The National Security Agency (NSA) is an intelligence center of the US Department of Defense (the war industry), the largest intelligence center in the world, used as spies for the Church of Rome, founded on 11/4/1952 by Harry Truman and Robert Lovett (S&B, Korean War). Its hq is Fort Meade Maryland (between Washington DC and Baltimore). It is closely associated with CIA, British MI6 and GCHQ, the totalitarian world state United Nations.

The NSA created a database that serves as processor and artificial program for the entire global electronic grid and communication networks called Zion. It enforces the Saturn-moon matrix. All 'news' events of the media industry are designed and time according to kabbalistic (astrological and numerological) symbolism and logic. PRISM gathers all internet data (Verizon Communications, AOL, AT&T, Microsoft, Google, Skype, etc) to make predictions about the future.

It uses supercomputers and satellites. Besides FBI, MI6 and CIA it works with US Navy, Silicon Valley, Utah Data Center (Mormons), Zionist rabbi's, HAARP, CERN, military contractors Boeing (smart meters), Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Swiss company Crypto AG, hackers of Anonymous, Scientology...

History of the NSA

The jesuits controlled the Habsburgs through their confessors.

The Cecils employed John Dee, who developed the Enochian cryptographic system. The Royal Society of the Stuarts created the Industrial Revolution and did research on electricity and silicon.

Edgar Allan Poe experimented with cryptography and lived in Baltimore, also a center of The Boulé. Alexander Graham Bell (Cosmos Club) worked for AT&T and National Geographic.

1919 the US secret service works on cryptography with the Black Chamber project of Herbert Yardley. Alan Turing worked as cryptographer for MI6 at Bletchley Park. After WW2 William Friedman worked for Armed Forces Security Agency (AFSA).

1952 AFSA becomes NSA. Friedman did research on the effect of moonlight (modern witchcraft).

According to the official narrative FBI of J Edgar Hoover and NSA spied on Martin Luther King, while they actually cooperated with the Boulé.

1970 surveillance base Pine Gap in Australia.

1972 Russell Targ and Scientologist Hal Puthoff supposedly test remote viewers at Ford Meade for CIA Stargate Project.  The NSA is used as a villain in the Watergate media ritual. Storm Thorgherson designed the prism cover of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and later De-Loused at the Comatorium of The Mars Volta (Scientology).

1973 Lew Allen (CFR) as director.

1975 Church Committee with Frank Church, Bella Abzug (the Feminist Church) and James Bamford.

1982 James Bamford (US Navy, Wired, The New Republic of Walter Lippmann) The Puzzle Palace.

1992 Sneakers Ben Kingsley River Phoenix James Earl Jones.

1993  National Cryptologic Museum.

Loral Space & Communications of Bernard Schwarz (Schwarzenberg) bought Canadian Crown corporation Telesat (office in Bethesda) and Orion Network Systems of Kevin Patrick Power, married to Karin Akers Pallavicini. It merged with Skynet Sattelite Communications. Skynet is an AI program in The Terminator (Orion Pictures) of James Cameron with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

1995 Michael Hayden as director.

1997 Matt Damon as Will Hunting in Good Will Hunting job interview for NSA.

1998 Dan Brown Digital Fortress. Enemy of the State Will Smith (Scientology). Mercury Rising Bruce Willis. Introduction of Google search engine. Jim Carrey played Truman in The Truman Show where everything is rigged.

1999 The Matrix movies contain references to Zion (caverns closer to earth=Inner Earth, the qlippoth tunnels) dominated by colored people, Jada Pinkett Smith (AKA, Scientology) and spoon bending tricks of Uri Geller. Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) played masked V in V for Vendetta, used by Anonymous. The Matrix was produced by Joel Silver. Its video game was designed by David Perry who also designed the Terminator video game.

2001 James Bamford Body of Secrets (JFK as good guy narrative). the 911 Twin Towers ritual, Stellar Wind surveillance program, fake whistle blower Thomas Drake.

2002 Samuel Jackson as NSA agent Augustus Gibbons in XXX. Michael Madsen as NSA director in Die Another Day (James Bond) with Pierce Brosnan Halle Berry John Cleese Judi Dench.

Like Lockheed Martin and Google, it owns a D-Wave (John Dee) quantum computer.

Harvard developed Facebook for digital surveillance.

2005 jesuit Keith Alexander, trained at National War College, as director of NSA. From 2010 he was 1st Commander of the US Cyber Command.

HBO series The Wire about surveillance is set in Baltimore.

John Inglis is a member of the Boy Scouts of America.

Fake whistle blower William Binney worked with Alex Jones, RT, Fox News and Democracy Now!.

2008 James Bamford The Shadow Factory about Fort Gordon in Georgia and Operation Highlander, promoted by The Washington Post of Katharine Graham (Warren Buffett as shareholder).

2012 Wired article about NSA.

2013 media actor Edward Snowden is used to spread disinfo in The Guardian, Le Monde and The Washington Post about the NSA with Wikileaks of Julian Assange (mind controlled in Australian cult The Family) and Chelsea Manning (transgender agenda). Snowden claimed NSA spied on Angela Merkel. The Intercept of Glenn Greenwald claims the 33 Thomas Street skycraper is a NSA data center (used in Mr Robot, Anon, The X-Files episode This).

2016 Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Dark Knight Rises) plays Snowden in Oliver Stone's Snowden.

Director Paul Nakasone was educated at St Johns University.


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