Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is a mind controlled actor in the Hollywood movie industry. He plays the Nelson Mandela/ Obama archetype of good guy who came from the bottom, used in the Black Church.

He went to Los Angeles City College (Rudi Gernreich, Brenda Benet, Diana Canova, Albert Brooks, Laurence Fishburne, Victoria Vetri, Clint Eastwood, Mark Hamill, Pamela Courson, Gene Rodenberry, Charles Bukowski, Donna Reed, Sue Lyon).

He is affilialated with Harry Mountbatten Saxe-Coburg, through his I Am Invictus Games, who married Meghan Markle (mm=33, multiculti agenda) in an alchemical marriage with black priest Michael Curry as Mercury ruling Gemini, who gae a speech about the Power of Love (=Venus).

Astrological chart

born 6/1/1937, date Frank Morgan (Wizard of Oz), Marilyn Monroe, Heidi Klum, Jonathan Pryce, Barry Mannakee, wedding parents Diana, Stranger in A Strange Land, The Truman Show, Diana and Obama born 1961, Gemini (the Lovers) ruled by Mercury- the Lovers 2nd decan Venus.

Asc: Aries, mc: Capricorn. Dominants: Aries (the Emperor), Capricorn (the devil), Scorpio (death) - Mars, Saturn (father time, restriction), Pluto (transformation).

Houses 1, 8, 11. 1: Venus (lucifer) in Aries, Uranus and Mercury (fox, the Wizard of Oz Frank Morgan) in Taurus (the hierophant), 2: Sun in Gemini, 4(daily life, heritage): Pluto in Cancer (the Chariot), 6: Neptune in Virgo, 8 (Shadow): Mars in Scorpio (death), 9: Lilith in Sagittarius, 10 (status): Jupiter (benevolent father) in Capricorn, 11: Moon in Aquarius (the star), 12: Saturn in Aries.


1964 The Pawnbroker Sydney Lumet
1968 Where Were You (ref to Aiwass of Crowley) 11/9 twin towers gemini Doris Day (mother of Terry Melcher who lived at the house of Sharon Tate)
1971 Who Says I Cant Ride a Rainbow (Wizard of Oz) set in Greenwich Village like EWS
1980 Brubaker David Keith Robert Redford
1980 Attica prison riot
1981 Eyewitness (name news channel in Bruce Almighty) William Hurt Sigourney Weaver Christopher Plummer James Woods
1981 Death of a Prophet as Malcolm X (also played by Denzel Washington)
1984 Teachers Nick Nolte Lee Grant
1984 Harry and Son (Harry Mountbatten) Paul Newman
1985 Marie as Charles Jeff Daniels
1985 That Was Then Emilio Estevez
1987 Street Smart Christopher Reeve Kathy Baker
1988 Clean and Sober Michael Keaton (Batman)
1989 Glory (=kabbalistic sphere Netsach, Venus) Matthew Broderick jesuit Denzel Washington
1989 Driving Miss Daisy 44 (Pluto in Cancer the Chariot) Dan Akroyd (7/1 like Diana) Jessica Tandy
1989 Lean on Me
1989 Johnny Handsome Mickey Rourke Forest Whitaker
1990 The Civil War Jason Robards (Hurricane with Mia Farrow)
1990 The Bonfire of the Vanities (solar phallus tower) Tom Hanks Bruce Willis Melanie Griffith Kirsten Dunst Mary Alice Smith Brian De Palma book of Tom Wolfe (Electric Kool-Aid Test about Ken Kesey and his Stanford/MK Ultra mind controlled Merry Pranksters)

1991 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
the Lovers (Sagittarius the archer Mercury=thieves) Kevin Costner Sean Connery Christian Slater as Will Scarlett Mary Mastrantonio as Marian (Meghan Markle) Alan Rickman 6/14 date Trump (Marla Maples)
1992 Unforgiven Clint Eastwood Gene Hackman Richard Harris
1992 The Power of One (Michael Curry speech at Harry's wedding Power of Love) Stephen Dorff Daniel Craig (James Bond John Dee)
1993 Bopha! directorial debut Danny Glover Malcolm McDowell
1994 The Shawshank Redemption (3 blue degrees) Tim Robbins Rita Hayworth as symbol of liberation through Luciferian sodomy (tunnel of shit) based on Knight of Malta Nelson Mandela (33 years on Robben Island on 33d parallel)

novel of Stephen King
1995 Outbreak virus fear (announcing the Covid19 ritual) Dustin Hoffman Rene Russo Donald Sutherland (Donald Trump) Kevin Spacey Cuba Gooding Jr
1995 Seven William Somerset, with William Brad Pitt Gwyneth Kate Paltrow and Kevin Spacey (orange) Jack Parsons Babalon workings in desert, pluto in sagittarius (year of death Marjorie Cameron). theme of Dante's Inferno (movie with Rita Hayworth, the Ninth Circle, the Ninth Gate).
1996 Chain Reaction (mars: chain) Keanu Reeves Rachel Weisz
1996 Moll Flanders (the High Priestess) Robin Wright
1997 Amistad (chain=mars) Steven Spielberg Anthony Hopkins Djimon Hounsou (Caliban in The Tempest) Pete Postlethwaite Matthew McConaughey
1997 Kiss the Girls Ashley Judd Mena Suvari produced by Harvey Weinstein
1998 Deep Impact White House announcing Barack Obama, Elijah Wood Robert Duvall Vanessa Redgrave Leelee Sobieski
1998 Hard Rain Christian Slater Minnie Driver
2000 Nurse Betty high priestess Renée Zellweger as Kansas waitress (Wizard of Oz) Chris Rock Greg Kinnear Crispin Glover Aaron Eckhart
2000 Under Suspicion Gene Hackman as Henry Hearst Monica Bellucci
2001 Along Came a Spider (8) jesuit Michael Moriarty
2002 The Sum of All Fears (Mars=fear, Pluto nuclear power in sagittarius) as William Ben Affleck (Batman) as Jack Ryan
2002 High Crimes Ashley Judd as Claire Kubick (Kubrick) Jim Caviezel
2003 Bruce Almighty as God with Jim Carrey on 7th floor, Steve Carell Jennifer Aniston (Rachel, Meghan Rachel Markle of the House of Bruce).
2003 Dreamcatcher (novel of Stephen King) the Moon Damian Lewis Timothy Olyphant Jason Lee
2003 Levity Billy Bob Thornton Holly Hunter Kirsten Dunst
2003 Guilty By Association
2004 The Big Bounce Owen Wilson as Jack Ryan Charlie Sheen Sara Foster Harry Dean Stanton
2004 Million Dollar Baby, Clint Eastwood Hilary Swank (like Marjorie Hilarion Cameron, remake of movie Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan)
2005 An Unfinished Life Robert Redford Jennifer Lopez
2005 War of the Worlds (ww=33) Steven Spielberg Tom Cruise Dakota Fanning as Rachel (Meghan Rachel Markle) Tim Robbins, twister of Wizard of Oz, Rosemary at the Dakota, Miranda Otto (The Tempest) written by HG Wells (Fabian Society)
2005 Batman Begins Christopher Nolan Christian Bale Gary Oldman Michael Caine Cillian Murphy Liam Neeson Tom Wilkinson Katie Holmes, on 6/17 date death Parsons, as Lucius Fox (=mercury, Hayworth actress of 20th Century Fox), based on Parsons/Howard Hughes
2005 Unleashed Jet Li Bob Hoskins
2005 Edison Kevin Spacey Justin Timberlake
2005 Magnificent Desolation walking on the moon Neil Armstrong Tom Hanks
2006 the Contract John Cusack one eye
2006 Lucky Number Slevin Bruce Willis (=Bruce Wayne) Josh Hartnett Lucy Liu Ben Kingsley Stanley Tucci
2006 10 Items or Less Paz Vega Jonah Hill
2007 Evan Almighty (build ark of Noah, the Hierophant) Steve Carell John Goodman Wanda Sykes Jonah Hill
2007 Feast of Love (the Lovers) Greg Kinnear Selma Blair as Kathryn Radha Mitchell as Diana
2007 Gone Baby Gone (Pluto: abduction Persephone) as Jack Doyle Ed Harris Casey Affleck (played young RFK) Michelle Monaghan Ben Affleck
2007 The Bucket list with Jack Nicholson (Joker), pyramid opening eye of Horus
2008 Wanted (Mars: guns) as Sloan leader of secret society James McAvoy Angelina Jolie Terence Stamp Baphomet as above, so below

Terence Stamp 6/12 date Rosemary's Baby
2008 The Love Guru (hierophant, based on Deepak Choprah) Mike Meyers Justin Timberlake Ben Kingsley
2008 The Dark Knight Heath Ledger Gary Oldman Christian Bale Maggie Gyllenhaal Aaron Eckhart, screens as alters

2009 Thick as Thieves (mercury: thief) Antonio Banderas Tom Hardy Rade Serbedzija
2009 The Maiden Heist as Charles William H Macy Christopher Walken
2009 Invictus as Knight of Malta Nelson Mandela, with Matt Damon in rugby game on the day of death Marjorie Cameron =the Sol Invictus games of Harry, the stadium as the cup of Babalon.

2010 RED (=Mars) CIA agent Bruce Willis John Malkovich Helen Mirren Karl Urban Ernest Borgnine (in Barrabas with Sharon Tate, 1/24 like Tate)
2011 Conan the Barbarian Jason Momoa Rachel Nichols (=Rachel in the Dark Knight, Meghan Rachel Markle) Lucius (=Lucius Fox) Rose McGowan Ron Perlman remake of movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger
2011 Dolphin Tale (year 19 the Sun) Ashley Judd Kris Kristofferson
2012 The Magic of Belle Isle Pluto (transformation) in Cancer Virginia Madsen
2012 Dark Knight Rises (the James Holmes Olympics ritual) Christian Bale Gary Oldman Marion Cotillard Joseph Gordon-Levitt Anne Hathaway Matthew Modine Michael Caine Tom Hardy (9/15 like Harry) announces the Isis-ritual and the Covid19-ritual
2013 Olympus Has Fallen Mars: the Tower Alan Trumbull=Donald Trump also Mars dominant, fake attack on White House.

Gerard Butler Aaron Eckhart Ashley Judd. same year White House Down with Jamie Foxx.

(London Olympics phoenix ritual, announces the fake London attack) Gerard Butler

3/22 nr Skull and Bones, date Brussels attack
2012 Oblivion (=dissociation) with Tom Cruise as Jack Harper broken bridge like DKR
2013 Now You See Me the Magician in Las Vegas Mark Ruffalo Michael Caine Dave Franco as Jack Wilder Woody Harrelson Jesse Eisenberg Isla Fischer Mélanie Laurent as Alma (tunnel Diana) Common the Eye (Capricorn Ayin) Five Points where Heath Ledger died (announces the fake Donald Trump assassination attempt and Stephen Paddock shooting in Las Vegas)
2013 Last Vegas Robert de Niro Michael Douglas Kevin Kline Mary Steenburgen
2014 The Lego Movie (Vitruvius Vitruvian man pentagram pose) Jonah Hill Liam Neeson Will Ferrell
2014 The Mona Lisa myth narrator.
2014 Transcendence (AI transhumanist agenda) Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall Paul Bettany Cillian Murphy
2014 Lucy (AI transhumanist agenda) as Samuel Norman (qlippoth of Geburah: Samuel, Roman) Scarlett Johansson touch fingertip like Michelangela's Creation of Adam, also in Rosemary's Baby
2014 Dolphin Tale 2 Ashley Judd
2014 5 Flights Up Diane Keaton
2014 Lennon or McCartney John Lennon (also Mars dominant)
2015 Last Knights (Knights of Malta) Clive Owen (played King Arthur) Ayelet Zurer
2015 Ted 2 (pedophile bear symbol) Mark Wahlberg Seth MacFarlane Amanda Seyfried Giovanni Ribisi cameo Liam Neeson
2015 Momentum hexagon grid
2016 London Has Fallen (announcing fake London attacks)
2016 Ben Hur (Roman Empire) Jack Huston (Horus Jack Parsons) Ayelet Zurer Rodrigo Santoro (Xerxes in 300) as Jesus
2017 Going In Style Michael Caine Christopher Lloyd Alan Arkin (the Rocketeer about Howard Hughes)
2017 Just Getting Started Rene Russo (High Priestess black and white pillar) Tommy Lee Jones Joe Pantoliano
2018 Alpha aleph the fool
2018 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Disney (the Fool= testicles, nuts) one eye, the four worlds of kabbala, Mackenzie Foy (Murphy Cooper in Interstellar) Helen Mirren (The Tempest) Keira Knightley
2018 Brian Banks
2019 The Poison Rose (=Venus) John Travolta
2019 Angel has fallen (fallen angel Venus, Lucifer) Gerard Butler Jada Pinkett-Smith
2021 The Comeback Trail (pink sky dissociation) Robert de Niro Tommy Lee Jones 9/15 like Harry.
2021 Coming 2 America Eddie Murphy Wesley Snipes James Earl Jones
2021 Vanquish (Trump Qain) Ruby Rose (ruby slippers Wizard of Oz) era Pluto in Capricorn

2021 Hitman Wife's Bodyguard Samuel Jackson Ryan Reynolds Salma Hayek


Mind control