Moses is a prophet in the Bible based on pharao Akhenaten, descendant of Thutmoses (born of Thoth=mercury) I, II and III, whose cult of Atenism became Judaism. The bible is a written text used in Judaism and by the Catholic Church/Church of Rome (an institute of the Draco-Orion Empire, a continuation of the Egyptian, Babylonian and Roman Empire) as a Holy Book in the Saturnian cult Christianity with Jesus Christ as central figure. Judaism is the cult of Baal and keeps its followers in a God program.

The name bible is derived from Greek 'biblia' (the books) and the Phoenician city Gebal (in Greek Byblos), close to the 33d parallel (city Babylon), known for its worship of cow goddess Hathor and export of papyrus, made from crows and bulls (bull god El, bi-ble with para-bles of astrological sym-bol-ism, duality of blue and red bull, sun and moon). The Hebrew alphabet is broken up in 2 cycles (22=11+11), beginning with Aleph and Lamed. The bible was read with 2 scrolls (2 poles-bulls).

The Baal worshiping Canaanites (race of Lucifer's child Cain) invaded Egypt and ruled as slave masters of the Hyksos dynasty in Avaris (Land of Goshen), copying Egyptian lion symbolism. Egyptian culture degenerated and the priesthood of Amun took over the role of the pharao. Thutmoses III (born of Thoth) founded the Great White Brotherhood holy bread cult with science of metallurgy learned from Fallen Angels (Tubalcain, etc), causing addiction and delusions.

Amenhotep III's son pharaoh Akhenaton succeeded his father and created the cult known as Atenism with an army of foreigners. Akhenaten-Moses became the archetypal prophet of the Age of Aries in opposition to the rule to create slave religion Judaism, that worships God/Allah/YHVH with the priests as intermediaries and the Torah as holy book. Torah=Aryan goddes Tara, words of the bull god (tor), thunder god Thor. The transition to the Age of Aries (rules the head) represented the control of the lower mind (cerebellum) to develop the higher mind through brain synchronization, transmutation of sexual energy and morality.

He and his family wore large phallic headdress showing their phallic (electric) power, emphasizing their large skull as sign of extraterrestrial origin. After being pharao of the largest empire on earth and being expelled by Seti I, Akhenaten was out for revenge and planned another world empire (New World Order).

The jewish priests were taken from Israel to Babylon (who also had copied Egyptian solar symbol of the lion), learned astrology and sorcery  from the Chaldeans (moon worshippers), copied Sumerian mythology (Enuma Elish, Epic of Gilgamesh) about Adamu and the Anunnaki creating a flood. The Hebrew Bible or Tanakh (Tora, Nevi'im, Kethavim) contains 24 chapters, nr of Jupiter (father god, teaching).

The Torah consists of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

Exodus (sex of two) describes the expulsion (distorted as a liberation out of slavery) of Akhenaten's followers from Egypt to return to Canaan as Israel/Palestine with the Ark of the Covenant wandering through the desert (crossing the Abyss).

Msy: 'child of'. Aries: the child, the seed= Aaron, the high ram. the jews=the yods, the seeds. born in an ark (symbol of lower part of zodiac as womb) in water (ruled by moon). To prevent his birth the pharao ordered the killing of all first born (Baal sacrifice of Hyksos during spring equinox for rebirth of the sun as Golden Child).

He was adopted and raised by Egyptians. His wife Zipporah is referred to as a Kushite (Ethiopian). In verse 2:22 she gives birth to a child which Moses names Gershom, saying 'i have become a stranger in a strange land'. Neker (strange) is used to describe all other gods than the gods of Israel as strange and foreign. Hebrew letter koph is associated with the Moon card. A koph is zain+resh (zar=strange, raz=secret).

At Mount Sinai  (mountain of Sin the moon, in contrast with Mount Horeb, mountain of sun Horus, pillar of the cloud and the pillar of fire) Moses received the 10 commandments (=Spell 125 in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, 10 sepiroth) during an absence of 40 days and nights= 40 years of wandering through the desert with the ark=40 days and 40 nights of the flood. Yesod (Foundation) channels, while Malkuth receives. Hymn to Aten=> psalm 104. Aten=> Adonai. The Sinai peninsula was a place of worship (working to create resonance field with gold powder) of Hathor.

Verse 34 describes how his face shone (qaran=being horned, skin glow caused by monoatomic gold) from talking to God at Mount Sinai. The phrase 'face shining like the sun' is also used in the story of transfiguration of Jesus.

During the Age of Aries, Libra  (1st sign of fall, moon arch) was in the autumnal equinox. It was the age in which first codes of justice were recorded, like the code of law of Hammurabi in Babylon. negative confessions of spell 125 in Egyptian Book of the Dead=  10 commandments.

Moses melted the Golden Calf (bull worship of Taurus), turned it into powder to feed the Israelites.

His staff= the wand of Merlin, the serpent staff of Ra and Thoth, the caduceus of Hermes. He received a tumbler to pour on dry land (life force of semen, libation of blood sacrifice).

God appeared on Mt Horeb as a burning thorny bush (letter shin) revealing his name YHWH (Aten=Adonai), promising Israel as the land of milk and honey, using the phrase I am Who I Am (Amun), telling Moses to use his snake staff to convince the non-believers.

He received instructions to build Menorah (7 candles= 7 chakra's), the Ark of the Covenant and table of showbread (gold and acacia wood).

The ark contained manna found in morning dew (monoatomic gold powder after implosion, mushroom according to Jordan Maxwell) consumed through food like wafers with honey.

The ark was placed in the Tabernacle (El).

The ark ritual with fire sacrifice (priests with forks) became the ritual of the summer barbeque. In the Book of Joshua the Israelites cross the Jordan.

Shedrach, Meschach and Abednega were thrown into the fiery furnace of Nebuchadnezzar, representing the 3 mother letters Aleph, Mem and Shin.

Aaron's son (Moses' cousin) Eleazar= Osiris.

He died on Mount Nebu (mercury, like Nebuchadnezzar, symbol of Venus with horns).

In the Book of Kings Elijah travels to Mount Horeb.

The similarity of king Herod killing all children in Judea before the birth of Christ and the pharao's ordering the killing of all firstborn before the birth of Moses is the repeating of cycle of sacrifice for rebirth, clue's for understanding the symbolic meaning.

Jesus Christ, the Fisher King represented the dawn of the new Age of Pisces. Its story of death-resurrection is the annual death-rebirth cycle of the sun. The three kings that announce the birth of the Christ are the three stars of Orion (associated with Osiris, reborn as Horus). He revives Lazarus like Osiris was revived by Thoth.

The Roman Empire, ruled by the Julio-Claudian dynasty (later Colonna) had a polytheistic religion that worshiped their Atlantean ancestors. Emperors like Nero burned the first Christians in sacrifice rituals.

Strabo wrote about Moses in Geographica 24 after Christ.

Spanish kabbalist Moses de Léon wrote the Zohar.

Michelangelo made a statue of horned Moses.

In freemasonry initiates are led into the temple have to pass the 4 veils representing the 4 cardinal signs. In the York Rite the signs of the 7th Royal Arch degree to pass the veil is Moses holding a cane, the sign of 8th degree has barefoot symbolism of Moses before the ark.

The Oddfellows lodge was founded in 1730 by the Barons Strange, based on the verse of Stranger in a Strange Land.

Moses Dubrushka's mother was 1st cousin of Jacob Frank, follower of Antichrist Sabattai Zevi. With Ephraim Hirschfeld he founded the Knights of St John (the Baptist= Lucifer) or Asiatic Brethren, the first German lodge that (officially) allowed jews, became a Jacobin (Jacob) to play a role in the French Revolution to put Napoleon (Apollyon of 911) in power. He changed his name to Junius Frey, a reference to the family of Brutus who slayed Julius Caesar.

Napoleon awarded Humpfrey Davy of the Athenaeum Club (Aten-Athena), who invented arch welding.

Moses Mendelssohn, connected to Christoph Fiedrich Nicolai (Illuminati= Great White Brotherhood) played a role in the Heskalah, jewish Enlightenment (science revolution to rebuild the ark).

Moses Hess was a friend of Karl Marx and invented Labor Zionism-socialism. Moses Dickson was an Oddfellow.

Moses in pop culture

1852 Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.

1902 Kaspare Cohn founds Cedars-Sinai Hospital in LA.

1904 Aleister Crowley as the new Moses-Sabatai Zevi, channeling the Book of the Law after visiting the Pyramids in Egypt.

1939 Sigmund Freud Moses and Monotheism. Adolf Hitler glorifies Nefertiti.

1956 The Ten Commandments Charlton Heston  Yul Brynner Vincent Price Edward G Robinson John Carradine (OTO) as Aaron Cecil DeMille Paramount Pictures.

Robert Heinlein wrote Stranger in a Strange Land with references to Walter Reed Army Facility of Project Bluebird. It was used in the mind control of the Manson Family.

1968 start of the Left Wing Church and Multiculti Church (dream of one world race with one world religion).

1974 Moses Burt Lancaster (War of the Roses).

1984 Donald Redford  Akhenaten the Heretic King.

1996 d Tupac Shakur with tattoo of Nefertiti, after boxing match of Mike Tyson (son of Queen Tiye) at Las Vegas pyramid, after death of The Notorious BIG at Mount Sinai Hospital.

1998 Prince of Egypt Val Kilmer Ralph Fiennes Michelle Pfeiffer Patrick Stewart (Scottish Stuarts) as Seti Helen Mirren.

2004 Stranger in a Strange Land verse plays a role in Lost (=lost ark) episode about Jack Shepherd's tattoo (Matthew Fox).

2008 Barack (arck) Obama as the new Akhenaten-Moses preaching multiculturalism to rebuild the temple (visits pyramids in Egypt with Zahi Hawass).

2014 Exodus Gods and Kings Christian Bale (Christ Baal, played Batman like Val Kilmer) as Moses Joel Edgerton  Sigourney Weaver Ridley Scott. Theosophists Jordan Maxwell and Michael Tsarion as controlled opposition against NWO.


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