The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is the space agency of the US, founded on 7/29/1958 (also year of founding DARPA), run by the Jesuits (Church of Rome, masters in deception). It originated from Jet Propulsion Laboratories of Caltech (Antichrist figure Jack Parsons, leader of the OTO). It works closely with nazi's from Operation Paperclip and Scottish Rite family Disney.

History of NASA

1926 Theodore von Karman (University of Göttingen), descendant of Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel (lion= Loeb, Kabbalist and Talmudic scholar, Golem of Prague myths) works at Jet Propulsion Laboratory and teaches Frank Malina at Caltech.

1936 Jet Propulsion Laboratory rocket experiments of Jack Parsons, Apollo MO Smith and Frank Malina (UN with Julian Huxley) in Arroyo Seco (the Devil's Gate, passes the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena).

1937 Peenemünde Army Research center develops V2 rocket with Hans Kammler, Heinrich Himmler, Magnus and Wernher von Braun.

1938 Vannevar Bush (Manhattan Project) is appointed director of National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA).

1939 Aames Research Center.

1943 after the RAF bombs Peenemünde in Operation Hydra, underground facility Mittelwerk uses prisoners from Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp to produce V2 rockets. Project Riese (Giant) underground structures at Owl Mountains.

1945 Operation Paperclip transfer of nazi scientists Wernher von Braun and Kurt Debus to Fort Detrick, Fort Bliss Texas, Redstone Arsenal Alabama (tests at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico).

1948 chemical experiments (nerve gases developed by nazi's) on humans at Edgewood Arsenal Maryland.

1957 Russian satellite Sputnik 1.

1958 founding of DARPA and NASA by Dwight Eisenhower (Yehova's Witness cult, aide to Douglas MacArthur). 1st administrator Thomas Keith Glennan is a member of Chi Phi like Eugene Black, George Washington Gale Ferris -inventor of the Ferris wheel), Walter Cronkite (CBS, Richard Hoagland as consultant).

Project Mercury with Gordon Cooper, Scottish Rite mason, member of the BSA and Order of Jesters, who was trained at Edwards Air Force Base (Mercury associated with element air) and later worked for Epcot center of Disney and Scottish Rite mason John Glenn (DeMolay Order International).

1959 Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt Prince George County Maryland, suburb of Washington DC, named after Robert Goddard. Goddard lived in Roswell New Mexico, was a friend of Oddfellow Charles Lindbergh and Frank Malina (Suicide Squad with Parsons) and funded by the Guggenheims. The GSFC owns the White Sands Complex of the Trinity Test.

1960 founding of Marshall Space Flight Center at Redstone Arsenal Alabama on 7/1, with Wernher von Braun.

1961 Project Gemini (Gemini ruled by Mercury). James Lovell (Alpha Psi Omega), Buzz Aldrin. Goddard Institute for Space Studies at Columbia University NY with Hong-Yee Chiu (Cosmos Club). William Ross Adey (Operation Pandora, UCLA Brain Research Institute) works on EEG measurements of astronauts. Katherine Johnson works as computer at Langley Research Center.

1962 founding of the Kennedy Space Center on 7/1 (date birth Diana) on Merritt Island Florida, close to Cape Canaveral, with Kurt Debus (Operation Paperclip) as first director.

1967 Apollo 1 ritual with Roger Chaffee (BSA) and members of Tau Beta Pi. publishing of the Blue Marble, the first picture of earth, supposedly on request of a LSD taking anti-establisment hippie Stewart Brand, who by coincidence met jesuit Buckminster Fuller, who put the photo on the cover of his Whole Earth Catalog.

1968 A Space Odyssey Stanley Kubrick (poses with Frederick Ordway, Deke Slayton, George Mueller) with Mercury/Thoth symbolism (winged sandals, monkeys), based on novel of Arthur C Clarke, Marvin Minsky as advisor. Apollo 7 with Donn Eisele (BSA). Apollo 8 with Jim Lovell (BSA). Jacques Vallée works for NASA on the mapping of Mars.

1969 Apollo 9 Lowell Blair Nesbitt (gay agenda with Robert Mapplethorpe) as official artist.

Apollo moon landing media ritual with masons Buzz Aldrin (BSA), Neil Armstrong (BSA), Michael Collins, James Irwin, broadcast on CBS with Richard Hoagland, Arthur C Clarke and Robert Heinlein as commentators.

1971 Apollo 14 with Edgar Mitchell (BSA). founding of Disney World in Orlando Florida.

1972 Apollo-Soyuz mission, approved by Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan. Apollo 12 with Charles Duke (BSA).

1973 Edgar Mitchell founds the Institute for Noetic Sciences (the New Age Church), affiliated with Willis Harman (LSD research at SRI International), Dean Radin (Bell Labs, SRI International), Rupert Sheldrake. It conducts research on yoga and meditation.

Skylab 2 mission with Dominican Joseph Kerwin, launched by Saturn V at Kennedy Space Center., launching of satellite system and cyberbiological crystal technology as a shield around the earth.

1975 Lee Scherer (Caltech) as director of Kennedy Space Center.

1977 X-ray telescope High Energy Astronomy Observatory.

1984 Space Shuttle Discovery.

1985 Discovery flight with jesuit Patrick Baudry.

1986 Challenger disaster.

1989 8th flight of Columbia with James Adamson (BSA).

1992 Robert Crippen (Tau Beta Tau like Wernher von Braun, Buzz Aldrin, Frank Capra, Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos) as director of KSC.

1993 International Space Station, in collaboration with Russia, Japan, Europe and Canada.

1995 Jay Honeycutt (University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Redstone Arsenal, later Lockheed Martin) as director of Kennedy Space Center.

jesuits: Sean O'Keefe, Michael Griffin, Michael P Anderson, Jeanette Epps,...

1997 Contact Robert Zemeckis Jodie Foster swastika reference to nazi's involvement in NASA, scene at Kennedy Space Center.

2000 Jeff Bezos founds aerospace company Blue Origin. Die Glocke psyop (Jacob Sporrenberg of SS).

2001 Edgar Mitchell and Donna Hare participate in the Disclosure Project psyop.

2003 Columbia shuttle crash with William Cameron McCool (BSA).

2007 Phoenix Mars landing. William Parsons as director of Kennedy Space Center. Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara (Boeing, Coast to Coast, Ancient Aliens) Dark Mission The Secret History of NASA.

2008 Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis found the Singularity University at the Aames Research Center.

2011 Thrive with astronaut Brian O'Leary and actors of the Disclosure Project. Mark Rober (Tau Beta Pi) is used for propaganda on Youtube (Google). Nick Redfern The NASA Conspiracies (Area 51, Face on Mars,..).

2014 Interstellar Matthew McConaughey (Contact) Cheyenne Mountain complex of NORAD in Denver as hq of NASA.

2015 The Martian Jeff Daniels Matt Damon.

Flat Earth psyop with BoB (rivalry with Neil deGrasse Tyson), Santos Bonacci.

2016 Hidden Figures Tararji Henson as Katherine Johnson (AKA) Janelle Monae Kirsten Dunst Jim Parsons (=Jack Parsons, The Big Bang Theory) Kevin Costner (JFK) produced by Pharrell Williams 20th Century Fox.

2017 Artemis project.

2018 James Bridenstine (BSA) as administrator.

First Man Ryan Gosling (Disney).

2021 Pamela Malroy (DARPA).

Moon landing

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