534-1547 Aries founding of the Jesuits
1547 Taurus John Dee court of Elizabeth I
1684-1697 Pisces 'Glorious Revolution'
1809 Sagittarius (birth Abraham Lincoln)
1846 'discovery of Neptune', marxism
1848 Pisces (communist manifesto, first global financial panic, Neptune=evolutionary destiny omniscience, Darwinism evolution theory)
1861 Aries (civil war, Abraham Lincoln shot in theatre, KKK, birth Aleister Crowley)
1888: Gemini Holmes and Watson
1902 Neptune in Cancer film producer Howard Hughes, Aristotle Onassis, the Titanic ritual, 1914 Franz Ferdiand chariot, WW1.
1915 Neptune in Leo birth JFK, Roaring Twenties, André Breton's Surrealist Manifesto, celebrities, jazz extroversion, Sherlock jr, movie studio MGM with lion logo.
1928 Neptune in Virgo Great Depression, John Dillinger shot at cinema, increase world population, Wizard of Oz, WW2)
1942 Neptune in Libra Adolf Hitler plot, atom bomb, movie producer Howard Hughes trial, Nuremberg trial, Rosa Parks Civil Rights Movement.
1956 Neptune in Scorpio MLK 'I have a dream', the JFK ritual, New Age hippie spirituality, dark twist Martin Luther King murdered, death actress Jayne Mansfield, death RFK (friend of director John Frankenheimer), death of Brian Jones in a swimming pool, death of daughter writer Hans Habe, the 911 Sharon Tate ritual in the house of movie director Roman Polanski and actress Candice Bergen, rumors of staged death Paul McCartney,..
1970 Neptune in Sagittarius gurus Osho, Jim Jones, Unification Church, yoga, meditation, vegetarianism, disco, arena rock, New Wave, Twin Towers trident symbol, Polanski's rape of Samantha Geimer, movie with Natassja Kinski, lookalikes of wife Sharon Tate, The Shining.
1984 Neptune in Capricorn materialism, yuppie culture, Hip Hop, death David Kennedy (overdose), Nightmare on Elm Str, Labyrinth, Blue Velvet, Usual Suspects, Satanic Panic, death actor Brandon Lee on movie set, death actor River Phoenix in nightclub actor Johnny Depp.
1998 Neptune in Aquarius world closer through internet, also trapped in escapism, illusionary world, planet of unconditional love in the sign of the most detached, aloof and distant sign of Aquarius. The Truman Show, The Matrix, A Beautiful Mind,..
2011 Neptune in Pisces (home), operation Neptune and Neptune Spear, the James Holmes aurora theater ritual, the Covid19-ritual (Pisces: masks).
2025 Neptune in Aries.