Napoléon Bonaparte was an Italian freemason, member of the Order of the Golden Fleece and emperor of France. The French Revolution was a means to put in Napoleon in power. He was the son of freemason Carlo Buonaparte. He was educated by jesuits in Corsica and was under control of the Italian jesuit families (the Massimo family has a lion on its coat of arms). Pierre-Simon Laplace was his teacher.

He was trained to play the role of Apollyon of Revelation 911 (coup d'etat on 11/9). In 1773 the jesuits were expelled from Spain, UK and France.

In 1789 while Napoleon visited the pyramids of Egypt on an expedition with Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier who worked for the Institut d'Egypte (start of Egyptology, deciphering of glyphs).

His army was defeated by British general Horatio Nelson (mason). His brother Louis became Grandmaster of the Grand Orient of France. Jesuit Maximilien Robespierre founded the Jacobin Club to start the French Revolution (revolution of the sun, spinning white light with red and blue light).

The Sabbataian followers of Jacob Frank (Moses Dobruska of the Asiatic Brethren) joined the Jacobin Club, as they saw Napoleon as the Messiah who would usher in the 5th kingdom of the Book of Revelation.

His general was jesuit Henri-Gratien Bernard.

He conquered Malta, after which the Order of Malta moved their headquarters to Russia. He worked with Augustin Robespierre, brother of Maximilien Robespierre.

He married Joséphine Tasher de la Pagerie (ex-wife of freemason Alexandre de Beauharnais) in 1796.

He imprisoned pope Pius VI and met with Francesco Massimo for the Treaty of Tolentino in 1797.

He was supported by Marcantonio Borghese.

After his coup on 11/9 in 1799 (Revelation 911) he became First consul of France. The National Assembly of the French Revolution was made up of jesuit Marquis de Lafayette and Samuel Dupont (Colonna).

In 1802 he founded the Legion of Honour.

In 1803 he sold the Louisiana territory to the US (Thomas Jefferson, Colonna-Dupont).

In 1804 he crowned himself emperor in a ceremony with pope Pius VII in the Notre-Dame cathedral (where Francis married Mary, Queen of Scots). His clothes as emperor had the emblem of a bee, symbol of the Merovingian bloodline (hive mind). He designed the Code Civil (cc=33, the justice system).

Napoleon fought Francis II Habsburg, Frederick William III of Prussia (Hohenzollern, Hesse-Darmstadt), Franz Rosenberg-Orsini and general Donnersmarck (Grand Lodge Germany), mason Blücher.

Louis Bonaparte (Grand Orient of France)helped spreading Romanticism with Germaine de Staël.

In 1805 he won the Battle of Austerlitz and in 1806 he conquered Berlin, capital of Germany. The same year he convened the Grand Sanhedrin (council of jewish elite families).

He married Marie Louise of Austria (Habsburg, daughter of Roman Emperor Francis II) in 1810. They had a son Napoleon II. Alexandre Colonna of the Polish Walewski branch was rumored to be also the son of Napoléon.

He built the Atlantic Wall to boycott the trade with Britain. He invaded Russia in 1812 and fought general Kuzutov (mason), who used the scorched earth tactic of Fabius Maximus (Massimo).

In 1815 he was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo Belgium by British general and freemason Arthur Wellesley 1st Duke of Wellington (also Order of the Golden Fleece, mason John Moore). Afterwards the Jesuits dominate the financial market of Britain (Bank of England) and the world, with the jewish Rothschilds as puppets.

He was exiled to the British island Saint Helena, where he died. He was replaced by jesuit puppet Louis XVIII, who ordered Dragonnades against the protestants.

The map of Europe was redesigned at the Congress of Vienna.

Charles Bonaparte created the US secret service, which later became the FBI (Knight of Malta Edgar Hoover).

Adolf Hitler invaded Russia with the same eagle symbol and was defeated the same way 129 years later.

Joaquin Phoenix played Napoleon in Ridley Scott's Napoleon with Rupert Everett.

Astrological chart

born 8/15/1769, date of founding of the jesuits, Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck, Melinda Gates, Nipsey Hussle, princess Anne, Alejandro Inarritu.

Asc: Scorpio, mc: Leo. Dom: Leo (Strength), Capricorn, Scorpio - Mercury, Pluto, Sun.

Houses 10, 3, 9. 10: Sun and Mercury in Leo, 3: Pluto and Moon in Capricorn, 9: Saturn and Venus in Cancer. 1: Jupiter in Scorpio, 2: Lilith in Scorpio.

died 5/5/1821, date Karl Marx, Ann Boleyn, Geoffrey Francis Fisher, Adele Adkins, in Saint Helena.


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