Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman (Neta-Lee Hershlag) is an Ashkenazi jewish mind controlled actress, used in the Hollywood film industry to play the archetype of the Dark Feminine (Neta-Lee Hershlag= Crowley's muse Lea Hirsig, Babalon as portal), normalise pedophilia, push the lesbian-gay agenda, and to announce the James Holmes Phoenix ritual and the Covid-19 ritual.

She auditioned for musical Ruthless with Britney Spears. She played in her first big Hollywood movie age 12 and became a poster child for pedophilia.

In 1997 she played Anne Frank in a Broadway play.

Portman is a Libra: in 2000 she studied at Harvard, as a research assistant of Zionist Alan Dershowitz (linked to jesuit university Georgetown, Gatestone Institute), who represented Patty Hearst, Julian Assange (promoted by Rothschild, linked to fake Anonymous movement), where she was a member of the Signet Society (Rashida Jones, John Lithgpw, Conan O'Brien, Tommy Lee Jones, Jay Rockefeller). He played a role in the OJ Simpson media ritual (Kardashian, jesuit Johnny Cochran), the Donald Trump impeachment trial farce and the Jeffrey Epstein psyop.

After V for Vendetta Portman was used in a lecture about terrorism at Columbia University (Colonna). She dated musician Devendra Banhart (Warner Records) and Nathan Rothschild. She married dancer Benjamin Millepied (Paris Opera Ballet, with Aurelie Dupont Colonna, born 6/10 like Judy Garland) in 2012.

She promoted political puppets John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton and took part in the fake Woman's March (wm=33) with pink hats in 2017, with Gloria Steinem, Angela Davis, Rihanna, Emma Watson, Scarlett Johansson and Madonna (pushing the gay-transgender agenda).

She appeared in Funny or Die with Rashida Jones and promoted Yuval Harari with How To Academy. She worked with Harley Pasternak.

Astrological chart

born 6/9/1981, 69 nr of Cancer, like her mother Shelley Stevens, date Johnny Depp and Michael J Fox, Gemini, the Lovers ruled by mercury, 2nd decan venus, year of wedding Charles and Diana, in Jersusalem Israel.

Asc: Scorpio (death, dance), mc: Leo (lust). Dominants: Libra (Adjustment, harlequin tip toes), Gemini, Scorpio - Pluto (in Libra), Saturn, Mercury.

Houses 8, 11, 12. 1: Uranus (rebellion) and Lilith in Scorpio, 2: Neptune in Sagittarius (opp sun in gemini), 8 (shadow): Mercury in Cancer (like Diana and George), 11: Saturn and Jupiter in Libra (V in V for Vendetta benevolent and maleficient father), moon in virgo 12: Pluto in libra. 7: Mars in Gemini (opp Uranus in Scorpio). Sun square Moon (conflict wants and mother) like River Phoenix, Kanye West, Ariana Grande.


1992 audition for Ruthless! with Britney Spears
1994 Léon: The Professional Mathilda (age 12, name child Heath Ledger) Luc Besson macroprosopus thief Hermes Jean Reno (Nicolas Sarkozy as best man at wedding) Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight) as Norman=Roman; poster with glasses like Strange Angel about Jack Parsons

Adjustment 1: Uranus (eccentric) and Lilith (dark sexuality) in Libra, 12: Pluto (Shadow) in Libra

black moon crab haircut like Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction also 1994 about hitman/cleaner; set in Central Park, pendant and secret closet like Rosemary in Rosemary's Baby, imitating Monarch slaves Madonna and Marilyn Monroe by singing 'Like A Virgin' released on 11/12 date Charles Manson
1995 Developing Nina Marya Cohn Short film
1995 Heat Laura Michael Mann Diane Verona daughter of Al Pacino suicide bath water sign Scorpio Death Robert de Niro Val Kilmer heist scene like The Dark Knight
1996 Beautiful Girls Marty Ted Demme Uma Thurman (Mia Wallace) written by Scott Rosenberg
1996 Everyone Says I Love You Laura Drew Barrymore jesuit Alan Alda Tim Roth Edward Norton Woody Allen
1996 Mars Attacks! Taffy Dale (Mars in Gemini) Tim Burton Jack Nicholson (Polanski rape in Nicholson's house) Michael J Fox (also 6/9) Sarah Jessica Parker Christina Applegate Jack Black Anette Benning Pam Grier
1997 Broadway play Anne Frank (zionist Holocaust propaganda, child Harpo)
1999 Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (poster eyes of Rosemary's Baby) Padmé Amidala the empress, 14 year old Queen of Nabu (Mercury), Liam Neeson Ewan McGregor Samuel Jackson Keira Knightley Terence Stamp George Lucas

1999 Anywhere but Here Ann August Wayne Wang Susan Sarandon nov 12, book by Mona Simpson (sister of Steve Jobs)
2000 Where the Heart Is Novalee Nation Matt Williams Ashley Judd births child in Walmart, Keith David as Moses (carrying a plant like in Léon, Pluto: regeneration, Neta Lee: plant for me)
2001 Zoolander Herself Ben Stiller Will Ferrell Cameo with Donald Trump and David Bowie
2002 Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones Padmé Amidala (amigdala part of the brain=Magdalena) George Lucas  Christopher Lee (To the Devil a Daughter with Natassja Kinski) Hayden Christensen (Antichrist William) also born 1981, 51 days earlier on 4/19 (date nazi Ratzinger became pope)
2003 Cold Mountain Sara Anthony Minghella Nicole Kidman as Ada Monroe Jude Law as William Philip Seymour Hoffman Renée Zellweger Scientologist Giovanni Ribisi Cillian Murphy Richard Brake
2004 Hitler's Pawn narrator Antichrist Adolf Hitler
2004 Garden State Samantha Zach Braff (Eve garden eden) pathological liar (vice of Hod, sphere of Mercury) New Jersey Peter Sarsgaard Ian Holm
2004 Closer Mike Nichols as Alice-Janes (art, Alice in Wonderland, pink sex wig alter) one eye Julia Roberts Clive Owen Jude Law
2005 Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith Padmé Amidala George Lucas (Ratzinger, Merkel) gives birth to Lea and Luke (Pluto: regeneration)
2005 Free Zone Rebecca Amos Gitai
2005 V for Vendetta Evey Hammond James McTeigue Hugo Weaving John Hurt (Covid19-ritual, coronation William V) Stephen Fry Wachowskis, head shaven like Manson family.
2006 Paris, je t'aime Francine Tom Tykwer Segment: "Faubourg Saint-Denis" (where Diana died, Eiffel tower phallus piercing heart) Maggie Gyllenhaal (The Dark Knight, married to Peter Sarsgaard, RFK in Jackie)
2006 Goya's Ghosts (poster 3g's 777 lightning flash) Inés and Alicia (dual role Alice in Wonderland programming mirror alter) Miloš Forman muse of Francisco Goya (Javier Bardem) Stellan Skarsgard model for painter like Vogue model for Polanski, tortured and imprisoned
2006 The Armenian Genocide Documentary PBS Orlando Bloom Laura Linney Ed Harris Jared Leto Paul Rudd
2007 My Blueberry Nights Leslie Wong Kar-wai (sign Mark Master, purple=dissociation) Norah Jones Rachel Weisz Jude Law
2007 Hotel Chevalier Jack's Ex-Girlfriend Wes Anderson Short film Paris hotel room like Diana, Jason Schwarzmann related to Francis Ford Coppola
2007 The Darjeeling Limited Cameo as Jack's ex-girlfriend (Jack Parsons) Adrien Brody Owen Wilson Anjelica Huston
2007 Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (mm=33) Molly Mahoney Zach Helm assistent of the Magician Dustin Hoffman (=Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, Chocolate Factory of Willy Wonka) cube of Allah in kabbalism
2008 The Other Boleyn Girl Anne Boleyn (decapitated on 5/19 date Jackie Kennedy, wedding Harry and Meghan Markle, role also played by Natascha McElhone) Justin Chadwick decapitation, Ashkenazi jew Scarlett Johansson Andrew Garfield. Scorpio (Death) Eric Bana aug 9 like death Sharon Tate Benedict Cumberbatch. prince Charles at screening

Roman Polanski commercial with Heath Ledger's wife Michelle Williams
2008 Eve Short film Lauren Bacall Ben Gazzara music by Sufjan Stevens (The New School)
2009 The Other Woman (purple) Emilia Greenleaf (wife of Jack) Don Roos wedding William, announces wedding William and Catherine
2009 New York, I Love You Rifka Various, segment directed by Mira Nair Andy Garcia Ethan Hawke Orlando Bloom Hayden Christensen Shia LaBeouf (videographer filming others, Mercury the lens of reality)
2009 Brothers (=the Lovers) Grace Cahill Jim Sheridan Jake Gyllenhaal Tobey McGuire post-traumatic stress war Afghanistan
2010 Hesher Nicole Spencer Susser (=Hershey) Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Dark Knight) 1/22 date death Heath Ledger music by Metallica (James Hetfield=James Holmes)
2010 Black Swan as Nina Sayers (Jennifer Connelly played ballet dancer Natalie in l'Etoile) Darren Aronofsky Mila Kunis as Lily (Lilith dark feminine, negative, passive current of the Kundalini, governed by the moon) Libra Adjustment

Vincent Cassel (husband of Monica Bellucci, also model of Dior) Barabara Hershey with Mia Farrow in Hannah and her Sisters; Monarch butterfly rabbit Alice in Wonderland programming, loses grip on reality/dream. Winona Ryder (in her next movie with Jennifer Connelly who played Natalie in Etoile=Black Swan).
2011 No Strings Attached Emma Kurtzman Ivan Reitman, Ashton Kutcher (Kelso in That 70's Show boyfriend of Mila Kunis) tagline friendship has its benefits (Mila Kunis in Friends with Benefits with Justin Timberlake) Ludacris

2011 Your Highness Isabel David Gordon Green (Adjustment archer) James Franco Danny McBride Justin Theroux

2011 Thor Jane Foster (=Crowley's girlfriend Jeanne Foster) Kenneth Branagh (the James Holmes Olympic Phoenix ritual) Anthony Hopkins as Odin Tom Hiddleston as Loki (trickster Mercury) Idris Elba Marvel (Jack Marvel Parsons) Disney
2011 Paul McCartney My Valentine (Frederick and Elizabeth wedding Valentine's Day) with Johnny Depp
2013 Illusions & Mirrors Young Woman Shirin Neshat Short film (Alice in Wonderland) desert Abyss for Dior
2013 Thor: The Dark World Jane Foster Alan Taylor (year 21 the World)
2015 The Seventh Fire Jack Pettibone Riccobono Documentary
2015 Knight of Cups Elizabeth (Death card) Terrence Malick Cate Blanchett Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne) Wes Bentley Ben Kingsley
2015 The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards Laura Vanita Shastry Segment: "Lacunae" James Franco (with Mila Kunis in Wizard of Oz)
2015 A Tale of Love and Darkness Fania Oz Herself United Nations zionist Israel propaganda
2016 Jane Got a Gun (song Aerosmith Steve Tyler father of Liv Tyler) Jane Hammond Gavin O'Connor Ewan McGregor (Obi Wan) Noah Emmerich
2016 Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (producer) — Burr Steers the high priestess queen of swords
2016 Jackie Jacqueline Kennedy Pablo Larraín the high priestess in the JFK ritual, John Hurt J Carol Lynch as Lyndon Johnson, Peter Sarsgaard as Robert Kennedy, scarlett woman of Jack Parsons
2016 Planetarium Laura Barlow Rebecca Zlotowski (dove) Lily-Rose Depp (daughter of Johnny Depp)
2017 Song to Song Rhonda Terrence Malick Cate Blanchett Michael Fassbender Ryan Gosling Val Kilmer
2018 Annihilation Lena Alex Garland (DNA mutating virus Covid19-ritual)
2018 Vox Lux Celeste Brady Corbet pop star deal with the devil, Micheàl Richardson (son of Liam Neeson) Jude Law Willem Dafoe
2018 The Death and Life of John F. Donovan Sam Turner Xavier Dolan (Kit Harrington Harpo, gay agenda)
2019 Avengers: Endgame Jane Foster Russo brothers (the hierophant)
2019 Lucy in the Sky Lucy Cola Noah Hawley (Lucifer The Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts 1967 Crowley cover) Ellen Burstyn (produced by Reese Witherspoon)
Dolphin Reef
2022 Thor: Love and Thunder as Zeus Christian Bale Vin Diesel Jeff Goldblum Russell Crowe


Mind control