The Moon (Yesod, imagination, intuition, subconscious) is the ruler of Cancer when the sun at its highest peak, during summer solstice. It is exactly big enough to eclipse the sun. The sun acts, the moon reacts, represents unconscious, maternal energy, what animates us (the anima, feminine counterpart, and dark anima dark night of the soul). The moon was placed in the orbit of earth to distort the feminine energy of earth,caused the flood, influences rhythmic ebb and flow of the sea's (earth consists of 80% water like human body).

The moon is the mediator between the inner and outer world, symbol of the inner child, inner mother (synchronous with female egg cycle).

The moon was put in orbit of the earth as part of a 3 step takeover.

The moon is the consort of Saturn (the God matrix, ruling people by tuning their pineal gland, 7 rings controlling the 7 chakras), it has a cycle of 29 days, similar tot cycle/sickle of Saturn of 28 years.

It has the exact size to be able to eclipse the sun (400 x bigger than the moon) seen from earth. It is the 5th largest moon in the solar system. Large planets like Saturn and Jupiter have a bigger moon (Titan and Io), but the moon is 27% of the size of earth, much larger than regular moons and planets like Pluto.

It has a perfectly circular orbit, in contrast with most moons with ecliptic orbits. It always faces earth with the same side and forms a double-planetary system, not rotating around earth, but synchronous with the earth around the sun.

It is hollow (word holo-gram) and reverberates and rings like a bell (=Baal). It contains many crates of superficial impact.

It influences the tides of the oceans and human beings, consisting mostly out of water, influencing their emotions (hormones of the 7 endocrine centers) keeping them in the Saturn-moon matrix of polarization (duality, division).

The official theory of the Science Church is that the moon was formed 4 billion years ago out of debris (isotope dating, invented by Ernest Rutherford). It has no atmosphere or magnetic field. Its gravity is 1/6 of the earth's gravity.

From the moment the moon was brought into orbit, the moon was the brightest object in the night sky next to Sirius and Venus and the female menstruation cycle was timed to the barren moon instead of the life giving sun and the moon became a symbol of the cycle of life and death (maiden-full moon-crone phase).

The Saturn cult created moon cults like witchcraft and monotheistic religions like Islam (lunar calendar) as the corrupt dark feminine: Isis, Ishtar, Selena, Helena, Cybil, Hecate, Lilith, Diana (Diana Spencer), Cynthia.

Because the Nephilim were white, they were linked to the moon. The Q of Quain and the Queen is the symbol of the moon, so Quaïn is seen as a moonchild, a mon-ster. The word mountain=mon-tang, touching the moon.

The Mayans timed their rituals of sacrifice to cycles of eclipse (mythical black sun).

The financial system (Inanna, El) of mo(o)ney is based on the lunar monthly cycle. Coins were made of silver, associated with the moon.

The witchcraft of the Hollywood (a tree sacred to the druids) silver screen industry is the power of projection by the reflective moon, associated with silver. Aleister Crowley wrote novel Moonchild.

Project Diana of US army (radar signals to the moon to receive reflected signals) of John DeWitt Jr of Bell Laboratories coincided with the Babalon Working of Jack Parsons and Ron Hubbard, founder of Dianetics and Scientology.

Stanley Kubrick made 2001 A Space Odyssey, based on a novel of Arthur C Clarke.

NASA originated in Jack Parsons' JPL and orchestrated the Apollo moon landing ritual in 1969 (69=Cancer, ruled by the moon). A crater was named after Parsons. John Harrison Schmitt (Caltech) made The Blue Marble picture.

The moon is covered with silica sand =silicon of Silicon Valley, used in the Transhumanist Church.

Christopher Knight (promoted by New Dawn magazine, influenced Dan Brown with The Hiram Key) and Alan Butler wrote Who Built the Moon?.

The monolithic I-prone represents 9th sphere Yesod, pictured as a warehouse of images.


Agriculture, birth, changes, collective (sub)conscious, public living in illusion, community, dairies, emotions, false, families, fecundity, feelings, fermentation, flood, fluctuation, fluids, general public opinions, health, hologram, image, insanity, instinct, intuition, maiden, mania, mariners, maternity, mind, mirror, Monday, money, month, monolith, monastery, monotheistic, moods, mother, nursing, oats, parody, picture, plumbers, public, reflection, reproduction, response, sand, secret, silica, silver, simulation, tears, the common people, water, women,..

Moon as dominants:

Abbie Hoffman, Alan Cumming, Albert Brooks, Albert Einstein, Angelina Jolie, Ashton Kutcher, Barry White, Ben Stiller, Bill Gates, Carrie Fisher, Charles Lindbergh, Cher, Chris Cornell, Chris Rock, Christopher Nolan, Colin Farrell, Corey Feldman, Courtney Love, Criss Angel, Danny Boyle, David Lynch, David Prowse, Dominic Monaghan, Donald Trump Jr, Edgar Mitchell, Erika Eleniak, Frida Kahlo, Gary Lockwood, Gary Oldman, Genesis P-Orridge, George Clinton, Gwen Stefani, Hugo Weaving, Ivana Trump, Jack Kerouac, Jennifer Grey, John Travolta, Juliette Lewis, Klaus Kinski, Kanye West, Kate Winslet, Katie Holmes, Keith Richards, Kenneth Starr, Kris Kristofferson, Kurt Russell, Lauren Bacall, Laurence Harvey, Lewis Carroll, Lil Kim, Lil Nas X, Liv Tyler, Logan Lerman, Lou Reed, Macklemore, Marcel Duchamp, Margaret Truman, Mariah Carey, Marina Abramovic, Mark Pellegrino, Mary Todd Lincoln, Meghan Markle, Mel Gibson, Mélanie Laurent, Mia Kirschner, Michel Houellebecq, Milla Jovovich, Millie Bobby Brown, Natalie Wood, Natassja Kinski, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Pam Grier, Paul Giamatti, Paula Abdul, Peter Sarsgaard, Peter Weller, Pharrel Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Quentin Tarantino, Rami Malek, R Kelly, Robert de Niro, Robert F Kennedy Jr, Roman Polanski, Saddam Hussein, Salvador Dali, Sean Astin, Sergio Leone, Shelley Duvall, Sigourney Weaver, Steven Spielberg, Summer Phoenix, Sydney Pollack, Terence Stamp, The Notorious BIG, Tom Wilkinson, Tony Curtis, Tyra Banks, Vincent D'Onofrio, William Shatner.