Naomi Watts

Naomi Ellen Watts is a Monarch sex slave-actress, mind controlled with Alice in Wonderland programming, used in the Hollywood film industry to normalise Multiple Personality Disorder, the gay transgender religion, glorify the Saxe-Coburgs and to promote world government (United Nations). She played a Diane character in Mulholland Drive, with Camilla as alter ego (witchcraft black moon worship, Diana reborn as Catherine and Meghan). Her father was Peter Watts, tour manager of Pink Floyd who died of a heroin overdose in 1976.

Her brother Ben Watts is a photographer for HarperBazaar (Hearst) and Vogue (Polanski's photoshoot on Mulholland Drive).

She had a relationship with Joker Heath Ledger and was married to Liev Schreiber (Antichrist movie the Omen). She lived in Anglesea, home of Antichrist king William V and played his mother, Diana Spencer.


Astrological chart

born 9/28/1968, date d André Breton, d Elia Kazan, Brigitte Bardot (Camilla with black wig in Le Mépris), Dita von Teese, air sign Libra-Queen of Swords Adjustment. water in the air of Yetzirah, year 20 Aeon, year of release Rosemary's Baby, 3 days before Will Smith (William), month before wedding Jackie Lee and Aristotle Onassis.

Asc: Scorpio, mc: Virgo. Dom: Virgo (ruled by mercury, the Hermit), Scorpio (death), Libra- Mars (like virgo Mia Farrow), Pluto (car crash, dark secrets), Neptune (dreams, stage illusion).

10, 12, 2. 1: Neptune in Scorpio, 2: moon in Sagittarius, 3: Aquarius, 5: Saturn in Aries, 8(shadow): Cancer, 10: Mars (war) in Virgo, 11: Pluto Jupiter Sun Uranus in Virgo, 12: Mercury in Libra, Venus in Scorpio. moon trine Saturn like Jackie Kennedy


1986 For Love Alone Leo's Girlfriend Stephen Wallace
1991 Flirting Janet Odgers John Duigan
1993 Matinee Shopping Cart Starlet Joe Dante the magician (movie becoming real like Aurora) John Goodman
1993 Wide Sargasso Sea Fanny Grey John Duigan
1993 Gross Misconduct Jennifer Carter George T. Miller sin temptation
1993 The Custodian Louise John Dingwall
1995 Tank Girl (the chariot) Jet Girl Rachel Talalay (Meghan Rachel Markle) white sands desert of New Mexico Trinity Test Malcolm MacDowell Ice-T
1996 Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering Grace Rhodes (scorpio death) Karen Black
1996 Persons Unknown Molly George Hickenlooper
1997 Under the Lighthouse Dancing Louise Graeme Rattigan (the hermit, Anglesea William)
1998 A House Divided Amanda Kenneth Brady Short film
1998 Dangerous Beauty Guila De Lezze Marshall Herskovitz red veil Taurus
1998 Babe: Pig in the City (pink sky) Additional voices George Miller (pig written on door Sharon Tate's house, Eleusinian Mysteries)
1999 Strange Planet Alice (wonderland) Emma-Kate Croghan
2001 Mulholland Drive (where Roman Polanski raped a young girl, trauma based mind control to create mirror alters) Betty Elms / Diane Selwyn David Lynch Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz programming (Winkie's), Laura Harring imitating Rita Hayworth, Justin Theroux Ann Miller Melissa George Mark Pellegrino Dan Hedaya
2002 Rabbits Suzie Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland programming) David Lynch Short films
2002 The Ring Rachel Keller (Meghan Rachel Markle) Gore Verbinski
2002 Plots with a View Meredith Mainwaring Nick Hurran
2003 Ned Kelly Julia Cook Gregor Jordan Heath Ledger Orlando Bloom Geoffrey Rush
2003 Le Divorce Roxeanne de Persand James Ivory (Eiffel Tower Diana) Kate Hudson Matthew Modine Stephen Fry (friend of prince Charles)
2003 21 Grams Cristina Peck Alejandro González Iñárritu Sean Penn Danny Huston Benicio Del Toro Charlote Gainsbourg
2004 We Don't Live Here Anymore Edith Evans John Curran Mark Ruffalo Laura Dern
2004 The Assassination of Richard Nixon Marie Andersen Bicke Niels Mueller Sean Penn
2004 I love Huckabees Dawn Campbell David O. Russell Mark Wahlberg Jason Schwarzman Jude Law Jonah Hill
2005 Ellie Parker Ellie Parker (=Camilla Parker) Scott Coffey
2005 The Ring Two Rachel Keller =Meghan Rachel Markle, Hideo Nakata
2005 Stay Lila Culpepper Marc Forster Ewan McGregor Ryan Gosling Bob Hoskins
2005 King Kong Ann Darrow Peter Jackson (similar to Mia Farrow boat scene in Rosemary's Baby where she is raped by a beast, and to Kate Winslet in Titanic also Libra, imitated by Carmen Electra in Date Movie) Jack Black and Adrien Brody (Brody name husband Jayne Mansfield) as Jack Driscoll, escapes from theatre, movie becomes real


wedding of Jackie Lee Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis on Greek island Skorpios.
2006 Inland Empire Suzie Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland) David Lynch Laura Dern
2006 The Painted Veil Kitty Fane John Curran Edward Norton Toby Jones (played Truman Capote)
2007 Eastern Promises Anna Khitrova David Cronenberg Viggo Mortensen (name MMonroe) Vincent Cassel
2007 Funny Games Ann Farber Michael Pitt Tim Roth Michael Haneke (Sharon Tate ritual)
2009 The International Eleanor Whitman Tom Tykwer
2009 Mother and Child Elizabeth Joyce Rodrigo García Anette Benning Samuel Jackson Kerry Washington David Morse
2010 You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger Antonio Banderas Josh Brolin Anthony Hopkins Woody Allen
2010 Fair Game Valerie Plame Wilson Doug Liman
2011 Dream House Daniel Craig Rachel Weisz
2011 J. Edgar Helen Gandy assistent of Leonardo di Caprio (Jack) as John Edgar Hoover, investigating Lindbergh baby case Anna Spencer, Clint Eastwood

2012 The Impossible Maria Bennett Juan Antonio Bayona Ewan McGregor
2013 Movie 43 Samantha Will Graham Segment: 'Homeschooled' Halle Berry
2013 Adoration Lil Anne Fontaine
2013 Sunlight Jr. Melissa Winters Laurie Collyer
2013 Diana Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales Naveen Andrews as Dodi Fayed Oliver Hirschbiegel
2013 The Last Impresario Herself Gracie Otto Documentary
2014 Birdman (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) Lesley Truman (Truman Capote, The Truman Show) Alejandro González Iñárritu (the James Holmes ritual) Michael Keaton Emma Stone Edward Norton Zach Galifianakis
2014 St. Vincent Bill Murray
2014 While We're Young Cornelia Schrebnick Noah Baumbach Ben Stiller
2015 The Divergent Series: Insurgent Evelyn Johnson-Eaton Robert Schwentke Ashley Judd Kate Winslet
2015 The Sea of Trees Joan Brennan Gus Van Sant
2015 Demolition Karen Moreno Jean-Marc Vallée Jake Gyllenhaal
2015 3 Generations (transgender agenda) Maggie Gaby Dellal Susan Sarandon Elle Fanning (maiden-mother-crone)
2016 The Divergent Series: Allegiant Evelyn Johnson-Eaton
2016 Shut In Mary Portman Farren Blackburn
2017 The Book of Henry Susan Carpenter Colin Trevorrow

2017 Twin Peaks the Return David Lynch Kyle MacLachlan dual role two faced god Iaccus Tim Roth Laura Dern
2017 The Glass Castle Rose Mary Walls Destin Daniel Cretton
2018 Ophelia


Mind control