Nelson Rockefeller

Nelson Rockefeller was a political puppet of the Rockefeller family (Scottish Rite masons) that played the role of governor of New York from 1959 to 1973 and vice-president of Gerald Ford from 1974 to 1977. He was the son of John D Rockefeller Jr and Abby Aldrich and brother of Abby, Laurence, Winthrop, David and John D Rockefeller III. The Rockefeller bloodline originated in Neuwied, Rhineland Germany, where protestants formed the Order of the Rose Cross and saw Frederick V as the king who would establish a Luciferian world empire (wedding Frederick V).

His mother Abby Aldrich was the daughter of Nelson Aldrich (Pilgrims Society), part of setting up the Federal Reserve with Paul Warburg and members of Skull&Bones.

He was educated at Lincoln School (ties to Columbia University, Shari Belafonte, Shirley Clarke, Tisa Farrow, Brandon DeWilde, David Rieff, Brooke Shields) and Dartmouth College (Phi Beta Kappa). At Dartmouth he was a roommate of Hadley Cantril who did research at Princeton on the effect of propaganda (f.i. the alien media hoax of Orson Welles).

He was a member of the Cosmos Club and Knights of Pythias (Louis Armstrong, Warren Harding, William McKinley, William Jennings Bryan, FDR, Alfred Steckler) in Washington.

His wife Margaret 'Happy' Rockefeller previously married a virologist of the Rockefeller Institute.

His sons Rodman and Mark Rockefeller was educated at Deerfield Academy. His son with Mary Todhunter, Steven Clark Rockefeller worked for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, drafted the Earth Charter and wrote a biography of John Dewey, published by Columbia University Press.

Working for the department Health, Education and Welfare, he 'defeated' Averell Harriman (S&B) to become governor of NY (under cardinal Spellman, Order of Malta).

In 1969 he played a role in the Woodstock festival media ritual.

Gerald Ford played a role in the Frank Olson media ritual, by inviting Eric Olson to the White House.

He worked with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (also used as a distraction in the Conspiracy Church).

He was selected to lead the commission that pretended to investigate Project MK Ultra with Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan.

He worked with Edgar Cayce (the New Age Church).

John Cusack played Nelson Rockefeller in Cradle Will Rock.

born 7/8/1908.

died 1/26/1978.


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