Naveen Andrews

Naveen Andrews is a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry to normalize alcohol and heroin addiction. He was indoctrinated with Christianity of the Methodist Church. His most famous role is Sayid in ABC show Lost and Hasnat Khan in Diana. He was trained at Emanuel School like Tim Berners-Lee (internet, CERN) and Joseph Quinn (Stranger Things) and Guildhall School of Music and Drama like Peter Cushing, Orlando Bloom, Daniel Craig, Dominic West, Ewan McGregor, Alfred Molina. He had a relationship with Barbara Hershey (previously married to David Carradine of OTO family).

Astrological chart

born 1/17:1969, date Michelle Obama, Jim Carrey, Muhammad Ali, Andy Kaufman, Robert Kennedy Jr, James Earl Jones, Zooey Deschanel, Eartha Kitt.

Dominants: Capricorn (the Devil), Aries, Scorpio- Saturn, Mars, Moon.

Houses 10, 12, 7. 3: Lilith in Cancer. 10: Moon and Sun in Capricorn.


1991 London Kills Me
1992 Double Vision Kim Catrall Christopher Lee
1993 The Buddha of Suburbia BBC Jemma Redgrave Mark Strong
1996 The English Patient Juliette Binoche Colin Firth Kristin Scott Thomas Ralph Fiennes Willem Dafoe Disney
1997 True Love and Chaos Miranda Otto Noah Taylor Hugo Weaving
1998 Bombay Boys
1998 Mighty Joe Young (Strength) Bill Paxton Charlize Theron Rade Serbedzija Regina King screenplay by Mark Rosenthal
2002 Rollerball LL Cool J Jean Reno Chris Klein Rebecca Romijn Pink Slipknot Shane McMahon
2004 Bride and Prejudice
2004 Lost ABC Matthew Fox Terry O'Quinn Dominic Monaghan Evangeline Lilly Josh Holloway Jorge Garcia Maggie Grace Harold Perinneau Michelle Rogriguez Michael Bowen Jr Mark Pellegrino
2006 Provoked Miranda Richardson
2007 Planet Terror Robert Rodriguez
2007 The Brave One Jodie Foster Zoe Kravitz Mary Steenburgen
2013 Diana as Hasnat Khan Cas Anvar as Dodi Fayed Naomi Watts as Diana Oliver Hirschbiegel
2013 Once Upon a Time in Wonderland as Jafar (Aladdin, Saturn stone like Diana) John Lithgow Keith David Iggy Pop Barbara Hershey Millie Bobby Brown ABC
2015 Sense8 Netflix Wachowskis Tuppence Middleton Daryl Hannah
2018 Instinct CBS Alan Cumming Whoopi Goldberg
2022 The Dropout
2022 The Cleaning Lady.


Mind control