Moon landing 1969

The moon landing, like all big media events, was a staged hoax in 1969. The moon is the planet of illusion, represents the corrupted feminine energy of earth (worshiped as Isis, Diana, Lilith), the consort of Saturn. The first real movie 'Trip to the moon' was made by jesuit George Meliés. Fabian HG Wells (MI6) wrote The First Men in the Moon (a moon crater was named after him). In 1929 Woman in the moon was released of Thea Harbau (died 7/1, birthday of Diana).

NASA is a military organization, part of the US army, a cult of Saturn and transhumanists (Ray Kurzweil's Singularity University was founded at NASA Ames research center). It originated with JPL of satanist Jack Parsons, who performed sex magik rituals to create a moonchild (the Babalon workings, described in Crowley's Moonchild).

The media ritual announced the birth of Moonchild William, with a huge web of distraction and deception. The decision to choose the name 'Apollo 11' was based on bible verse 9:11 of Book of Revelation about Apollyon, the angel from the Abyss. The endgoal in the new Aeon is to recreate the days of Genesis, Genesis verses were read during the transmissions in 1968.

The Apollo missions were ordered by JFK, in itself a conspiracy cliché, inaugurated in 1961 year of birth Diana Spencer.

NASA used German nazi scientists like Wernher von Braun through Operation Paperclip, another conspiracy culture trope. Wernher von Braun was a member of the SS, modeled on the jesuit cult, made Saturn V rockets. Charles Stark Draper (MIT, associated with Bush, S&B and eugenics) family of Howard Stark, helped creating the first silicon computer. Inventor Howard Hughes played the Horus archetype, inspiration for character Tony Stark /Iron Man.

Thomas Kelly, designer of the Lunar module, was a member of Cornell's Quill and Dagger. A mission to the moon was announced in Collier's magazine of S&B member Harry Payne Whitney, which also published the first article about the nazi death camps.

The CIA continued British and German mind control and drug research, created the counterculture of the 60's (Ken Kesey, Bob Weir, Stewart Brand,..).

1967 NASA publishes a photo of earth, supposedly on request of a LSD taking anti-establishment hippie Stewart Brand, who by coincidence met jesuit Buckminster Fuller, who put the photo on the cover of his Whole Earth Catalog, start of the Green Church. Brand would later found the Global Business Network with Peter Schwarz (Stanford Research Institute, CFR).

1968 MGM releases Stanley Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey', based on a novel of Arthur C Clarke, about a JFK lookalike visiting an anomaly on the moon, resulting in a Christlike moonchild that would alter the history of mankind, as the next step in human evolution. The Clavius base was named after jesuit Christopher Clavius. As press promo, he was often photographed with NASA officials.

Arthur C Clarke commented the moon landing for CBS with science fiction writer Robert Heinlein. David Bowie released Space Oddity (referring to Dave Bowman in A Space Odyssey).

1969 The Apollo hoax team consisted of astronauts Buzz Aldrin (shriner), Neil Armstrong (BSA) and Michael Collins (=Colonna, JFK was a Knight of Columbus, Michael Collins in commander Columbia, broadcast on Columbia Broadcasting Service).

The lunar module was designed by Thomas Kelly (Quill and Dagger society of Cornell University, linked to CIA Project MK Ultra). The masonic ritual with a Saturn V rocket of the Scottish rite Saturn-moon cult, was broadcast in 33 countries. ABC used Isaac Asimov and Rod Serling (The Twilight Zone), NBC used Michael Crighton, CBS used hoaxer Orson Welles.

Neil Armstrong spoke the famous words 'one small step for man, giant leap for mankind' through a Motorola transceiver (named as company that reverse engineered alien technology in the Roswell psyop, research on electronic mind control with William Ross Adey).

Cancer (nr 69, the Chariot) is ruled by the moon (birth). The ritual announced the birth of a Christlike child, the moon landing was watched by pope Paul VI, famous words about a giant step for mankind (Neptune: stage illusion, evolutionary destiny, theme of 2001). A few weeks after the moon landing, the media focused on the Revelation 911 murders of actress Sharon Tate, supposedly pregnant of a child. Charles Manson named his son Michael Valentine Smith, after the Messiah in Stranger in a Strange Land of Robert Heinlein.

The rocket symbolizes the male phallus in the lunar crater as female cup (a lunar crater was even named after Jack Parsons). In the Thelema religion of Aleister Crowley, initiates sacrifice their blood in the cup of Babalon (moon goddess) to go through the Abyss, the gap between the real and the unreal, to become a Babe in the Womb of Babalon to be reborn.

The social engineers of the media industry play games of deception Neptune (stage illusion, cinema, evolutionary destiny) in Scorpio (dark secrets, conspiracy theories) era: all tapes, 700 boxes of transmission of moonwalks get 'lost'.

Moon rocks are no proof, they are also found on earth (Apollo scientists mission to Antarctica 1967). It was considered as a huge important step for mankind but it would take 50 years to return to the moon.

1971 James Bond movie 'Diamonds Are Forever', Sean Connery ends up in a factory owned by a character based on Howard Hughes (Neil Armstrong died 8/25 like Sean Connery). Apollo 14 with Edgar Mitchell (later claims he saw aliens on the moon, founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences, start of a UFO religion in the New Age Church).

1976 Bill Kaysing releases his book 'We never went to the moon', promoted on Oprah Winfrey Show (controlled by masons Disney and Hearst).

1978 Capricorn One with OJ Simpson about a hoaxed space journey, directed by Peter Hyams, who made the sequel to Kubrick's '2001 ASO' (ICT of The Prisoner). jesuit William Peter Blatty the Ninth Configuration, cover showing a crucified Christ moon astronaut.

1980 The Shining of Stanley Kubrick (novel of Stephen King), full of references to Crowley's Moonchild, child Danny (child Horus) with an Apollo 11 sweater.  Mtv with the moon astronaut as its logo.

1982 the birth of moonchild William (june 21: cancer, ruled by the moon), son of moon goddess Diana.

1987 'Superman 4' scene moon landing in studio.

1995 Disney movie 'Toy Story' with Tom Hanks who played a moon astronaut in 'Apollo 13' and a character Buzz Lightyear, based on Buzz Aldrin.

1999 'Man on the moon' about joker-hoaxer Andy Kaufman (Jim Carrey in the Truman Show lives in a hoaxed reality designed by Ed Harris, flight director in Apollo 13).

2001 Fox 'Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?'. Bart Sibrel 'A funny thing happened on the way to the moon'. Edgar Mitchell and Karl Wolfe (theories about ET structures on the moon) participate in the Disclosure Project psyop.

2002 mockumentary 'Dark side of the moon' fueling the Kubrick rumors, using footage of jesuit Donald Rumsfeld and Kissinger out of context, inventing a hoax about a hoax.

2011 Transformer movie 'Dark  Side of the Moon'. Texe Marrs links the moon landing to the Illuminati hoax.

2012 documentary 'Room 237' Jay Weidner postulates the theory that Kubrick 'was trying to warn people' instead of being part of the deception. Buzz Aldrin is interviewed by Alex Jones on Infowars about masonic influence.

2015 Moonwalkers.

Edgar Mitchell appeared on Coast to Coast, Buzz Aldrin on Infowars.

The fake moonlanding was used to launch the CIA psyop Flat Earth (Youtube video's of a Stanley Kubrick lookalike admitting he faked it, rapper B.o.B. uses the topics freemasonry and Operation Paperclip to distract with the Flat Earth hoax).

Academics dismiss the questioning of the official story as conspiracy loonies, but the official story is: an agency that employed satanists and nazi's was ordered by a president, shot by a mysterious man who was shot by another mysterious man, to go the moon with a group of freemasons, who afterwards start making statements about UFO's and aliens, the idea of moon landing hoax repeated in big blockbuster movies and mainstream television. SRI developed Calo project Ai assistent Siri Apple. The monolithic Apple I-phone is designed to tune the pineal gland to the Saturn-moon-matrix.

Dave McGowan 'Wagging the Moondoggie'
Phil Plait (National Geographic, James Randi Educational Foundation) 'Bad Astronomy' debunking the idea of a moon landing hoax with Jay Windley. Mike Bara appeared on the Coast to Coast show of jesuit George Noory.

the 911 Sharon Tate ritual