NY Intellectuals

The NY Intellectuals was a group of leftist CIA propaganda writers (the Left Wing Church), connected to City College of NY, Columbia University and NY University and propaganda offices CCF, ACCF, Young People's Socialist League with outlets Partisan Review, Commentary, Dissent, The Liberator.



- Alfred Kazin (City College of NY)
- Clement Greenberg (Partisan Review, promoted Abstract Expressionism of Jackson Pollock CCF)
- Daniel Bell (ACCF, City College of NY, Columbia University, Harvard, The New Leader, The End of Ideology, The Public Interest with Irving Kristol and Nathan Glazer, his daughter Jordy Bell taught at jesuit school Fordham)
- Diana Trilling (ACCF, The Nation)
- Delmore Schwartz (teacher of Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground)
- Dwight Macdonald (ACCF)
- Elliot Cohen (Commentary, American Jewish Committee)
- Hannah Arendt (student of Martin Heidegger in Germany, Der Monat of CCF, Commentary, Youth Aliya, Eichman in Jerusalem, The New School)
- Harold Rosenberg
- Irving Howe (CCNY, Democratic Socialists of America, Partisan Review of CCF, friend of jesuit Michael Harrington, in Woody Allen's Zelig)
- Irving Kristol (CCF, CPD, neo-conservatism)
- Lionel Abel (translator of Sartre and Breton, Partisan Review, Humanist Manifesto)

- Lionel Trilling (Partisan Review, teacher at Columbia of Norman Podhoretz, Beat poets Lucien Carr, Allen Ginsberg, member of propaganda office Institute for British-American Cultural Exchange with Huntington Hartford, the president of CCNY and NY University, Michael Hollingshead)

- Midge Rosenthal Decter (NYU, married to Moshe Dector of ACCF, Committee for the Free World, The Heritage Foundation of Edwin Feulner)
- Norman Mailer (Greenwich Village, Commentary)
- Norman Podhoretz (student of Lionel Trilling, American Jewish Committee)
- Nathan Glazer (CCNY, Berkeley, Harvard, The Public Interest)
- Paul Goodman (CCNY, New Left, scriptreader for MGM, Gestalt therapy with Fritz Perls of Esalen, influenced by Kurt Lewin, IPS, gay agenda)
- Saul Bellow (University of Chicago, NYU, Playboy)
- Seymour Martin Lipset
- Sidney Hook (Congress for Cultural Freedom, American Committee for Cultural Freedom)
- Susan Sontag (lived with Nicole St├ęphane Rothschild and later Herbert Marcuse of Frankfurt School, Esalen Institute)
- William Barrett (CCNY, NY University, friend of Albert Camus)
- William Philips (NY University)

the Left Wing Church